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The Obama Morning News || June 5, 2013

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  1. The “plan was based on abduction and exchange of high-level prisoners,” the terrorist wrote on the prominent jihadist Web forum Ansar al-Mujahideen Network. “However, the operation took another turn, for a reason God only knows, when one of the members of the jihadist cell improvised and followed Plan B.”


    Black-helicopter time: FCMABBHO knew about–and, endorsed–Plan A which is why he payed little attention to the attack. When the shit hit the fan, he refused to let our military respond so as to not anger the terrorists which probably would’ve led to them ratting him out.

    1. You may be right, and it could be the big secret that the WhiteHouse fears to come to light.

      It was almost immediately after the attack in Benghazi when the kidnapping-gone-bad story sped around the internet.
      If that was the true story, then everything falls into place and makes sense.
      The lethal injection explanation sounds like braggadocio from Islamists who don’t want to admit that the kidnapping plan was a total failure when the smoke from the fires killed the Ambassador.

        1. I read a source which said H Clinton wanted to get rid of Gaddafi on the cheap and supplied the insurgents with Stingers. When he was gone, the US wanted to buy the Stingers back and that’s why Stevens stayed on in Benghazi. How does this fit in with your information, or does it? Stevens was obviously nervous about it if it is true.

  2. Back to that little story about the Mooch yesterday. I’ve been chewing on it overnight and now think that the ‘protestor’ may have been a plant. I just can’t see the Secret Service letting Mooch approach a stranger in the audience, a combative one at that. They would have been afraid she had some kind of weapon on her.

    1. My feeling is that the lesbian was not a plant, nor was MrsO’s approach to her anticipated by the security guys.
      MrsO’s response to the lesbian was shocking, and revealed a personality that she has managed to hide for four years.

      As MandyM points out, plants are supposed to make the speaker look good, and this incident did not make the FL look like anything but an angry, out of control elitiist who dares anyone to interrupt her speechifying.

        1. Her audience was wealthy lefty lesbians. There is a certain amount of decorum to be observed.

          Although, at least in terms of actions, the heckler and the first lady seem to be more a like than not. Kinda thuggish.

      1. She will henceforth be known as the ‘Wookie Monster’. “it’s all about the children”, she said. Parents need to warn their children about this dreadful woman who is using the children as tools for her own agenda. She is the ‘single mom’ from h*ll!

    2. I had the very same late night thought – protestor/plant. The fundraiser was in a private home. There’s a guest list, security, blah blah. The civilized world found MO’s behavior crude, but in a Leftist world – she was no less than fabulous.

  3. We need to start at the bottom. Secure the borders. Disinfect a corrupted and unverifiable voting process. Clean up campaign finance.

    The rot came from the bottom. And the system of checks and balance and rule of law that served to protect us now works against us.

    It’s a pretty daunting task.

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