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Live Stream || Obama Hosts Baltimore Ravens

The event has concluded.

9 thoughts on “Live Stream || Obama Hosts Baltimore Ravens”

  1. Just another shinny object to look at while his legacy starts circling the
    drain. No offense to the Ravens they’re just a photo op and a free
    T shirt for Barry.

  2. Wow. Obama is on time.

    So, he’ll stiff a foreign leader for forty-five minutes, but won’t hold up a bunch of guys who make him look like a wimp. (Or is it something about the race of the foreign leader? Nah, that claim would only fly if Obama wasn’t a Democrat.)

    1. Would YOU keep Suggs, Ray Lewis, and a bunch of other guys bigger than you who hit people for a living waiting very long? Me neither.

      It would have been better if they had given him one of Suggs’ Ball So Hard University t-shirts, but they might have been concerned that Biden swould see it and want to give a commencement address there.

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