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Live Stream || Obama Appoints Susan Rice

19 thoughts on “Live Stream || Obama Appoints Susan Rice”

  1. There’s a haughty laughter that can barely be heard over the self serving and self-aggrandizing going on in this live feed. If you listen carefully I believe you’ll hear Russian and Chinese accents.

      1. No kidding he was really rubbing it in with a smirk I’d like to get
        to wipe off his face what a egotistical twit. He loves the sound of
        his voice and the little ones in his head.

    1. No smoking gun, but there are plenty of fires. Obama is a political pyromaniac who supplies fuel and matches.

      ” Remember… Only YOU Can Prevent Forest Fires”
      “Remember…Only WE THE PEOPLE …”

  2. The usual Obama response, some messes up and rather than be admonished or reveal the truth, they are promoted and given a raise.

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