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Carney: Michelle Handled Heckler “Brilliantly”

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today said First Lady Michelle Obama handled a heckler “brilliantly” Tuesday night.

“I haven’t asked the president that, but it’s my personal opinion that she handled it brilliantly,” Carney said.

Because of a little disturbance, Michelle threatened to walk out on a fundraiser in which participants had paid from $1,000 – $10,000 to hear her speak. That, apparently, was “brilliant.”

Here’s some audio of the incident.

45 thoughts on “Carney: Michelle Handled Heckler “Brilliantly””

  1. If threatening to leave a benefit over a disturbance is “brilliant”, I musta’ been a fucking genius to divorce my ex-husband.

  2. I called “it” in a earlier thread and said that the Left would find her “fabulous” for behaving rude. No surprise Carney called it “brilliant” – they actually believe she is a star.

    1. You need to think of this definitionally – if obedient yet non-thinking objects are constantly orbiting around a large shiny mass, then is it not a “star?” ;>

      1. Yes I think so a chance to flex her biceps in her sleeveless dress complete with big boob belt ‘brilliant’ indeed…not.

    1. Could it be akin to the Code Pink protestor who “heckled” Barack — yet uncharacteristically was NOT escorted out?

      Is there a new “tolerance” in the Obama family?

  3. Do you ever get the sense that the liberals definitions of words just aren’t the same as conservatives? Liberals heckling conservatives (or throwing pies, glitter, etc.) is expected. Conservatives tolerating the hecklers is typical. Threatening to leave because someone is heckling you is liberal and thin-skinned. Inventing the light bulb or creating the Jarvik Heart is brilliant. Let’s not get carried away with hyperbole now.

  4. She threatened to “take her marbles and go home”. MO is the one who put herself in public spotlight, she was rude and ghetto. Typical O intimidation response.
    What is sadder is that the woman paid her $5000.oo and MO paid nothing. Again — typical Chicago thuggery arrogance.

    1. Can you imagine any FL acting that way with the exception of Hillary? Laura Bush is IMO the gold standard of First Ladies as all of them have been regardless of party. I think Queen Michelle is the worst.

  5. In other news, one person we now know Douglas Shulman met in the WH (besides the Easter Bunny) was none other that super political operative Stephanie Cutter. Between Christie, the Super Bowl champs and Moochelle the scandals have been lost in the quick shuffle.


    isn’t that every liberal refrain.
    But then I thought the kids belonged to the village or that they belonged to society.
    I’ll mind MY kids, Michelle. You mind yours.

    1. I think the Obama girls have been put on ice for the summer. We haven’t seen or heard from them since when? The “walking to church” photo-op at Easter?

  7. Our first ghetto fabulous royalty. She’s trolling for cash from a bunch of LGBT moneybags when some nutbag liberal does what nutbag liberals do and Queenie went off on her. Priceless.

    1. I am looking forward to say….2025? Our country will have survived the Obamas (not without great pain) and they will basically be ostracized. Michelle will be working in a bar somewhere in Wyoming as a part time bar maid and mud wrestler, challenging all comers. Barack will be “delivering remarks” at birthday parties, bachelor parties and the like.

      I can’t wait.

    2. So true, Susan. However, I believe she represents the direction our country is going: very trashy.

      No such thing as graciousness, being classy, or having and using manners.

    3. You can take the girl out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the girl. Just kidding: MO really didn’t have a deprived youth.

  8. Oh come on! I imagine if she threatened to throwdown on the heckler Carney would still expect us to believe they think she’s brilliant.

  9. We should expect no less from Carney the Magician as he waves his magic wand to make something disappear.
    That something is the shocking realization that the FirstLady let the mask of genteel-ness slip off and show the ugly personality of an agressive and intimidating woman.

    It wasn’t some disgruntled tea party conservative, or some thinly disguised racist who shouted at the FL, but a member of a Dem cherished class who has contributed thousands of dollars to the progressive coffers. A solid Dem contributor was physically approached by MrsO and unceremoniously ejected from the gathering for daring to exercise her right to free speech.

  10. Like his boss Jay Carney is just a flat out arrogant condescending liar. From suggesting that questions about Susan Rice and Benghazi and that tape that started it all are “irresponsible” (and therefore you are for even asking the question) to saying that Mooch’s lumbering in your face charge at someone who dares to interrupt, heckle or otherwise intrude upon her universe is “brilliant” is just lunacy.

    All Administration’s have problems and ne’er do wells, but this one is just filled with liars, and petty tyrants on a power trip to bring this country to its knees.

    1. We have all run into them. Many of us have had to do business with them. There is nothing worse than an uppity, angry black woman. Nothing. Mean as hell.

      1. I’ve seen it, I’ve smelled it, I’ve heard it, and once in Seattle WA I was nearly sucked up into the UABW vortex. Or, should I say the UABW black hole / hoe? It was scary, really! I still shudder at the thought.

  11. You have one choice. Brilliant, Ivy League brainpower on display here.

    Shut up or I won’t take your money. Brilliant.

  12. KK: This calls for one of your “lists”.


    -screams at lesbian -press calls it “brilliant!!!”.

    -stabs Denny’s fry cook w/ a carrot -press: “inspired. Had it coming. Untold number of children saved by this selfless act.”

    -taxpayer balks at more GM bailout $. MO fires AK at his house
    press: “He didn’t build that! (house)”

    -Another vacation? questioner repeatedly slapped up side head w/ latest edition of Travel/Leasure. press: “showed she was woman of the world. Anna Wintour can’t be expected to winter in Mykonos alone!”

    -sets record for number of ways to rephrase “THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!” while fleecing listeners of $5K for the privilege. press: “speaks w/ the eloquence of Madonna (the real one) and blend of Moms Mabley (sober) Sheila Jackson Lee (drunk).

  13. Of course MO handled it ” brilliantly “, after all she’s married to the smartest man in the room, the USA, Northern Hemisphere, the entire world, universe, ever! Just check his college transcripts.
    Of course that’s if his teleprompter is working.

  14. Yesterday Dr Krauthammer said Jay Carney was an UNDER-paid (liar); I agree. He now has the pleasant task of defending BOTH of the SouthSide grifters. Getting into a slug fest with a heckler is only ONE of the things the ghetto queen doesn’t do well – she is a disgrace to this country.

    In other news, the Telegraph has a scathing article regarding the Diva’s refusal to attend the CA summit mtg. with the Chinese president – calling it a serious breach of diplomacy. Her excuse? Her children…and their last days of school. She is being accused of snubbing China’s first lady, Ms. Peng – a beautiful, talented star in her own right. Tbis will have repercussions! Obama can’t even control his bitchy wife – how can he be expected to run the country??? What an embarrassment!

    1. No doubt the green-eyed monster is rearing its ugly head. The queen bee doesn’t like to be upstaged by anyone. That’s why Oprah got the boot, after destroying her career to get Barry elected. Also, there was that hateful look she gave Carla Bruni as she sat next to her. See it every time I visit MOTUS blog.

  15. raaahite nauh
    i dunt doo
    mooch, pls stop with the faux speak
    WORSE than fingernails on a chalkboard when it’s this phony.

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