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Treasury IG: No One Would Say Who Ordered IRS Targeting

The Treasury Inspector General who conducted the probe into the IRS targeting of conservative groups told a Congressional panel today that nobody would fess up about who ordered the scrutiny.

“During our audit, Congressman, we did pose that question, and no one would acknowledge who, if anyone, provided that direction,” said Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration Russell George.

Have a look.

55 thoughts on “Treasury IG: No One Would Say Who Ordered IRS Targeting”

      1. It’s unbelievable that the IRS is now blatantly working as an arm of progressive leftist against Americans. Our tax dollars are at work enabling progressives to use our own government agencies against Americans and no one is accountable. No one is made to be accountable. We are fools. Reminds me of the Jews who griped and complained while the Nazis planed their destruction. The Americans came to the rescue – who will rescue us?

  1. Jay Sukolow has names. We can start there.

    I am so tired of this whole lot. McDermott today at the IRS hearings was down right 3rd world. Christie can’t decide whether he is a Dem or a Rep so he chickens out and covers his butt by calling for a special election. What a hypocrite he is. McConnell will not even push for cloture vote on Immigration. And if it were up to Rubio we would have border transport and boxed lunches at the wait.

    But it does look as if Hillary is ready for prime time. New face lift and all. Now since she is refreshed maybe she can be recalled to testify about Benghazi, although that is doubtful since the plastic surgeon probably sucked that memory out of her too.

    And darn it, I missed Bagdad Jay again!

  2. No one knows who ordered it, eh? I call shenanigans on that one.

    Dollars to donuts says EVERYONE knows who ordered it, but they know that if they say anything, they’ll lose their cushy civil “lordship” job. (We need some new phrase, because it sure as HELL isn’t civil “service” anymore.)

      1. Considering the 47% (or whatever the number is), I’d say we’re becoming a people of the government, by the government, and for the government.

        That’s not liberty.

  3. Ok, so this is when you get someone else to investigate the affair – if the internal affairs guy can’t come up with names, then ask someone else to probe and take away people’s right to “opt-out” of the fun by introducing the prospect of some quality alone time in a Federal Penitentiary. If the principals can’t come clean on their own, then start prosecuting the fools until you figure out what has gone on. At least in this case, there is actual wrong-doing to investigate, not merely the holding of the “wrong” political points of view.

  4. No one would fess up? Really?
    Here’s your choice, the stocks or the rack. And that’s after you’ve spent a year in the filthy dungeon. Then you’ll be only too happy to fess up.
    Don’t these morons realize that the American people want accountability? What is this moronic game they are playing?
    Are they looking for a revolution?

    1. “Are they looking for a revolution?” We are already in an ideological cold war of sorts. It is the eternal struggle between good and evil. Evil is now showing its face, we just need to sound the alarm to our friends and neighbors before it turns violent. Dr. Karen Kenny presented a powerful case against the IRS in her testimony today. Just pray the powers that be in DC were listening to her.

  5. It isn’t surprising that some employees can’t say who ordered the slowdown in appplication approvals, or who wrote the questions that the applicants were to answer because they probably really don’t know who or how many upper level supervisors were involved. Like any huge organization, what comes down from above might not have an identifiable author.

    We do have evidence that the supervisors know who is responsible and MsLerner knows everything, including the who, why, where, and when. There are others in the chain of command who know, too.

  6. OT: Today, we were given a most striking example of what’s in store for the American people under the rule of Obamacare.
    HHS SectSebelius’ refusal to allow an exemption or change the rule regarding the transplant guidelines for the 11 yr old girl dying for a lack of a transplanted lung .showcases what a death panel will mean when fully implemented.

    While most people assumed that death panels will ease the elderly out of this life with the least care possible, it will also affect the young, and everyone else. Our lives will be weighed as worth the money required to save it, and the rules/regulations will administered without regard to any exceptions.

    1. We will all be ruled by regulations one day, srdem. The young girl has to be 12 years old to qualify for the adult list and this evil woman won’t waive that regulation for her. The young girl’s doctors, who believe she could survive with an adult lung, can’t violate a regulation that has the force of law. Now Sebelius is playing the role of God…”Someone lives and someone dies”.

      1. The first thing you get when you “go into” hospice is tons of morphine, pain or not, and the second is assurance that it’s “free.” I was hoping that little girl would benefit from publicity–it makes me sick. I guess the president could save her–his dying grandmother was bed-bound and got a hip replacement–but no.

        1. This is the first I have heard this decision. What a disgraceful bitch. God bless this child that surely trusts all of the adults around her to make the right decisions. God be with her parents. I cannot wish the same Godspeed on our Secretary of Health.

      2. Liberals couldn’t care less. They would like everyone to think otherwise, but their actions speak louder than their words. There is not an iota of compassion among them.

    2. Worse yet, as I posted earlier, is the fact that Sebelius ignored the pleas of the young girl’s family and the outrage of the public-at-large. It wasn’t until the media broke the story that the draconian Ms. Sebelius decided to respond. How many other pleas go unanswered?

    3. How does it feel to have your healthcare decisions in the hands of one Kathleen Sebellius? If you gave this woman Trayvon’s hoodie she would resemble the Grim Reaper that she is.

      Except for the LGBT community that is. I think it is LGBT Month (what happened to a day?) and the GR has announced how Obamacare will give special care to this long suffering community. Because healthcare is not political she says.

      We have a lot of housecleaning to do. And there should be perp walks.

    1. You’re kind Julie…I was thinking more along the lines of Haul’em & Hang’em. ; )

      Damn, I am cranky. Haven’t read one news item that hasn’t made my skin crawl.

      1. funny though, note it was timed for when the press was allowed in then ushered back out. Staged?? Does make you wonder.

        1. Doubt it. Nope, I think she really is that unpolished and arrogant. And since it was outdoors, I am fairly confident she did not float gracefully across the lawn.

    1. Gecko’s were considered good luck when we lived in Okinawa, so we welcomed them. Better than the giant flying cockroaches there, and they ate all the tropical bugs. If you really want to get it out of the house, leave your door open and try to brush it outside with a broom. Definitely don’t kill it.

    2. From my experience here in the Sonoran desert;
      you can learn to live with the lizard, wait until it dies from starvation, mummifies, and then throw it in the trash.
      Another option is a 10yr old boy who would like nothing better than to capture a lizard, take it home to scare his mother and sisters.
      A caution: do not step on the lizard or smack it with something, they’re green and slimy inside. ugh.

      As a last desperate resort you could just sell the house and move.

      1. Thanks. Things like this, and I know they are minor, is why I could not live in the desert (my nephew — Tucson). I am going with the starvation route — and no feeding tubes either.

        Thanks for the heads up on the smacking and oozing …I do not smack or stomp … I spray direct hit until they are belly up in a pool of toxins. (Because I am a right wing extremist and that’s the way I roll.) Don’t think it works on geckos but it does on cockroach/palmettos.

        Too lazy and not enough $$$$ to move. But if Obama keeps this up much longer ….:)

        Anyway, thanks guys.

  7. I don’t know what to make of this IG guy. Do I really believe he checked into whether the agents asked people the content of their prayers and for their book reports and donors and promises never to run for office or picket anything–but never asked why (the political part) they wanted this? How could one not?

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