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Press Shakedown? Labor Dept. Wanted $1M from AP

In the latest blow to the Obama administration’s claim to be the “openness administration,” word emerged today that the Department of Labor sought to charge a news organization more than $1 million for information.

According to the Associated Press, which reported today on the widespread use by government officials of secret email accounts, Labor demanded that AP pay $1.03 million for costs the department said were involved in retrieving email addresses for political appointees.

According to the piece:

(The agency) said it needed to pull 2,236 computer backup tapes from its archives and pay 50 people to pore over old records. Those costs included three weeks to identify tapes and ship them to a vendor, and pay each person $2,500 for nearly a month’s work.

But under the department’s own FOIA rules – which it cited in its letter to the AP – it is prohibited from charging news organizations any costs except for photocopies after the first 100 pages. The department said it would take 14 weeks to find the emails if the AP had paid the money . . .

A department spokesman later termed the demand for cash a “mistake” and provided the Associated Press with the email addresses for all Labor appointees confirmed by the Senate. But it would appear demanding such and exorbitant sum to drum up a few email addresses may amount to an effort to create a barrier to the release of information.

The episode suggests that the failure to appreciate the role of the press extends well beyond the White House, which bullies reporters to suppress the news, and the Justice Department, which makes them subject to criminal inquiry for collecting information. It is one of the cardinal rules of journalism that you don’t pay for information, particularly not a sum like $1 million.

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147 thoughts on “Press Shakedown? Labor Dept. Wanted $1M from AP”

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  2. Name the specific individual(s) in the Labor Department who “… demanded that AP pay $1.03 million for costs.. “.

    Why protect the wrong-doing of these ‘public-servants’ by concealing their name(s) ?

    The AP knows exactly which Labor Department bureaucrat(s) issued that outrageous monetary demand, but AP follows the normal subservient media custom of using abstract/collective terms when reporting on the “government” (i.e., the “Labor Dept”; the “White House”; the “EPA”; etc.).

    Media-granted anonymity to government officials just gives them more incentive to bend/break the rules. Private citizens are rarely granted such deference.

    Report the facts. Names are facts and highly relevant to the primary news item being reported here.

  3. first rule: don’t get into a pissing contest with the press (you’ll always lose) this shows a lack of experience.
    admin. has succeede in changing the gov’t into a big middle school populated by jr high aged people..

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  5. Of course it was a barrier. It was meant to be one.
    Obama and his progressive slugs know of no other way to operate. Frog march them all!

  6. The Obama administration is a group incompetents that are like floundering fish on a dock
    .A lot of movement with no purpose other than trying. to keep alive but serving no purpose.

  7. The IRS, the DOJ, the EPA, now the DOL. The administrative state isn’t out of control, it is in control of our entire system of government. Our founders carefully constructed system of checks and balances is rendered by powerless by this 4th branch of government – the unelected and unaccountable bureaucratic administrative state. The regulations they spit out at a faster rate than Congress legislates have the full effect of law, and they have their own police force to enforce these regulations. Heck, they even have their own administrative courts, so there goes the Judiciary branch too.

    Tyranny is here. If the senate immigration bill is passed and amnesty becomes law, the Democrats will get their 30 million strong permanent underclass voting block, and America as we knew her will be dead. Time to activate the first branch of government – We The People. Stand up and let your voice be heard. Call your Senators and Representatives and tell them you will not allow this country to devolve into a third world banana republic.

  8. Its all about Chicago style corruption with Obummer…
    and tearing America apart, destroying the dollar, slaughtering Christians around the world and wiping out all domestic opposition like the Tea Party.
    What would you expect from a foreign born Muslim terrorist?

  9. We better see some hard, hard jail time and some treason charges real soon.

    This is the outrage of outrages. This just beyond the pale.

    Criminals are running our country.

      1. One person makes this painfully clear. Michelle Bachmann. Great honest caring person and patriot and they all but destroyed her..

    1. Make no mistake..nothing will be done about any of this. Our politicians won’t do anything as long as they can continue to get wealthy on the backs of hard working Americans. Beyond that, they couldn’t care less. It’s up to voters to make the necessary changes.

  10. Friends and family that work for the federal govt. are NOT the people you think they are. If it comes down to their jobs over Americans freedom and rights………their jobs will win every time. They will ultimately be the ones that made the phrase “brother against brother, neighbor against neighbor” come to fruition.

    1. Absolutely without question… Their answer is always the same, I have a mortgage and planned future, you cant do that to me..

  11. This doesn’t happen only at the Federal level. In violation of the NYS FOIL laws I was asked to pay wages of persons retrieving info. I know the law and made a stink and ended up not having to pay. But it seems Democrats feel they can pick and choose what laws to follow at all levels of government.

  12. Cant help but believe that organizations like the AP are just as much at fault as the administration..After all they are the ones that created this monster by becoming their propagandists.

  13. This is an absurd attempt to hide what was going on . They keep server logs which log server accounts and user activity. If the accounts are still active, a listing of all account properties and contact info can be directly exported to a spreadsheet. They simply need to request data logs directly from the servers, it would surprise me if they have retention policies and at least a years worth of data on the live system. The press should make the request to include the IT infrastructure architecture. The time to recover old data could then be clearly identified based on the hardware and software used in the enterprise network. Another metric to request is time to restore in the event of a massive casualty. Again, it should jive with the architecture and doing a full replay data restore shouldn’t take a month. They probably have a stated SLA time to restore and time to recover data that doesn’t match what they are putting out via the spokesman.

  14. It just seems to be getting worse and worse and yet, we hear about all this but never see anything come out of it. This administration is the most arogant and secretive administration that I have ever seen and I have been around for a very long time. Its time to quit asking questions and do something about it.

    1. Exactly. In my lifetime I would never have imagined the depths of corruption at all levels of our Govts… My local school district just borrowed 100M to build a HS. The way its financed is a 40 loan, no payments the first 20 years then costs of this ONE school in a town of less than 50k (20k illegal) will cost future taxpayer 1 BILLION DOLLARS… (pinky in front tooth)… Imagine that for just one second…

  15. Is the way this Administration operates not transparent to everyone yet?

    This type of behavior might be tolerated in Chicago, the rest of the country won’t stand for these types of organized crime style tactics.

    1. Sure we will. The Marxist leftist Democrats are already circling the Wagons. I can only imagine the “talking points” being suggested at any Libidiot viper nest… The first has already been established. OVEREACH… Democrat word of the day…

  16. Such is life. Sleep with whoredogs – get diseases. It’s fitting that the propaganda arm of barry’s media is getting to experience what he’s been doing to working American’s since elected. The man’s a crook. Pure and simple and he surrounds himself with crooks. It’s the community organizational mafia at work.

    1. By definition Community Organizer is a crook, and anti American. I don’t want or need YOU to “organize” my community. Communities are organized well enough by themselves, naturally.

  17. I feel like Rip Van Winkle: I went to bed last night and this morning I wake up to this post with nearly a hundred comments already! This is an excellent story, Keith, and while at first I thought the original AP story was a distraction from the IRS and Benghazi scandals, I see now that it may have been just the tip of the iceberg of the Obama attack on the First Amendment.

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  19. Government by its very nature will always be Liberal. Big Govt Progressive/Liberals want Govt jobs. Conservatives don’t… That’s why we don’t need “punishment” we need to “eliminate” all of these corrupt bureaucracies and the apparatchik that inhabit them.

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  21. Just another delaying tactic. They think if they ignore The PEOPLE long enough, they will just go away, forget. That’s how low a regard this government has for its own citizens.

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  25. Boy! oh Boy! oh Boy!!!
    “The chickens are coming back to the White House to roost” !
    Can you believe how evil this omen “Bogus” “Potus” really is ???
    He, obuma, is more evil than the “Fallen Angels” that came down to the earth and had sex with the daughters of man and produced giants that ,had no soul.They were not the work of the Lord but an abomination of Satans’ Fallen Angels that are chained together in the pits of Hell ,the Lake of Fire”.
    This evil socery of a man will see those fires of hell and spend his eternity there in their midst..

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  31. This administration is out of control and clearly shows the liberals distain for the country, the Constitution, and for the people. This is just over the top corruption and these people need to be in jail. But, I think, the big picture in this, has to be the end of the IRS and a new flat tax system put in place.This is a classic example of why government can’t be trusted because instead of Congess doing it’s job and managing the IRS, it has grow out of control.

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