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The Obama Morning News || June 4, 2013

Issa focuses IRS probe on Washington . . . Politico
Wife of former IRS chief a serious Lefty . . . Fox News
Woodward criticizes WH IRS “fiction” . . . Politico
Targeted conservative groups testify today . . . Fox News
Acting IRS chief vows to fix agency
. . . Washington Times
Dem 2014 strategy: embrace Obamacare  . . . Politico
SC House makes Obamacare a crime . . . Huffington Post
Justice defends Holder, says he didn’t lie . . . The Hill
Obama tightens Iran sanctions . . . Examiner
Kerry presses Israeli-Palestinian talks
. . . Washington Times

10 Responses to The Obama Morning News || June 4, 2013

  1. Politico’s “embrace Obamacare” story is hysterical. Yeah the Dems will do just great when people start to have to decide “Do I eat or do I pay my insurance premiums?” And the Keep the Good, Fix the Bad and Move On concept? Sheer brilliance. More and more people will require assistance, fewer and fewer will pay and the poor slobs who can pay will be rate increased into poverty.

  2. I got the feeling last night while watching Fox and its interviewees like Giuliani and Bob Woodward, that there is something going on behind the scene with Holder. I’m wondering (and almost predicting) that Holder is working out a deal that if he resigns, he will not be prosecuted for perjury or anything else.