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Faced with Heckler, Michelle Threatens Walkout

First Lady Michelle Obama threatened to walk out of a fundraiser Tuesday evening when she was interrupted by a pro-gay rights heckler.

The scene occurred at the Washington home of lesbian couple Karen Dixon and Nan Schaffer, who were hosting Mrs. Obama at a Democratic National Committee fundraiser.

From the pool reports:

Most notable part of the event was an interruption from a protester about 12 minutes into the 20-minute speech. A pro-LGBT rights individual standing at the front began shouting for an executive order on gay rights. (Pool did not hear exactly what.)

“One of the things I don’t do well is this,” replied FLOTUS to loud applause. She left the lectern and moved over to the protester, saying they could “listen to me or you can take the mic, but I’m leaving. You all decide. You have one choice.”

Crowd started shouting that they wanted FLOTUS to stay.

“You need to go!” said one woman near the protester.

The protester was then escorted out, shouting “…lesbian looking for federal equality before I die.” (First part of the quote was inaudible.) Pool could not get their name before they were taken out . . .

Heather Cronk, co-director of the pro-LGBT rights group GetEQUAL, contacted the pool and identified the protester as one of their activists, Ellen Sturtz.

Sturtz was calling for an executive order to bar discrimination by federal contractors based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

Cronk said there were three other GetEQUAL activists at the event as well — two of them are college students. They are from OH, NC, and NM.

DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz also in attendance.

Had Michelle left it may have been problematic, given that heckling of public figures delivering political speeches is common and attendees had donated from $500 – $10,000 to hear and spend some time with her.

48 thoughts on “Faced with Heckler, Michelle Threatens Walkout”

    1. And the official WH transcript has deleted the portion where she threatened to leave.

      That’s much too revealing of the real Michelle.

      1. The WH transcript is redacted, but every news source Ive seen has the exchange….(?)

        Keith, maybe someone could bring this up at the daily brief (yeah, right -LOL); ‘why was the FLOTUS transcript redacted?’

  1. Four years of careful public relations shot down in a two minute confrontation with a supporter is not good.

    MrsO went out of her way to confront the lesbian. When she left the lecturn, she dropped her mask and exposed that strident, aggresive woman she has tried to hide from the public.

        1. Don’t think so. What happened was a physical confrontation with the lesbian; MO left her lecturn, walked over to the lesbian and got in her face. The security guys must have had a cow when the FL made her move.

          There was no need for a “set-up” because the whole crowd was of the LBGT persuasion.
          Come to think of it, MrsO was the ‘queer” one in that group, in a manner of speaking.

    1. Absolutely. Lipstick. Pig.

      Probably an apology to follow from the group or the protester. Some cosmetic cover up. No way they are going to bail on
      the big Mooch.

    2. I liked and agreed with what you said on the other thread. It was intimidation, flexing her muscles and her power. Got the mob to go along with her too.

  2. Sounds like a scene out of “The Taming of the Shrew”, although Mooch is no Elizabeth Taylor. Hope you enjoyed your gig in the press pool unnamed reporter. Mooch does not like it when her temper tantrums are reported in the press. Her lackeys will find out who you are and see that you never work in her presence again.

    1. The unnamed reporter’s grammar is so atrocious that maybe he/she should consider going into another line of work.

  3. Drama Queen. She can sure dish it out but she can’t take it what happened to the strong sacrificin woman? Oops guess she’s a mere
    phony like the rest of those in her coven.

    1. Being thin skin is obviously a prerequisite for being in this family–MO and BHO just can’t stand to hear/know/learn the truth!!!

  4. BFD! It is all theater and the Obama crowd has all the cheap seats. In fact, the reason all the seats are cheap is because of the Obamas.

  5. Just makes no sense….Her and her husband hate rich people and think they are the scum of the earth. yet they go party with them.

    1. FCMABBHO and his ideological mates need the rich because the rich own the entertainment media as well as the news media. You cannot transform a nation without those tools.

  6. Does Michele think she is above hecklers? OMG, get a life and deal with it like everyone else in the public eye. Poor baby……..

  7. Oh dear…someone on the First Diva’s staff is going to face the firing squad tomorrow morning for allowing a disgruntled lesbian to voice her complaints to the dictator’s wife. This is a crime punishable by hard labor on a prison chain gang.

  8. Since moochelle’s temper tantrum, the WH has officially deleted from the transcript what the protestor said and replaced it with “inaudible.” Everything this administration does is dishonest and political. I don’t know how they can justify their hypocritical and dishonest behavior with their own children because you know as moochelle says, but everything is for the kids.

  9. we are there to support the white house no matter what and we are not able to say anything about where are money is going or how are freedom is being taken. we just work hard daily and pay our taxes while they do whatever they want with them and to us.

    how can people support this is beyond me?!?! I have some juicy spit for mooch to leave on.

  10. Michelle would sooner stoop to the heckler’s level by threatening to walk and make the audience suffer rather than address the woman with civility.This arrogant behavior doesn’t surprise me. She believes she’s the queen. Next thing you know, she’ll be making it a rule that Queen Elizabeth won’t be allowed to touch HER!!!

    1. aww poor sniffling cry baby.. I knew it wouldn’t be long before the race cards get pulled out! LOL.. u should tuck your little tails between your legs and go hide in a cave. please, don’t forget to cover your face with a diaper seeing that’s where all the crap is coming out of.

  11. The problem with one group of Americans is that they have no respect for others. Michele Obama is the First Lady of this country whether you people like it or not. She was well within her rights to deal with that skank. These dam homosexuals are a pain in the Azz.and you all know it. But most of you are too dam coward to stand up for what is moral and right so you attack the first lady. Sad comentary. America needs to do some serious house cleaning. There is no place in the world for delusional folk.

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