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Michelle Ramps Up Fundraising Blitz

A White House increasingly desperate to turn the House Democratic so it can dictate its second term agenda has dispatched First Lady Michelle Obama to three fundraisers for the Democratic National Committee in Washington Tuesday.

The events will all be at private residences, suggesting she will gather with smallish groups of rich Democrats who will donate a hefty amount for the privilege of attending.

Two of the events are walled off to press. A single member of a print news organization will be permitted to cover the third.

Michelle has begun fundraising at a torrid pace, with today’s appearances coming on the heels of three gatherings she hosted in a single day last week – one in Boston for the Senate campaign of Rep. Edward Markey (D-Mass.) and two in New York for the DNC.

Meanwhile, President Obama appeared at two fundraisers for House Democrats last week and will be raising money later this week in the traditional Democratic gold mine of California.

42 thoughts on “Michelle Ramps Up Fundraising Blitz”

  1. What are the chances she’ll channel Barack and rail against the evil rich and elites trying to buy the government?

    Think they’ll get desperate enough to auction off access to Obama’s records?

  2. It’s starting to become clear that the progressive Dems might be right about the 1% having “earned enough money”. The wealthy have disposable funds that us little people can only dream about.

    1. A lead story in the NYT has the banks buying up lots of residential property and planning to rent it out. The photo was from Riverside, CA, and I’d say this will be a huge money maker for the banks when the 11 million get their amnesty.

  3. I guess her MOOOOOOOVE program is now way down on her list of things to promote this summer. Raise money, campaign travel and vacation is on her top 5 list of things to do.

  4. For a couple who has railed against the 1% and made them look so evil you would not want to look at them, much less party with them….They sure like to go to their fancy homes and party with them and steal as much money as they can from them.

  5. And this is official White House business how?

    Well….why not? Present another tab to the American taxpayers to pick up.

    1. “And this is official White House business how?” – hischosen816

      Well, in the case of Obama, I suspect his rejoinder would be “L’état, c’est moi”. This makes ANYTHING he wants “official” business.

      After all, what was good enough for the Sun King SHOULD be right for our Moon Beam, nicht wahr?

      Although perhaps our Hopey might be more comfortable saying it as, “الدولة لي”? However he says it, you can BET he BELIEVES it…

  6. I think somebody’s feeling ignored and needs some new sleeveless
    frocks. Fundraising for her cause of feeding the troops hot meals is she?

  7. I am just wondering if either one of them have said a word about the latest round of terrible storm damage to Oklahoma? Maybe she could go down there and help out a bit. Her girls are old enough to organize a group from school to go help. Now that would be a good summer learning experience for them all!!!

    1. As an Okie, I would have to say that their presence would be far more costly than it is worth. Instead, just send the money. please.

    1. “How do they sleep at night?” – Troy C

      Well, in the case of “Mr.” and “Mrs.” Obama, you can BET its NOT with each other…

      1. How do they sleep? Separate and probably very well they’ve got
        no soul and are incapable of caring for anyone but themselves

    1. They are collecting as much as they can before the collapse…

      “The last official act of any government is to loot the treasury.” – George Washington

    1. Depends on what your definition of relevant is. When someone hands me a bill to pay, I make darn sure I know what it’s for. If I don’t agree with the charges applied, I argue my case.

      Maybe you want to roll over and just continue to foot the bill without saying anything. As for me and my house, we will continue to complain loudly. May not make a bit of difference, but at least I don’t just lie there and take it.

  8. Perhaps Joe, “Doctor” Jill, and the nurses could move into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, until the Obamas are through jetting around the US on the taxpayer dime spewing their trash talk at fundraisers of the democrat rich and infamous.

  9. First of all the title of this post should be “Moochelle Rumps Up Fundraising Blitz” not “Ramps Up”.

    Secondly sending this perpetually frowning First Entitlement Queen out on another cash grubbing run “because she is so well loved”, is once again based on the propaganda media eternal drumbeat that this so-called “most ahem beautiful first lady, (notice though how all the fawning attention is always on her toned arms and not the rest of her) is widely popular with the majority of the American people when in reality she is widely perceived as the reincarnation of a spiteful Marie Antoinette whose contempt for the peasants led to her doom when she was Queen of France. Moochelle may be blindly adored by the Hollywood bone heads and hard core democrat party communists but to most of the public she is viewed as a greedy, racist, hate filled shrew, who has horribly defamed the term “First Lady”.

    The arrogance and corruption of the Obamas will be their ultimate downfall and it will not be pretty. A question that begs to be asked of the Obamas is where is all this cash going and is it in compliance with the contribution laws? No one has ever posed this question. Why not?

    1. “A question that begs to be asked of the Obamas is where is all this cash going and is it in compliance with the contribution laws? No one has ever posed this question. Why not?” – Junius

      Well, we can get the IRS to look…into… Oh.

      OK, we’ll call the Justice Department and..they’ll…Uh.

      I KNOW! Let’s get the media like MSNBC and The New York Times on it! I know that THEY’LL…

      Maybe we can have the Senate look…at…*

      You see the problem? It’s not that no one poses these questions. It’s just that they have it SO bound up that no one IMPORTANT cares about the answers.

      There was a movie many years ago called “Zorro, the Gay Blade”. There’s a scene where a woman tries to stir up a revolution against a evil, corrupt dictator (timely, yes?). What follows is this;

      “Captain Esteban: Arrest that woman! Now!

      Charlotte Taylor Wilson: No, wait! Isn’t this the village square, where according to law, everyone is allowed to speak his or her mind?

      Captain Esteban: You’re right, Señorita. [yelling to the crowd] The woman is allowed to speak! But arrest anyone who listens. ”,_The_Gay_Blade

      That’s our Hopey! Although in HIS case, it may be “Audit and Drone Strike anyone who listens” rather than “Arrest”, but you get the idea…

      Strangely enough, the aforementioned “gay blade” was fighting AGAINST corruption. It doesn’t seem that would be the case today, would it?

    2. Marie Antoinette was neither spiteful nor did she hold the peasants in contempt. At worst, the French Queen could be accused of ignorance and naivety. History has not been kind to Marie Antoinette, who was not the evil, conniving woman she had been portrayed as being.

  10. I know a way to get Moochie out of the picture. For the weekend, anyway…

    “PORTE-PUYMORENS, France (AP) — The still-white slopes in the Pyrenees of southern France opened for business this past weekend and they are expected to open again next weekend, turning a cold wet spring into a rare opportunity for skiing in June.

    The Porte-Puymorens ski station opened Saturday morning at 8 a.m. for four hours in fog and light rain — but plenty of snow with temperatures just above freezing.

    The slopes normally close for the season on April 1 but are expected to re-open again next weekend, station director Eric Charre said. Sales were limited to just over 600 tickets per day, and Charre said both days sold out.

    “In the history of Pyrenees skiing, there have never been slopes open in June,” he said. Charre said the snowpack averaged 80 centimeters (31 inches) in the areas open this weekend.

    Porte-Puymorens is near the border with Spain and Andorra, about 800 kilometers (500 miles) south of Paris.”

    IDEAL for the Queen, yes? And wouldn’t it be nice to have her out of OUR country, at least for a little while…

    Feh. It won’t end her fundraising, though. She’d probably just use the opportunity to tap America-hating expats like George Clooney, and away we’ll go again, but at least Her Bileness would temporarily have her massive fundament physically supported by another country, and a socialist one at that.

    Of course, this event doesn’t support Anthropomoriphic Global Warming, but since when did the Left worry about silly things like facts, anyway…

  11. Let’s move the Chicago bag lady and her mafioso husband out of the White House and into Federal prison! Congress is sitting on a gold mine of potentially impeachable evidence regarding Benghazi and the IRS. What are they waiting for??? If not now, when???

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  13. Elizabethtaylorburton

    This is the most disgusting administration, Obama, Michelle Obama, Holder and 40,000 others lieing, cheating and stealing from the American people. I hope they burn in hell for the murders in Bengazhi of our Ambassador and the three other brave heroes. This Obama is guilty of treason and should be kicked out and locked up in prison with Holder , Axelrod, etc.,and all his other criminals running the government now.

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