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Biden: Nurses Make You Want to Live!

Stewardesses too?

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11 Responses to Biden: Nurses Make You Want to Live!

  1. A clip like this makes me happy that Crazy Joe is nowhere near the football that carries the nuke launch codes…….Wait, he is the Vice President……..(gulp) I need a drink!

  2. The last time I was hospitalized, Nurse Ratchet’s evil twin was my nurse. She inspired me to not only want to live, but to get better ASAP so I could get the heck out of the hospital and away from my tormenter.

    ol’Joe must like harsh treatment or they cared for him with kid gloves and deference.

    • Ha, ha. I was an R.N., but I have to admit that the labor and delivery nurse I had when my daughter was born was a real Nurse Rachet.

  3. I’d say this guy has lost his mind but the implicit assumption in that statement is that he had one in the first place. I’m sure Obama is happy to parade out this dimwit to provide some comic relief to the brewing cauldron of scandals.

  4. Crazy Joe should know that, when in the hospital, you DON’T want to see the PRETTY nurse!

    Hospitals are very pragmatic places, especially when it comes to things biological. They will use their extensive knowledge of not just the human body, but also the human condition, to simplify paitent care. To this end, it’s generally the cute young nurse that gets the duty of catheterizing the D.O.M’s like our Mr. Biden. It’s easier to pass the device with some stage of, eh, “arousal”, you see…

    Of course, Joe being Joe, he just may actually LIKE that. It’s probably more attention than “L’il Joe” gets all YEAR from “Dr.” Jill, unless she’s a masochist…

    Which is the OTHER reason the cute YOUNG nurse gets the duty. NO ONE wants to handle the D.O.M’s like Joe, so it’s a bit of a hazing as well, for the neophyte scut puppy to endure as part of the training. Who can survive Unka Joe is well primed to handle ANYTHING disgusting that the profession may throw her way…

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