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Video || Nice Rove-Plouffe Smackdown

Thought you might want to see this nasty little spat between the two premier political operators of the last 20 years, Democrat David Plouffe and Republican Karl Rove. Both elected and then reelected presidents, Plouffe of course handling the Obama portfolio while Rove batted for Bush.

The tussle is over the IRS targeting of conservatives. “This was not a political pursuit,” says Plouffe.

“Baloney,” retorts Rove. Nice to see an Obama flacker called on his spin in less-than-impolite and unambiguous terms.

19 Responses to Video || Nice Rove-Plouffe Smackdown

  1. The worst thing about Obama’s re-election was knowing that tools like Plouffe and Axelrod were only going to be emboldened.

    Anyone else see Plouffe’s sophomoric tweet trashing Issa as “grand theft auto” for stating the obvious on CNN about Holder, Carney and the IRS mess?

    The kindergarten behavior of this White House and its staff is getting very, very old.

    • Whether the charges made against MrIssa in the ’70’s are true or not, kudos for stealing a Maserati instead of a Dodge.
      Anyway, calling the opponent of a dog-eating, pot-smoking, habitual liar a possible car thief doesn’t have much impact.

    • There seems to have been White House coordination in having BOTH Davids (Plouffe and Axelrod) on the Sunday morning shows at the same time, when Obama is in such need of cover. And somehow, mysteriously, both Obama flacks managed to say nearly the exact same thing: “If anybody used the IRS for political motives, it was the stupidest move in history”.

      Also of note was the chyron for Axelrod on “Meet the Press”. Rather than describing him for his Obama work and his current MSNBC gig, he was described as head of some department at
      the University of Chicago (maybe the school needed another “patriot” to replace Bill Ayers.)

  2. MrRove has smacked down bigger and badder opponents than the geeky MrPlouffe. Until the Dems find a hold on these scandals, their pathetic explanations and defenses will be shot down like skeet at a NRA barbeque.

    OT: and there she is, Ari HuffPo, whose accent gets worse with each TV appearance and political bona fides consist of wedding a generous rich guy, questioning the arguably two best political operatives in US politics today.

    OT: Michael Steele, former GOP biggie, when asked during his visit to Todd’s MSNBC show if the WhiteHouse should resist any attempt to remove Eric Holder: (paraphrase) “… they can ride that horse as long as it walks, but when they get off, they have to shoot it.”

  3. Rove’s opinion is no longer relevant to this conservative. Hannity calls him “the architect” and he surely is that – the architect of the demise of the GOP. In this same interview he trashed Michele Bachmann, saying she did nothing for the Tea Party caucus she founded. What he failed to mention is that she was slapped down time and time again by his fellow RINOs who control House leadership positions. She barely won her last election because the GOP didn’t help her with a dime in campaign funding. She saw the writing on the wall.

    Rove and his underhanded tactics have managed to tarnish the GOP brand, now he’s going for the conservatives. He created the superpac “Conservative Victory Fund” that will involve itself in Republican primaries because we conservatives in the base just aren’t refined enough to pick the right go along to get along candidates. Wouldn’t doubt if he has a hand in the Zuckerberg funded “Americans for a Conservative Direction” and its ads with Rubio and Ryan peddling their sovereignty killing amnesty bill.

  4. I love how they have one conservative dude against all the liberals. I don’t recognize the dude on AH’s left but at best the odds are 4 – 2. George Stepontopofus is hardly objective. True to form, the sissy lefties thought they needed 3 partisan lefty wack-jobs pretending to be journalists and one partisan political hatchet-man to counterbalance Rove.

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