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Video || The IRS Gets Boogie Fever

Here’s the video that’s been circulating of IRS agents using the tax dollars they collect from you to make a jokey video about what bad dancers they are.

I would say both the humor and dancing are about what I’d expect from the IRS.

The video of IRS agents cooling off their Boogie Fever surfaced as news emerges that the IRS also had Conference Fever, spending about $50 million to hold at least 220 conferences from 2010 to 2012.

This explains why the IRS was targeting conservative groups: Because everyone knows Republicans are rich and those Tea Party groups needed to get up off of the money and send it in for processing so the conference room can get booked.

Remember, the people in this video are technically at work. They’re on the clock.

14 Responses to Video || The IRS Gets Boogie Fever

  1. All that’s missing from this video is MrsObama. She would be holding a basket of yams and fennel from her magic garden while encouraging the dancers to “let’s move”.

  2. Keith,
    We know that Obama’s half brother and his foundation got preferential treatment, but I haven’t heard much on the switch over from Organizing for America to Organizing for Action.
    Seems to me them getting their non-profit status so quickly and the fact that creepy Messina (a pure political hack) is heading it raises the same “political” flags as the excuse for the Tea Party scrutinies so why the approval in weeks rather than years?

    • While OFA is now calling itself a ‘social welfare’ organization, they have yet to file for tax-exempt status. My guess is they are waiting for the IRS furor to calm down before they file. No doubt OFA will receive retroactive approval from Lois Lerner just like Malik Obama’s Barack H. Obama Foundation did – two years after he set up the phony front group.

      Speaking of Lois Lerner. Does anybody know the status of her being recalled to testify before Congress?

      • Re your question on the recall status of Lois Lerner, I do not know the answer, but I’m sure you are aware that Issa is now working from the bottom of the IRS food chain upwards. The ‘rogues’ in Cincinnati are not willing to be the fall guys and are naming names including those in DC. The committee may not have to recall her. My question then would be if Lerner would not want to testify and point to someone even further up the chain.

  3. I’ve seen one partial episode of Dancing with the Stars, and this group would be voted off the island within the first 5 minutes!

  4. $50 million dollars were spent between 2010-12 by the IRS, including Gilligan’s Island and Star Dreck videos. I understand that there are more we haven’t seen yet. Thank goodness are tax dollars are being spent wisely. sarc off/

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