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The Obama Morning News || June 3, 2013

Some WH aides want Holder to go . . . New York Times
Book: Secret deal for Obama to back Hillary . . . New York Post
Issa: Washington knew of IRS targeting . . . Washington Times
Former EPA chief used fake email often . . . Washington Times
Middle class losing ground and hope . . . National Journal
Immigration hangs of border security . . . Politico
Report: How the GOP lost young voters . . . Politico

25 Responses to The Obama Morning News || June 3, 2013

  1. “…how inescapable controversy has become…” says the NYT. You see, Holder had nothing to do with it. It lives on its own.
    Don’t you love the passive voice?

  2. Friends said Mr. Holder did not look forward to leaving the government because he did not particularly enjoy private practice. Mr. Holder grew up in the Justice Department and has said wistfully that he recognizes that this will be his final position there.


    He’s spent about 30 years in the government, and his only experience in the private sector was with a firm that represented prisoners at Gitmo.

    Of course he wouldn’t enjoy working outside of the government–he would not have the weight of the federal government to back him up.

    • Mandy, great points. One would think an AG would look forward to leaving and going private with the resume creds the position brings. This fear/reluctance speaks volumes about the person called Eric Holder.

  3. I wonder when the Western leaders will comment on the riots in Turkey. The Prime Minister , Erdogan, first appeared to be rather Westernized, he even wanted Turkey to join the EU, ( but – his wife wore a veil , always somewhat suspicious ). Now he is meeting resistance among the young. Erdogan wants prohibition on alcohol and public display of emotions ( kissing and hugging ) and a Mosque build on the main Square in Istanbul, he simply wants Turkey more Islamized. The people demonstrating obviously want to keep their country secular just like the founder Ataturk decided. This is a contrary ” Arab Spring”. But Obama, Cameron and Hollande are busy supporting Islamists, I guess that´s why they are so quiet about the “Turkish Spring”.

      • Yes, many of the young demonstrators were pro-Western, but the whole thing was soon hijacked by various Islamist Groups, the concept “Arab Spring” was contaminated. This North African region is going backwards, it is falling into the hands of the Islamists. And the battleground is in Syria as well.

        • Didn’t FCMABBHO give his support to the Islamists early on by inviting several members of the Muslim Brotherhood to his Cairo speech?

    • Do you recall the genuine Iranian Spring of a few years ago? The West completely ignored and abandoned those young people.

    • Turkey and Erdogan is key to the West’s ME strategy such as it is. There will be no support for the people in the street. Much like there was no support for the Iranian students Julie mentions.

      How important this resistance might be is probably indicated by the lack of coverage. Unlike the Egypt uprising and all the focus on Google boy.

      God forbid we should support secularists fight Islamist extremism. Or comment on the ongoing slaughter of Christians in the Middle East and Africa.

      • Yes, the silence is so strange. The exodus of Christians is undeniable. Ethnic, and religious, ” cleansing” in these countries seems to be political correct. Just imagine the contrary….

    • As I’ve noted before the press barely touches on events outside of the US unless there is a body count. In fact there is little discussion unless one is reading online. I am glad that you brought up Turkey and you (everyone else will find the linked article very interesting/disturbing.
      Gatestone (the site) covers what isn’t on TV or in the press. Add to the article the fact that Turkey is building the largest mosque in the US (it will be completed in 2014) in Maryland at a cost of $100 million on 15 acres.
      “If the mountain won’t come to mohammed….”
      A couple of more reminders: 1) Turkey went Islamic when it closed all of their casinos ten years ago. 2) It was from Turkey’s ports that the Gaza Flotilla eminated. 3) It is Turkey that is demanding compensation for the consequences that they helped create.

      • Very interesting Sadie. There are many, many Turks living in Germany, a big group with political influence.
        I couldn´t find the article about the mosque, though. As far as I know, SaudiArabia ( that wonderful democratic dreamland with deep respect for human rights and women……. ), is the great financier of mosques over here.

      • Not a word in the American press about the love fest between Erdogan and the Muslim-in-chief a couple of weeks ago at the phony ‘press conference’ in the Rose Garden. Has the MSM given up on the U.S. involvement in the covert gun-running operation from Libya to Syria via Turkey? Was this why Amb. Stevens was in Benghazi on Sept. 11….and was this why he was allowed to die?

  4. Lisa Jackson a/k/a Richard Windsor has a new job as vice president of environmental initiatives with Apple.

    Greenpeace is ecstatic.
    “Jackson can make Apple the top environmental leader in the tech sector by helping the company use its influence to push electric utilities and governments to provide the clean energy that both Apple and America need right now.”

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