As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || White House Briefing – June 3, 2013

Fifty one minutes late and no apology.

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  1. Gee…what a surprise, Carny hasn’t emerged from the Big Tent.

    Is there a problem with clocks in the White House?

    Now the WH page has changed from “beginning shortly” to “up next”. Is that an admission?

      • Nice. How about the under/under at 1600?

        If this were a privately run business, Carney and Obama would have gotten the boot (and not on their throat) long ago. If you can’t show up on time to do your job, you deserve to be fired.

  2. awww. CongIssa called Carney the Magician’s magic wand a fake and then broke it in half.
    The Ringmaster and the Head Clown are demanding that MrIssa beg forgiveness and buy Carney a new wand.
    MrIssa is not only standing by his accusation, but is preparing to publish a tell-all that will prove that fakery and deception started in Washington and Carney the Magician’s fake wand can’t make it disappear.

  3. This has been the most truthful and revealing WH Press Conference that I have watched in 4 or 5 years… Just because its still a BSOD at T+32 may be a factor in my opinion.

    • The White House Press Corps should just walk out when either of these clowns is ten minutes late. The press have their own schedules, although they’re not published (for all the good that does). Maybe Obama and Carny should read their schedule so they can see what’s in it (since they ALREADY voted on it).

        • not sure the name of the reporter — heavyset, bearded grey haired guy in the second role with suspenders, I believe, asked Carny about reducing White House costs — specifically Obama’s travel.

          Carny repeatedly blamed the Sequester for cut-backs, then stated that, like his predecessors, Obama needs to travel to do his Presidential duties. He cut off further discussion without addressing the obvious fact that most of Obama’s costly travel have almost nothing to do with running the country, and nearly everything to do with his constant campaigning.

          • That’s Mark Knoller. He works for CBS and is the official keeper of White House statistics. Who better to question this regime’s liberal use of taxpayer funded services for entertaining themselves and campaigning. Of course, he knew he wouldn’t get a straight answer, but at least Knoller asked. Good on him.

          • Thanks for the clarification.

            Between Attkisson and Knoller, it’s a wonder CBS still gets a seat in the White House.

            However, based on Obama and Carny constantly being late, the WH can claim they’re on a waiting list.

  4. It will be billed as the throw down to end all throw downs.
    In one corner weighing in at one hundred seventy two and a half pounds known for his gift of gab, fighting out of the Obama White House ‘Baby Faced Carney’.

    His opponent hails from California’s 49th, fighting out of the House Oversight, known for his fast one two subpoena combo, ‘Issa the Inquirer’.

    Today’s match is a no-holds barred, no submission match.

    Let’s get ready to tumble…

    (Would have written rumble but I am sure that is trademarked somewhere and I’d rather not go to court with Michael Buffer.)

  5. Real time Carney translation

    We’re outraged at the actions IRS…how could we have gotten caught?

    These types of things can’t happen again… we need better operatives that won’t spill the beans.

    We respect the IG and their reports… we hate IGs.

    We work closely with turkey… thanks for acting a non scandal question…you’re back on the Xmas list.

    • I still don’t get how getting a warrant saying there was probable cause a person was a coconspirator is not like even being involved if the person is never indicted as one. You were still involved in getting the warrant! So it’s a lie!

  6. Maybe you guys in the “WH press corps” should ASK Carney why he is always late(?!)

    …or is that “improper” in Washington DC (Asking a real-direct question)