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Issa: Carney is a “Paid Liar”

Yeah, well, Issa probably is making a mistake by letting the White House know they’re getting to him. He seems a little hot under the collar. I mean, calling someone a paid liar in Washington is pretty much like accusing them of showing up for work.

22 Responses to Issa: Carney is a “Paid Liar”

  1. The truth hurts. The Carney barker is a paid liar.

    Candy Crowley : Our problem really here is…and you know that your critics say that Republicans and you in particular sort of cherry pick information that go to your foregone conclusion and so it worries us to kinda put this stuff out. Can you not put the whole transcript out? (emphasis added)

    Anybody know who the OUR and US the reliable Democrat party hack Candy Crowley speaks of?

    • Honestly, Susan. Based on Candy Crowley’s performance in the 2nd Presidential Debate, she should be the last one in the World lecturing anyone about a “foregone conclusion.” However, I also agree that Jay Carney (aka “The White House Spin Doctor” aka “White House Press Secretary”) “is a paid liar.”

    • I had never seen Candy in action before. She acts like a fair and tough-minded Mommy, but she is so biased.

      And I noticed the royal “we,” as if she were the nice cop from a team that decides how well Issa is doing.

  2. Is the GOP so desperate to get their message out that they have to show up on the “throw me some” Candy Crowley show? I thought this tool was completely discredited – is this what passes for journalism. I don’t watch the Sunday shows – clearly I’m not missing anything.

  3. Not everyone who hails from DC is a liar.

    Lying POLITICIANS, I’ll buy. Lying LOBBYISTS, you’ll convince me. Lying AVERAGE EVERYDAY WASHINGTONIANS, not so much. I mean, hey, SOMEBODY has to be nice to all these tourists, visiting sports teams, foreign dignitaries, activists of both sides, conventioneers, yadda-yadda-yadda. Granted, it may not be anybody associated with the DC Metro, but that’s a whole other blog, I’m sure.

    Average Washingtonians, once you get away from the federal cubicles, are just like any other Americans, only more so. Mind taking it easy with the broad brush?