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It’s Sunny, It’s Warm, and It’s Golf

President Obama headed out to Fort Belvoir early this afternoon for a round of golf. Among those playing are First Friend Marty Nesbitt, one of Obama’s long-time pals from Chicago.

It’s a little hot and humid, headed up to about 89 degrees. But he’s happily played in much worse.

It’s already the 14th time he’s been out this year and the 125th time as president.

60 thoughts on “It’s Sunny, It’s Warm, and It’s Golf”

    1. Yes, the Obamas do so much for the military like preempting their golf weekends and stopping hot meals in Afghanistan.

      1. “Yes, I’d like to address that young lady’s concerns……..Let me be clear! My security arrangements are mandated by the Secret Service! I have to do what they tell me to do, just like when Valerie tells me to do something! (pauses for applause)…..And….(displaying furrowed brow like a bassett hound) ……hot meals for our brave troops? Stopping them? (wipes brow with hanky)….The REPUBLICAN Congress passed that sequester thing! I had NOTHING to do with that! (pauses again as crowd goes wild…juts jaw out like Mussolini) …..”

        1. Well done, RickW. Although he probably doesn’t even know about the cancellation of the one hot meal where Camp Leatherneck Marines can share some camaraderie during shift changes. He hasn’t read about it in Sporting News yet. Besides, who cares about those Marines when he has tee times and Mooch has an extended vacation to Martha’s Vineyard on tap? Out of sight, out of mind.

          1. I’d like to see a split picture every time the Obama’s go out
            to a 5 star restaurant or host a State Dinner with a soldier
            in Afghanistan eating an MRE if he/she still gets one.
            More reason to shine a light on the deplorable treatment of
            our military and the hypocracy of Michelle’s work for them
            how about fighting for them to get a hot meal.

          2. He will never step foot in Iraq or Afghanistan again, so what does he care. (3 total, 2 were “just happen to be flying home so I thought I would stop in yuck yuck). Bush made more visits, even one for a surprise Thanksgiving with the troops.

      2. Don’t forget those beaches in Hawaii closed at Christmastime to Marines and families so that Mooch and the girls could sunbathe.

    2. he’s trying to level the amt of playing btwn Andrews and Belvoir. Or maybe Andrews told him NOT to come back (wishful).Sir Putts-A-Lot does allot of sand trapping.

  1. Uh, Valerie, tell those guys at NASA to devote less time to Islam friendly space stuff and work on weather modification in America’s golf lands.

    1. You have to subtract the hours he spent raising money and partying this week. There is NO way he put in anything close to 35. He “worked” monday and tuesday. He read a speech in front of a small crowd of human, college-age props on Friday.

      At best estimate – 20 hours tops. That’s me being generous.

  2. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Obama, on the other hand, goes golfing. And we have more than 3 years left….

    1. Every hour he spends on the golf course is one less hour he has to sit in the Oval Office and dream up new socialist programs.

      I am a golfer and I approve this message…

      1. The real person in control of this regime is Valerie Jarrett. Her czars and czarinas in the administrative state are always on the job punishing the regime’s enemies and spitting out their repressive regulations that have the effect of law. It really doesn’t matter where he or Mooch spend their leisure time, the statists are making sure the dismantling of America and enslavement of her people continues unabated.

          1. Some hope . I don’t remember who mentioned it, but it was someone reputable and just recently. They made a comment about Valerie Jarrett and her role in some of these scandals and what she knows since she is the President’s confidant. Since she is rarely even discussed (which I find odd) I saw this comment to be a possible opening.

          2. Remeber that Valerie Jarrett and David Alexrod had their basic training with the Daley Machine, following the works of Sol Alinksky and aided by Bill Ayers…they know all of the in’s and out’s of backside covering.

          3. Axelrod and Jarrett, most especially Valerie Jarrett, have so much goods on prezzy putt putt. They call the shots. Most would call it blackmail. They know all about him, his drugs and sexual preferences.

    1. Guess those people in Oklahoma don’t even warrant a shout out, since he has already been there recently. God bless all of those in the path of these horrible storms.

  3. And once again, the press will leave unreported Obama’s personal “War on Women”…

    Not only are they paid less than male White House staffers and kicked off the podium at an all-women’s school so Obama can make yet another appearance, they’re also apparently not good enough to share the fairway (fair way?) with Barack. Isn’t he all about greens equality?

  4. Whatever…SSDD. I have a few questions for Preezy Putt-Putt (good one, Girly1). That is, if he can find the time in between his ‘busy work schedule’ and the family’s lifestyle of the rich and famous existence.

    1) Has anyone been found responsible for selling high power weapons to Mexican drug cartels without your knowledge? Weapons that caused the deaths of hundreds of Mexicans and two Americans, Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata. If so, have the perpetrators been charged under the Espionage Act as James Rosen’s news source was?

    2) Where were you and who were you with after your pre-scheduled 5 pm ET meeting on the evening of 9/11/12 until your Rose Garden speech at 10:35 am ET the next day?

    3) Who gave the Benghazi stand down orders?

    4) ) If you had no involvement in the IRS targeting of conservative and religious groups, why aren’t you insisting on a special investigator to find and prosecute those responsible?

    5) Because of the supposedly rogue activities of these IRS bureaucrats, why aren’t you delaying the implementation of their involvement in enforcing the Obamacare mandate?

    I won’t hold my breath for your responses…you soulless monster.

    1. Anyone care to explain why 60 CIA people were in Benghazi that day? Something to do with weapons to Syria–I believe Rand Paul asked about this and Hillary trilled with mirth.

  5. Less than “Fore” more years of this.

    According to golf terms:
    Yelling “fore!” is considered good etiquette, but it’s not just a courtesy to other golfers, it can serve to prevent injury.

    No wonder his tagline the second time around was FOREWARD – Should have been FOREWARNED !

  6. I know it’s right next door to pointless to be worrying about the numbers at this point, but…what’s that make, 125?

      1. And I hope the Republicans heed Ronald Reagan’s message of no Republican speaking ill of another. The 2012 primaries were a bloodbath. The good guys (Paul, Cruz, Ryan, Lee, maybe Walker) should make a pact that whoever is looking like the winner, the others will rally up behind him.

        1. Heard that Rand Paul commented on the Republicans “intolerance” today or some such. The word intolerant or intolerance with respect to the Republicans was used.

        2. Early in the primary season, Chuck Norris wrote a column urging all the candidates to work in unity to take the White House rather than tearing each other down and giving Obama more ammunition. His words were right on target.

          1. The ruling class Republicans sure have no compunction about violating Reagan’s 11th commandment against conservatives. Look at how they’ve treated Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Allen West, and even Reagan himself. Besides, Reagan wasn’t always right. Great man, but he made his share of mistakes.

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  8. Speaking of golf, ’tis Sunday morning and I’m reading this of Tiger Woods from CBS NY: “The conditions were tough and when I missed (sic) it cost me,” Woods said through a PGA Tour media official. Excuse me? Does the PGA Tour work for Tiger and provide a spokesman for him? Then the article goes on to say that Woods will tee off late on Sunday. This in spite of have of having suffered a career-worst day. I thought the duffers always went early on Sunday.

    1. That really ticks me off. How can this fraud and his family live in such splendor while his regime is cutting off funding for our military – forcing them to barter with the locals to get a decent meal?

      When will the regime’s true believers see that we are already living in a soft tyranny where corruption and unelected bureaucrats rule the day? We live in ‘Ameritopia’ – where the corporatists pay their bribes to the politicians for a seat at the legislative table, the entertainers perform for their overlords, the little people are robbed of their freedom and livelihoods in a tidal wave of taxes and bureaucratic regulations, and the courageous defenders of our flag are left to fend for themselves in a far away land. God save America.

      1. Sadly they probably don’t even know as ignorance on all levels is
        at a pandemic level,or they couldn’t care less. Would be nice to start a campaign in all media to collect funds for hot meals for our
        military because the President is too busy golfing and partying to
        give a dam.

  9. Re: the Sunday CYA meet the press shows:
    The Dems are using the convoluted excuses to explain EricHolder’s actions and the IRS scandals. SenSchumer actually said that his letter to the IRS demanding that they go after conservative groups was all in the interest of “fairness”, but they went too far or something. MrHolder is just a misunderstood public servant who wanted to save this great country from dangerous people.
    EricHolder lied under oath, and he lied to the judge who issued the search warrant, so he committed criminal acts. period.
    The warrant was a ruse to get dirt on MrRosen who would be named as a person of interest in a criminal proceeding, and embarass or cause FCC problems for FOXnews, the most hated news organization by the Dems.
    The IRS’s tactic of never refusing to issue a non-profit standing for conservative groups was deliberate and clever; no one could claim to be denied when more and more questions needed to be answered and the request was pending approval. The policy was coordinated and directed from higher up in the IRS or government than a few agents in the Ohio office.
    The IRS is corrupt. The DOJ is corrupt. The DEA is corrupt. HHS is corrupt.
    Does any agency of the Federal government actually work for the good of the people anymore?

    1. AND–these people are too clever by half and dining out on the ingorance and indifference of most voters and the adoration of the press (oh, yes, they will be back).

      1. Schumer! Can’t this man stay home one Sunday and eat some Eggs Benedict or something?Pass a law, we must pass this, that! And on MTP, that Alter character–the pullquote from his book could have been written by a dialed-in second grader. I won’t even go into Friedman…yes, infrastructure (places sell bonds for that), R&D (companies do it), bring back high pay,,medium skill jobs. How? And Alter called people who don’t finish college “roadkill.” That was nice. Maybe we should bring back “chrome dome” for the hair-challenged, Jonathan. Most people take 5 yrs to finish college and it’s grotesquely overpriced. AND–little Davie Axelrod is back. I thought we were through with him. Surprise!

    2. I was interested in the question of whether or not Congress could impeach and try Eric Holder if he refuses to resign and Obama refuses to fire him. I think the answer is yes.

      Article II, Section 4 of the US Constitution states that “The President, Vice President, and all civil officers of the United States shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or Other High Crimes and Misdimeanors . . . The Federal Judiciary cannot review such proceeding.

      Then I looked up a list of all the people who have been impeached. As you would expect most have been Presidents, Vice Presidents and members of the Judiciary, but in the 1870s a Secretary of War named Bellknap was indeed impeached. Perjury was a article of impeachment against William Jefferson Clinton so why not Eric Holder?

      1. He can certainly be impeached, even special prosecutors can be impeached. If I were Mr. Holder, I would be more concerned with indictment. It is difficult to make money as a paid professional speaker from a Federal prison.

          1. Boy I do enjoy Judge Jeanine ripping into Holder and Obama and Clinton bet the boys are scared of her as she
            says ‘put on your big boy pants’ !:-)

    3. “Mr Holder is just a misunderstood public servant….”

      And Charles Manson was a population control scientist………

      These Liberal spinners make me physically sick the way they insult the intelligence of viewers.

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    1. “FEMA? This is President Obama……..Look about that golf course…..Low Priority? ARE YOU CRAZY??????……Clean water? Toilets?……….Look run off a few thousand debit cards and send those people to Las Vegas for a few weeks…….BUT FIX THAT GOLF COURSE!!!!……Yes I will be back to check myself and Reggie and I will play 9 holes! SOON!”

        1. I hacked into TOTUS, Julie. Its full of canned responses and a list of verbal commands either for Bo or Jay Carney. EG: LIE! I guess it could apply to both of them, eh?

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