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The Top Twenty Obama Administration Scandals

It’s easy to forget that the three scandals currently swirling about President Obama are just the latest episodes of potential misdoings by the scandal-plagued Obama administration.

As a refresher, here is a full list of the administration’s most egregious scandals.

1. IRS targets Obama’s enemies: The IRS targeted conservative and pro-Israel groups prior to the 2012 election. Questions are being raised about why this occurred, who ordered it, whether there was any White House involvement and whether there was an initial effort to hide who knew about the targeting and when.

2. Benghazi: This is actually three scandals in one:

  • The failure of administration to protect the Benghazi mission.
  • The changes made to the talking points in order to suggest the attack was motivated by an anti-Muslim video
  • The refusal of the White House to say what President Obama did the night of the attack

3. Watching the AP: The Justice Department performed a massive cull of Associated Press reporters’ phone records as part of a leak investigation.

4. Rosengate: The Justice Department suggested that Fox News reporter James Rosen is a criminal for reporting about classified information and subsequently monitored his phones and emails.

5. Potential Holder perjury I: Attorney General Eric Holder told Congress he had never been associated with “potential prosecution” of a journalist for perjury when in fact he signed the affidavit that termed Rosen a potential criminal.

6. The ATF “Fast and Furious” scheme: Allowed weapons from the U.S. to “walk” across the border into the hands of Mexican drug dealers. The ATF lost track of hundreds of firearms, many of which were used in crimes, including the December 2010 killing of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

7. Potential Holder Perjury II: Holder told Congress in May 2011 that he had just recently heard about the Fast and Furious gun walking scheme when there is evidence he may have known much earlier.

8. Sebelius demands payment: HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius solicited donations from companies HHS might regulate. The money would be used to help her sign up uninsured Americans for ObamaCare.

9. The Pigford scandal: An Agriculture Department effort that started as an attempt to compensate black farmers who had been discriminated against by the agency but evolved into a gravy train delivering several billion dollars in cash to thousands of additional minority and female farmers who probably didn’t face discrimination.

10. GSA gone wild: The General Services Administration in 2010 held an $823,000 training conference in Las Vegas, featuring a clown and a mind readers. Resulted in the resignation of the GSA administrator.

11. Veterans Affairs in Disney World: The agency wasted more than $6 million on two conferences in Orlando. An assistant secretary was fired.

12. Sebelius violates the Hatch Act: A U.S. special counsel determined that Sebelius violated the Hatch Act when she made “extemporaneous partisan remarks” during a speech in her official capacity last year. During the remarks, Sebelius called for the election of the Democratic candidate for governor of North Carolina.

13. Solyndra: Republicans charged the Obama administration funded and promoted its poster boy for green energy despite warning signs the company was headed for bankruptcy. The administration also allegedly pressed Solyndra to delay layoff announcements until after the 2010 midterm elections.

14. AKA Lisa Jackson: Former EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson used the name “Richard Windsor” when corresponding by email with other government officials, drawing charges she was trying to evade scrutiny.

15. The New Black Panthers: The Justice Department was accused of using a racial double standard in failing to pursue a voter intimidation case against Black Panthers who appeared to be menacing voters at a polling place in 2008 in Philadelphia.

16. Waging war all by myself: Obama may have violated the Constitution and both the letter and the spirit of the War Powers Resolution by attacking Libya without Congressional approval.

17. Biden bullies the press: Vice President Biden’s office has repeatedly interfered with coverage, including forcing a reporter to wait in a closet, making a reporter delete photos, and editing pool reports.

18. AKPD not A-OK: The administration paid millions to the former firm of then-White House adviser David Axelrod, AKPD Message and Media, to promote passage of Obamacare. Some questioned whether the firm was hired to help pay Axelrod $2 million AKPD owed him.

19. Sestak, we’ll take care of you: Former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel used Bill Clinton as an intermediary to probe whether former Rep. Joe Sestak (D-Pa.) would accept a prominent, unpaid White House advisory position in exchange for dropping out of the 2010 primary against former Sen. Arlen Specter (D-Pa.).

20. I’ll pass my own laws: Obama has repeatedly been accused of making end runs around Congress by deciding which laws to enforce, including the decision not to deport illegal immigrants who may have been allowed to stay in the United States had Congress passed the “Dream Act.”

171 thoughts on “The Top Twenty Obama Administration Scandals”

  1. It’s hard to choose between the IRS and Benghazi as the most egregious, but my own choice would be Benghazi because of the national security issue but also because it sends a message to all Americans that we’re on our own. If the government is willing to risk the life of an ambassador and won’t in fact try to save him, you can imagine the worth of just one of our soldiers and your own worth to this country. Isn’t that the purpose of a nation, to band together and protect and help one another?

    In your breakdown of Benghazi, Keith, you don’t mention the biggest aspect of the scandal: who gave the orders to stand down?

      1. I agree Benghazi they’ve done something so vile it should send
        a chill down American’s spine. So many people involved and the cavalier attitude is disturbing. Letting four brave American’s die alone and abandoned while you slept or worse told the available help to stand
        down knowing the outcome is truly chilling.

      2. if you listen to Juan Williams, nobody gave an order to stand down. he said that all that happened was “they were told not to go. they were never told to stand down.”

        yes. he said that. on TV. apologists for Obama simply do not care about how silly they sound.

  2. a few more that i can think of…

    Sarah Hall Ingram served as commissioner of the office responsible for tax-exempt organizations between 2009 and 2012. But Ingram has since left that part of the IRS and is now the director of the IRS’ Affordable Care Act office.

    IRS reports that no fewer than 40 aides to President Obama still owe the federal government a combined $333,485 in back taxes.

    1. Another scandal which I read about somewhere yesterday is that there are no Inspectors General for five big departments: State, Defense, Interior, Labor and Homeland Security. Just think if we had had an Inspector General in the State Department at the time of Benghazi.

      1. Remember Gerald Walpin? He was the IG overseeing AmeriCorps. He was personally fired by Obama for his investigation into Kevin Johnson, former NBA player and Obama donor, and his nonprofit group St. HOPE Academy which received hundreds of thousands in federal grants (aka taxpayer funded slush funds).

        One of Mooch’s girlfriends was hired to replace him. Gerald Walpin and his IG report have long been flushed down the statist memory hole – where memories are obliterated, lies are turned into the truth, and the past is altered.

  3. That is one depressing list of crimes.
    We could probably find a few more that have been lost in the flurry of politics such as refusing to enforce immigration laws that protect our borders, and using bribes and coercion of certain elected officials to win votes needed to pass Obamacare.

    Without assuming to speak for those I have never met, it’s apparent to all of us who are paying attention that this administration is unlike any before it in terms of lawlessness and the exercise of raw power.
    We weren’t happy with the MSM’s treatment of GWBush, but we accepted that they were doing their job.
    Now, with a President they like, the MSM joins in collusion with the lawless, overreaching, and criminal parts of our government to hide or ignore their transgressions.
    The Obama minions wanted to silence the opposition, and the MSM gleefully joined the attacks against anyone who dared question the WhiteHouse’s actions or state their differing opinions by means of ridicule, accusations of racism, and digging for ancient dirt to throw.

    We, the people, have always hoped for the best from our elected officials, but absolutely depended on the Press to keep them honest and protect our interests. We have been sorely disappointed.

  4. Great post Keith.
    Good job keeping this stuff front and center.
    Obama has virtually no fingerprints on any of this but the allowance of it to continue should raise flags everywhere if we had a media that was worth a damn.

    1. Even though 77% of the public is calling for a special prosecutor in the IRS scandal, Obama is refusing to name one.

      1. I have heard that once a special prosecutor is appointed then the public information flow stops. But I don’t really know the mechanics. We need to know and do as much as we need to make sure these people are relieved of their positions. And then perhaps a special prosecutor to go after the “un cooperatives”.

        1. I believe that’s true. Another disadvantage of a special prosecutor is that he or she is appointed by the administration. We don’t have truly independent counsels any longer after Watergate. The best path to get at the truth is to have the House call for special select committees on each of the scandals, but Boehner doesn’t seem so inclined.

      2. He won’t name one until the press makes him – he doesn’t care what the average American thinks – most of them are sheeple and believe what the media feeds them.

        1. He’s working about two hours a day — when he’s not taking an entire day to fly home from Chicago. And he’s got some experience with the law and the Constitution and such. So time and background shouldn’t be a problem.

          Perhaps he could prosecute himself. Everyone already knows how special he is.

  5. Great list — thanks.

    We should start tracking what happens to the bureaucrats who implemented a lot of this. It seems they either get administrative leave, get promoted, or get “fired” two weeks before their scheduled departure.

    The average American commits a crime or infraction and is punished for it. Disho

        1. No intention of being cruel: I thought it was one of the latest jargon words which I’m always the last to learn about.

          1. Anyone wanta take a stab at defining “disho”–I looked it up and sitll don’t know. A word in the defn was misspelled, which is always reassuring.

          2. OMG, on second look I can see how you would think that. :)

            FYI — I suck at Haiku. A long time ago one of my first mentors and my boss in international business wrote hiaku. I was and remain envious of that talent.

    1. oops…:)

      The average American commits a crime or infraction and is held responsible for it. Dishonest private sector employees are fired.

      But in government, firing someone is virtually impossible. And this includes Congress as in well where criminal acts have to be heinous or blatantly stupid (cash in your freezer) to warrant action.

      In a culture like this Anthony Weiner and Richard Nixon almost rise to the top of those who take personal responsibility for their actions — for whatever reason.

      1. I live to serve.

        Perhaps Holder et al should wander over here to refine their “Yes, that is what I said (what I signed off on, what I wrote), but that is not what I meant.” when they claim “misspoke”, miscommunication, etc.

  6. EPA-gate – Firms that are friendly to the Administration are given a free pass when it comes to environmental regulations.

    HHS-gate II – Sebilius is soliciting donations from companies that she regulates in order to secure additional funding above and beyond what has been appropriated by Congress.

    Gulf Drilling-gate – Administration continues to defy court order in regard to drilling permits in Gulf

    Biofuel-gate – Administration continues to defy court order in regard to mandates for biofuels which are not available in the current marketImmigration-gate – Administration files suit against state of Arizona for having the audacity to enforce federal law.

    INS-gate – Administration releases thousands of illegal immigrants in retaliation for anticipated sequester.

    Vacation-gate – Administration continues to fund frequent golf outings, lush vacations, and White House parties at a time when they are cutting funding for veterans wounded in service to their country.

    Fort Hood-gate – Administration denies benefits to casualties of Ft. Hood terrorist attack, classifying it instead as ‘workplace violence’.

        1. And caretakers are being furloughed at Walter Reed. Sequester — Obama should but won’t be called out on this.

          Thank God for private foundations and projects like Wounded Warriors and so many more. The Administration and the VA are failing our military left and right and it is disgraceful.

        1. Julie, anytime I see the word “Bingo” my mind goes to the Obama Drink Bingo cards. At this point, the cards could be reduced to a couple of words… “fair” “I’ “me”.

          Victor David Hansen has an article at PJ Media entitled:

          Our Make No Mistake About It/Let Me Be Perfectly Clear President

          Sorry, I don’t have a link, it’s dated 5/30/12

          1. Rod, thanks for posting link. It’s no surprise that his “fans” don’t find his speech confusing – afterall they’re the by-product of public schools the last few decades with the single goal of “No Voter left Behind”. {heavy emphasis and caps on the word Left}

            Al Gore had “fuzzy math” and Obama “fuzzy English.

  7. Thanks Keith for this very important list–will be passing along the link to this list to all our low info family and friends who are still in denial!

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  9. Thanks Keith – it’s getting mind-boggling!

    Adding to the list:

    Student Loan Program: Eighty percent govt. takeover of the One Trillion $$$ student loan market – leaving taxpayers on the hook while govt. accrues interest.

    Food Stamps: Govt. is actively recruiting for recipients. A record 115M Americans (?) are receiving food stamps. 70% of illegal aliens are on food stamps, The cost of food stamp fraud has doubled in the last 3 years.

    Disability Claims: Unemployment stats are skewed due to the fact that unemployed workers are going directly from collecting unemployment checks to collecting PERMANENT disability checks. The numbers have more than doubled since Obama took office.

    1. : – )) I’m running out of ways to give accolades. Under food stamps, don’t forget he made ads for Mexico telling potential illegals how to get the freebies when they get here.

      1. It would be so much more cost-effective to subsidize all of them in Mexico where the average wage is $5.00/day! We don’t even need AG workers since most of our produce is coming directly from Mexico.

  10. “Scandals? What scandals? No one told me anything about any scandals…..” – Barack Obama

    (no attorney disclaimer needed since its likely true)

    1. “Sandals! No one told me I can’t wear sandals.”

      Sorry, Rick, heat is getting to me today.

      1. “Ok now which is it, y’all? Scandals or sandals? Let me be clear. “Unless I am informed, I do not dress myself nor do I engage in any scandals. Now many members of the previous Administration DID wear sandals from time to time, without being informed! My Administration, the most transparent in history, seeks fairness and inclusiveness in all matters, for all people. As such, we encourage employees of the IRS to wear sandals to help keep energy costs down and to increase their operating efficiencies, similar to our electric car initiatives.” – Barack Obama

        (Note: I don’t know what the Hell he is talking about either!)

    1. In my opinion, he’s the left’s Elmer Gantry. Too bad America has become so addicted to the bread and circuses that she would allow a flimflam man with a hidden past to be elected, much less reelected, president of the United States. The triple crown of scandals – especially the IRS targeting – appears to be waking the LIV up to these iron-fisted statists. I pray it’s not too late. If America goes back to sleep and we fail to tame this tyrannical leviathan, history will not be kind to us.

  11. More scandals:

    Turning off the credit card verification on campaign websites (leading to possible foreign donations or donations above the limit).

    Voter ID Laws: More bullying by the DOJ that J. Christian Adams has done a fine job of documenting over at PJmedia.

    1. How about the leviathan adding a provision in Obamacare to fund “navigators” from nonprofit community organizations (ACORN rebranded, OFA) to assist applicants in filling out their applications for health insurance. One stop shopping – apply for “free health insurance” and in return sign up to vote straight Democrat while we taxpayers get stuck with the bill!

  12. If only people could be held accountable for ANY of these listed.
    For each ‘remedy’ the less often it happens and needs to be fixed after peoples lives are ruined or people fail their way up into promotions for silence. The Country would be running much smoother if all of the assault groups in each division was turned into an Ethics board to review the same.

  13. Too many scandals will serve to dilute public reaction to any and all. There is a need to focus on a few, most important ones, and ride them hard.

  14. Lets also never forget that Obama went to the UN and lied through his teeth and uttered the most chilling words of his presidency….”there is no future for those who insult the prophet of Islam”. Rational people would say that those words were more Obama rhetorical BS, the entire Islamic world heard “death to those who insult Islam and will react accordingly.

  15. You forgot the blatently illegal GM and Chrysler bankrupcy reorganizations where the senior secured creditors were robbed blind so that Obama could give the money to his union cronies. 200 years of settled bankruptcy law was turned on its head.

  16. Perhaps paying his female staffers less than male staffers while valiantly battling against a non-existent “war on women”

    Allowing Eric Holder to repeatedly betray his duties, including traveling the country to encourage black churches to vote for Obama

    Posing for an official WH photo of his “moment of silence”

  17. I’d say the Pakistani doctor who helped find Bin Laden, Dr. Afridi, being imprisoned is another scandal that ought to be investigated.

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  19. #13 Solyndra; Should have mentioned how the Obama administration gave “sweetheart deals” to some major Solyndra investors who also happened to be major campaign contributors to the Democratic Party. In most cases when an investment goes south where US Dept of Energy money is used, taxpayers are paid back first, but in this case the Obama Admin changed the rules so cronies were first.

  20. Is there no end to this dictator. he thinks he can do anything he wants with no one disagreeing. he is still a Chicago thug and every thing he does has to be tied to some loophole

  21. 2. Benghazi could eventually be #1 as there could be more than 3, as the truth slowly leaks out. Rumors were that much has to do with missiles in the hands of terrorists. Info I read indicates the US unknowingly sold missiles to Al-Qaeda terrorists thinking they were only Libyan rebels trying to overthrow Kadafi. It’s been rumored the CIA (Patreaus) objected to supplying Libyan rebels for that reason, but the Whitehouse disagreed. As the Whitehouse dismissed CIA expertise in this area, it used the State Dept to supply missiles to the rebels, only to find out too late, the CIA was right. The Whitehouse then undertook subversive action to reclaim the missiles (unspoken mission for Benghazi). To limit fall-out from the truth, the Whitehouse undertook action to discredit detractors who knew the truth. I.E., Gen Patreaus (CIA head) extramarital affair was made public to diminish his credibility. Later the Benghazi attack happened.

  22. All the above are grounds for indictment, impeachment, and imprisonment. We no longer have any system of checks and balances, and are helpless victims in this web of lies and deceit. Honesty, integrity and empathy, even common courtesy and respect, on the part of the current leadership and his obedient cult followers are a thing of the past. Coverups and payoffs continue, while we are subjected to the tedious, mindless rhetoric spoken by an arrogant, and incompetent leader. It doesn’t require much intelligence to realize there is a definite resemblance to other notorious figures in history. If exile or similar drastic measures are not a consideraion, I suggest putting them all back to work on chain gangs, with no parole and no appeals.

  23. There is so MUCH crime, payola, graft ,scandals going on in our Gov’t.
    It ALMOST makes me think we are in some third world country that is being ruled by a DICTATOR. This “thing” we have elected and reelected has taken this Nation to Lows that most of us Did Not know existed. Yet we have a majority (unfortunately ) that seems perfectly willing to allow this gut to exercise his will and the country be hanged.
    He…and his “Gang” of Thugs need to be GONE…NOW!
    Somehow we Must make this Happen!

  24. The One forgotten scandal that no one is talking about is: Obama Admin gave out top secret info regarding the seal team 6 after the demise of Osama Bin Laden and the team was consequently killed along with other personnel on the flight. Obama and Biden both gave out top secret info regarding the whereabouts of seal team 6.

  25. Great job…too bad we have so many people in the country who simply don’t care. Everyone I talk to says,”what can we do about it?” So, they just let it go. The RINO’S in D.C. are almost as bad as the Dems and I will suggest to you that they will not support Tea Party people in the next election and may even clandestinely campaign against them. The country I once knew may never come back.

    1. The “I don’t care” crowd is huge and they find the time to vote not having a clue who or what they voted for. That, and our glorification of sin and hatred of virtue is why the country is ruled by criminal, corrupt, greedy liars.

  26. Why is it when I saw Obama and Chris Christie toss footballs on Jersey shores last week Laurel and Hardy immediately came to mind??? I apologize to Christie for the thought…

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  28. What about the administration’s decision to stop enforcing DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act)? Isn’t this a violation of the president’s duty to make sure that our nation’s laws are enforced? I would call this a scandel as well. IMHO. And this is NOT intended as an opinion on the lives of these people, but merely as a note of the presidents slacking of his duty to our laws.

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  31. SandyfromChesterfield

    You forgot a few more.
    21. obama’s recess appointments at the NLRB and the consumer protection agency
    22.obama gives wind farms a pass on eagle deaths but not oil industry
    23. obama’s December executive order that calls for a 0.5 percent pay increase for all federal workers when it is only Congress that has that authority
    24. Obama changed the congressional welfare rules to say you do not have to work to receive welfare
    25. Only .0033 percent of visa applications denied due to dependency risk in 2011
    26. He violated federal law by declining to respond to dire warnings from the group that oversees Medicare.
    27. obama not abiding by DOMA
    28. Not upholding voter ID laws
    29. Not prosecuting for states violating marijuana laws
    30. Not enforcing illegal immigration laws
    And I can go on and on.

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  35. Excellent piece Keith, thank you. It’s sad that you had to overlook so many just to limit the number to 20. Off the top of my head, the debt ceiling crisis and subsequent US credit downgrade comes to mind. It certainly would have been considered scandalous and made the Top 20 during any Republican administration. Also, who can forget the Secret Service prostitutes? The promise and failure to close Gitmo. The promise and failure to be transparent. The violation of rule of law by not proposing a budget for 3 years after failing to get a single Democratic vote on his first one. Policy failures aren’t scandals, but he campaigned on promises to enact Immigration reform and toughen gun laws and has failed on both counts. Media gaffes aren’t scandalous, but a sitting President going on record that “the Cambridge Police acted stupidly” because the victim was black, or going on record that “if I had a son he’d look like Trayvon” is scandalously un-Presidential. Tack on voter fraud (which somehow has died since the weeks following the election) – many small stories popping up here and there about more votes for Obama than there are registered voters in a precinct, individuals going on record that they voted multiple times, individuals being arrested for voting blue multiple times, dead people voting, illegal immigrants voting, foreign nationals voting – it boggles the mind. Don’t forget one of Obama’s fundraising arms was actually accepting money online from overseas! And lastly, how can we overlook Acorn?

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