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The Obama Morning News || May 31, 2013

13 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || May 31, 2013”

  1. A bit off topic but I saw on Fox this morning that Mitt is planning on making more public appearances and is working with others to strategize U.S. priorities. NOW I understand why Anne Was on CBS yesterday. I think they have something up their collective sleeve. Anyone know for sure or hear more than I did on Fox?

    1. I saw some speculation yesterday Mitt & the Missus are coming out a bit to help Paul Ryan in 2016, 65. Seems they both feel he is the right candidate.

      1. That makes sense because the economy has always been the number one issue with Romney. It was probably why he walked away from Benghazi. Of the several–imo good–2016 candidates we have so far, Paul Ryan is the best informed on economic and monetary issues.

        1. I do not think Romney “walked away from Benghazi.” He got wrongfooted by that woman in the debate. He came out first thing on it–it became the story–his saying anything–for a few days. I do not think he would run again…so the Ryan thing could be true.

          1. Yes he did. I used to share your opinion, but someone on WHD pointed out to me that that was during the second debate. The third debate was on foreign policy and Romney didn’t go after Obama on Benghazi.

          2. My $.02: Romney backed off Benghazi because he was afraid he did not have all the info and knew he would not get it. Like John Boy McCain in 2008 he tried to run a gentlemanly campaign….and lost to a gutter fighter.

  2. The only letter signed by Obama that will be of value will be his letter of resignation prior to his impeachment trial.

  3. I think allowing companies to charge 30% more if you’re fat and 50% more if you’re a smoker is going to bite them. Most people can’t afford that–is it 80% if you’re both? Who is weighing people…the IRS? Individual policies now can charge more or deny on this basis…I guess they can’t deny anymore, but they sure can rake in the dough.

    1. From a Newbusters post:
      rennyangel2 >Gary Hall • 19 hours ago
      Flag as inappropriateTrain wreck? Medicare Part A went up $46 this year, so if you were on Soc. Sec., you had the c. $100 per month for Medicare deducted, this year’s $46 came out, too, a 50% increase. Next year, 2014, Part B goes to $240 a month. Wait until Cong. hears from srs. who only get $1000 a month from SS and $150 is taken out of SS for Part A and $240 for Part B. Talk about beggaring the elderly. I thought the Dems. were all goo-goo about the “poor” and the “impoverished” and yadda.

      I need to do some research on this…anybody know anything?

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