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Dan Quayle Declines to Rule Out Presidential Run

Former Vice President Dan Quayle was asked by Neil Cavuto of Fox News Thursday whether he was going to run for president and . . . he didn’t rule it out, offering up the classic “I’m happy where I am” evasion and then mumbling something about he wasn’t thinking about it right now.

Wow. Quayle hasn’t really been on my radar lately.

Have a look at the video. Quayle has aged rather nicely – he looks good and sounds like he knows what he’s talking about, which he didn’t always sound like when he was vice president, even when he did know what he was talking about, which he usually did.

He’s asked whether he might run near the end, at about the 13:50 mark. Notice how quickly after his non-answers he tries to get off the topic.

Quayle 2016? Who knows, stranger things have happened. One of them is sitting in the Oval Office right now.

19 thoughts on “Dan Quayle Declines to Rule Out Presidential Run”

  1. OMG! The man who, combined with Ross Perot, gave us Bill Clinton! E.T. phone home…STAT!

    “He’sssssss baccccckkkkk!”

  2. I met Mr. Quayle twice, years ago. He seemed a very bright, affable man.

    BUT he should not run. That’s just a miserable experience for him.

  3. Watched the interview yesterday and wasn’t impressed. He’s a Bush acolyte, so was there to promote Jeb, even though Cavuto is in love with Christie. Notice how he used the “Obama precedent” to describe Cruz, Rubio, and Paul? Thank you for your service, Mr. Quayle. Please stay in retirement, and take Jeb Bush, John McCain, Goober Graham, and Boehner and his boys along with you. The party needs to turn the reins over to the new breed of conservative patriots. If you don’t let go, your party and our country are doomed.

  4. Who knows? Years ago, when I was a child, that is may years ago, I recall hearing “this is America where any boy could become president one day!” The present occupant proves how disastrously correct that adage was.

  5. Well lets see we have the following.
    Joe Biden
    Hillary Clinton
    Michelle Obama (stranger things have happened)
    John Kerry part deux
    Eric Holder (he will be looking for work)
    Michael Bloomberg (loves being Nanny)
    However bad the rap on Quayle at least he likes America.
    Just saying and I’d rather a misspelled potato than an inept

  6. I was taken aback when I saw MrQuale sitting in the visitor’s seat on national TV. My first thought; what the heck is he doing there?
    He and his family live in Arizona, and his son was elected to Congress , but was ultimately defeated in the Repub primary after one term.
    His face isn’t in the news here, and if he’s involved in the political scene, its a deep level that keeps him out of the public eye.
    Maybe he’s thinking of a US Senate run to take SenMcCain’s seat.

      1. We don’t know. After a while the sun and heat gets to you so that you dream of a dreary overcast day. GovBrewer might have sunstroke or she knows something she’s not sharing with anyone.
        SenMcCain doesn’t spend much time here in the sun, so his excuse is too much high-living in DC. We should have retired him at his last election.

        1. Ok, I’ll go with heat stroke of sorts for Brewer, although it is distressing. Big green light for the dependents. And McCain should have been retired post election I agree. When he does go I hope he takes that mouthy blonde adult child with him as well.

  7. I believe he would be a tremendous asset to our nation to become President. Especially now. An american patriot of whom the press in
    their liberalism could not destroy. David Love

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