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Stop the Sanctimony and Go Meet With Holder

Excuse me, I need some Tylenol.

But I’m not sure the Tylenol will work, so I may have to elevate this to Advil, because I am in serious pain.

I am in pain BECAUSE MY SIDE IS HURTING FROM LAUGHING SO HARD at the sanctimony of these media organizations that are refusing to meet with Attorney General Eric Holder.

OMG, it was a good laugh though.

As you are probably aware, Holder is staging meetoings with the press as part of some process he’s conducting for creating guidelines for when he’s allowed to subpoena reporters for doing their jobs.

And some highly principled new organizations – OMG, I’m starting to laugh again, it’s hurting, please, stop – have decided that anything the unctuous Mr. Holder says with respect to the freedom of the press must be on the record because the public has a right to know.


Uhhh boy.


Oh God, I may need narcotics.

The New York Times, Associated Press, Fox, CBS, Reuters and a few others refused to go unless they could report about the session.

Let’s be clear, an off the record meeting with a top government official is something news organizations normally jump on like cheetahs ripping into ripe antelope rump.

It gives a chance to build connections, pick up a few tips about how things work, maybe even finagle some background information that can be reported or some tips that can be run down if the official will allow it. In this case, there’s the added benefit of being able to influence the attorney general as he sets up his “guidelines” for persecuting reporters, making sure he understands exactly what the problems are with his behavior and why in a democracy he needs to stop it.

THIS IS NOT A NEWS EVENT. It’s a discussion, and the minute it goes on the record all you’ll have is self-important statements from both sides about how freedom of the press is the pillar of the First Amendment and probably just missed the cut for the Ten Commandments.

Sure, part of this is a big “Message: I care” show by Holder, who may or may not have had a Rosebud moment when he remembered that when Republicans were in charge he used to think of himself as a crusader for the very freedoms he’s oppressing. The Washington bureau chiefs he’s invited in for this chat are certainly props in his attempt at self-rehabilitation.

But there are also serious issues to discuss. Whatever one thinks of Holder, the man wields awesome power. And the press ought to jump at the chance to try to let him know directly how he ought to use it.

I’m telling you, off the record briefings and meetings between reporters and officials happen all the time in Washington. But no, now that it involves the Washington press corps and not some issue dear to Joe Blow from Ohio, suddenly everyone’s worried about their strictly kosher for Passover principles.

Please give me a break. FROM MY PAINFUL LAUGHTER.

29 thoughts on “Stop the Sanctimony and Go Meet With Holder”

  1. Things must have changed since I was in the trade, but I never recall anyone, especially in government, issuing essentially a demand meeting and dictating it would be off the record. Those juicy meetings, and I had few, were always one-to-one(source was protected for future use) and I had shield law. But I would never have gotten in someone’s pocket the way these carrion feeders have. Yes, it is a trade.

  2. No offense Keith, but I would not want to go anywhere near Holder or anything with the Obama regime unless I can ‘report it’ on the record.

    I trust NOTHING coming out of Holder-DOJ or the Obama regime-WH.

    Keith maybe/sometime you could encourage your fellow “WH press corps” associates to ASK a ‘real question’ sometime?
    We readers of WhiteHouseDossier know how to ask better questions than the so-called professional “WH press corps”.

    1. I agree. Under “normal” circumstances and off the record chit-chat might be a casual get to know each other little rap session of silly stuff, and that’s okay.

      But this is Obama’s Holder who’s been peeing on our legs and telling us it’s raining since 2009. Good for the news corps for backing down from yet another absurd demand from this admin. Solidarity!

  3. Hmmm – they didn’t seem to have a similar problem just a few weeks ago with the same thing at the White House.

    I wonder what changed? Perhaps it’s the “optics” of meeting off-the record about how to coordinate stories with an Obama administration spin to it? I’m sure this, too, will quickly blow over the heads of the sheeple and we’ll go back to life as usual.

    1. I know that was before the Rosen story broke and maybe before the AP story too. Maybe someone with a better memory can set this straight.

  4. I noticed a week ago that the NY Times had no problem meeting off the record with Obama. But when it comes to Holder, they now want to play the ethics card? ROFLMAO!

  5. Maybe state run media is starting to realize that once this regime has finished off its political adversaries, they’ll come for them. Kinda like a political night of the long knives.

    1. It’s like a meme of the famous poem by Pastor Martin Niemoller, “First they came for the . . . but I did nothing. Then they came for the . . . but I did nothing. . . und so weiter.” Sorry, I’ve left blanks because I’ve seen so many versions of it.

  6. I bow to your expertise and experience that comes from the off-the-record meetings of the press and our elected officials as no big deal and a common occurance.
    However, us little people out here in fly-over country think that our betters who make decisions that affect us in every way shouldn’t be allowed to sneak around and whisper secrets to a journalist after crossing pinkies not to say a word
    Whatever any of these people are doing on our behalf is something we deserve to know about, and if they choose not to give a public account then they should be removed from whatever position they hold.

    We can assume that MrHolder’s private meeting with the Press is meant to be a mea culpa where he asks for forgiveness and promises to do better in the future. The word is that he will ask for input from the Press and form some new guidelines.
    That sounds really nice, but the DOJ, under him and with his guidance, illegally and knowingly violated the First amendment .rights of the Free Press and did so with lies and innuendo that besmirched the reputation of one individual and invaded the privacy of hundreds of innocent bystanders.
    For this alone, he should resign his position. There’s no do-over in our criminal statutes, being remorseful doesn’t make it OK, and promising not to do it again like a sinner in the confession booth isn’t enough.

    1. srdem65! You are so on target! Wish we could get the country to read and agree with your statement! You make me so glad that I read this blog because you make sooo much sense!! Thank you for your insightfulness!

  7. Yes, they have met behind closed doors often and it’s probably mostly an administration trying to get them not to cover a story by using the excuse of national security. I still don’t like it. It’s more likely a ruse to cover their asses about some story completely unrelated to national security.

    Nevertheless, I’m happy that the lapdogs are refusing to heel. It has all the appearance of a conflict of interest on their part if they attend, or it might be Holder once again trying to do the tried and true.

  8. Keith it is sanctimonious and hypocritical. But this is Washington and the press and the Obama WH, so I’ll take a pass on that.

    Holder deserves it. His reputation and his word are in the gutter. There is nothing to be learned here that would benefit anyone but Holder and the Obama WH. This was a power move and I for one am glad for one the hypocrites declined.

    That said I wish Rosen would go, ask questions about his case, and then write about it. And since that is not going to happen I stand with the sanctimonious.

  9. I’d be very unhappy if the media went back to the trough to get more buckets of water to carry for poor beleaguered Holder they’ve schlepped
    enough already. Mr Holder does have one skill he’s a consummate player a pathological liar and a crook remember Marc Rich? I’m relieved
    some refused to go why would you do his bidding? He’s no better than
    Carney spinning lies so if he can’t let it be on the record then it’s most likely another bunch of kabuki theatre.

    1. I saw a cute expression in John Fund’s article today on Obama and his Chicago political roots. He called people like Axelrod, Plouffe, Emanuel, Pritzker, Val Jar Obama’s “political Sherpas”. That could be another term for the MSM in place of lapdogs, his “press Sherpas”.

      1. Also we can’t forget Dan Pfeiffer when Chris Wallace ask him the
        same question no less than 8 times in a row and he just blithered on with his machine like robotic non response looked a bit crazy.

    2. Why do people always say kabuki theater? I think this admin is more like a set of circus sideshows, starting with the Carney barker.

    1. “Keith…you know you can get narcotics at the WH, don’t you…” – x3m1st

      Sure can! Even if Jay-Z isn’t available, you can ALWAYS pick up a few keys of The Obama Religion – the TRUE “opiate of the masses”!

  10. Reuters published the names and news outlets of those who attended today’s off-the-record meeting with Eric Holder at the DOJ:

    James Warren, New York Daily News
    Jane Mayer, The New Yorker
    John Harris, Politico
    Gerald Seib, The Wall Street Journal
    Martin Baron, The Washington Post

    1. That’s what I thought. If it’s off the record than Holder is free to say whatever he wants about what happened in the meeting and it turns into a he said/she said rather than reported news. So Holder comes out and says something like, “All the journalists agree that what I did was okay.”

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  12. This must be one of those “national conversations” that The One and Meesh-Antoinette are always talking about starting. And it meets my expectations because it’s mostly secret and one-sided. Journalists smile and take notes as Holder converses.

  13. I see their act as nothing more than CYA. We all know they have been this administration’s lapdogs. Refusing to report on important issues that impact every citizen of these great states.

    I believe they refused this meeting to save face. Nothing more. If they had gone the message to the general public would have been very negative. The backlash from the general public would have hurt them had they attended.

    Nothing to see here. We all know what these “journalists” are. This “act” doesn’t change anything.

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