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Never Overestimate Hillary Clinton

When you think about it, what has Hillary Clinton really achieved for the nation? Her tenures as a senator and Secretary of State lacked distinction. In her biggest moments – the 1993-1994 health reform push and her 2008 run for president, she’s fallen flat on her face.

But now the political experts say she nearly has a lock on the Democratic 2016 nomination. They’re fooling themselves.

That’s the theme of my latest piece for Politico, “Why Dems might reject Clinton in 2016.” I think they’re going to want a fresh face or even a sitting vice president – the two types of candidates they invariably choose.

Hope you have a chance to take a look.

31 thoughts on “Never Overestimate Hillary Clinton”

  1. I’m going there now to read it, but I just want to say that the only distinction Hillary Clinton has as Secretary of State is that she’s probably in the Guinness Book of Records as the US Secretary of State who has clocked the most air hours. Her supporters claim she is the greatest S of S ever so Hillary may be successfully overestimating herself but don’t underestimate the stupidity of her fans.

    1. Back. Great post, Keith, both as a summation and, as usual, for your style. I’m hoping that the startling newcomer arrives from the other party next time.

    2. She’s not even the greatest FEMALE S of S.

      Democrats love the myth of celebrity when it comes to politicians.
      They feel that politicians’ fame and celebrity status is worth more than actual work.

  2. Amusing mental image for me — The self important, faux policy intellect Hillary hobnob fundraising with Moochelle’s “fashion elite”.

    Sleeveless anything take a back seat to pants suits everywhere.

  3. A President has to be cool under pressure and be able to make a quick, considered decision on things that could have catastrophic consequences if the wrong decision is made. Hillary proved during simple questioning about Benghazi that she can’t handle any pressure. She threw a fit, slamming her fists down and screaming at the Congressional panel. How would she react if she took the “2AM call” and heard that Iran just launched a nuke at Isreal or North Korea just launched one against our base in Guam?

    She doesn’t have the mental or moral personality to handle the pressure of the Presidency.

  4. Excellent ! Scary that Biden might have a chance though, and yes, don’t underestimate the power behind Obama’s election and re-election can give us a President Biden in 2016. As Obama’s proven, being Prezzy is a cake walk and Biden’s definitely qualified for that. Sigh.

  5. We did not live in Arkansas when she was “First Lady” of our state but since returning have heard some “horror stories” about what she did to damage public education (I am a retired teacher). She needs to be investigated from her early girlhood through Wellesley, Yale, and here before Bill became president and launched her career from the WH to New York to Secretary of State.
    Lots there to discover along the way to where she now is planning her future.

  6. to paraphrase mrs. clinton:

    What difference does it make, what she has done in the past?! That was long ago, and sabotaged by a vast right wing conspiracy.

    What matters only what she can do for us in the future!

  7. I’m enjoying the comments over there. Lots of support, but my favorites are “Hillary’s qualified because she married Bill and served as First Lady for 8 years (plus those years as a governors wife!!!).

    Now let me get this straight, I was married to a USMC battalion commander therefore I should be qualified to lead a battalion of Marines? Ridiculous.

  8. What has Hillary Clinton achieved? She has created and nurtured the second greatest hoax on Western civilization ever seen in recorded history, that SHE is qualified to be President of the United States!

    This does pale in comparison to the Number 1 hoax, that BO was qualified either but, hey, she deserves a second place trophy.

  9. Oh dear, my “brilliant” analysis of Hillary went flying off the page and into the internet sky. :) You all were spared.

    Anyway, good show Keith. I agree that Hillary is a woman of little or no substance. And despite commentary supporting Hillary no one could point to any substantive accomplishments. It was all rather knee jerk.

    The one comment I thought interesting was a note that Hillary was too conservative for this radicalized Democrat Party and Elizabeth Warren might be more acceptable.

    Hillary pales in this comparison. And let’s not forget — not a drop of Native American (Indian) blood….:)

  10. Keith:

    Nice piece. Looks like Media Matters is providing some of the comments.

    What are the chances of you and Sharyl Attkisson getting a joint gig on MSNBC? I hear they could use a big ratings boost.

  11. Keith – you’re making an assumption that there is a relationship between competence and electability. Presidential elections in 2008 & 2012 and any election involving Debbie Wasserman Shultz, Harry Reid, or Nancy Pelosi seem to suggest the correlation is loose, at best. The most competent people don’t always win elections. To be technical, let’s just summarize and say the R-squared is pretty low on that assumption.

  12. Not to mention, she will be 69 years old in 2016. We can use the “she’s nothing but an old white woman” theme that John McCain was branded with in 2008.

  13. Boy, you brought the Hillary supporters out the walls over there, Keith.

    Five years ago I would have crawled on my hands and knees over broken glass to elect Hillary.

    Today I would do the same to defeat her.

  14. I doubt if she will run considering her age; but if she does – RINO Christie is the only one who has a chance of defeating her should he decide to run. Otherwise, Bubba will see to it that he finally gets his third term. The 2012 election has left me completely demoralized, at least for the time being. Don’t want to hear about HRC or anyone else until June, 2016!

    1. Christie doesn’t have a chance in Hell.
      Hillary will run out of steam.
      They will find another Obama and try to fool US again.

      1. Be wary of the Texas Castro twins. Their mother helped establish La Raza, and they have been groomed to hide their radicalism and appeal to the masses.

  15. Killery Klinton, is the cause of the Benghazi killings of our Ambassador, and three others. She, and she alone wanted a low profile of agents in country, thus leaving our people in harms way. She cannot in time declare otherwise. She accomplished nothing of importance as Sec. of State, or in any other position held in government. Her only gig was as the aggrieved wife of a serial cheating husband, and she let him slide to obtain future power. A bitter bitch, with little appeal.

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