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Obama Schedule || Friday, May 31, 2013

9:40 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
10:20 am || Delivers remarks on student loans; Rose Garden
10:50 am || Meets with NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen

All times Eastern
Live stream of briefing by Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest at 12:30 pm

13 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Friday, May 31, 2013”

  1. Golly, back in my corporate days, this would be called a “halfer” Of course, I had worked 60-80 hours earlier in the week………

  2. Dictator Obama’s Endless Summer Continues! Yesterday his sole work activity consisted of jetting back from his cash grabbing trip to Chicago departing of course,way after the crack of dawn at mid- morning to Washington DC. This exhausting task of being driven to the airport in Chicago and boarding the royal coach, excuse me I mean Air Force One, was followed by the equally back breaking task of a routine landing in DC and then without a rest break, having to be carried in a Sedan Chair by grinning SS flunkies to Marine One for a quick chopper flight back to his home digs at the White House now known affectionately by the American Public as the Den of Destruction. Whew! What a long, grueling day!

    So looking at today’s grinding work schedule for our dear, beloved Dictator, excuse me I meant to say president, which starts at 9:40 am and finishes up at the midnight oil burning time of 10:50 am for a grand work day total of 1 hour and 10 minutes, one can only feel a sense of intense admiration at how much this Dictator, sorry slipped again, president really cares about his fellow Americans and his country. Clearly when it comes to real work this Dictator, excuse me it’s Friday and I have been putting in a lot of hours this week to make ends meet, my bad, I mean president, where was I, oh yeah when it comes to hard work this Dic, whoops caught myself this time, president is a machine. A totally dedicated work machine!

    Go ahead and take the rest of today and the weekend off too, Barack, you sure as hell earned it. If you happen to run into Moochelle please be sure to give her our best regards.

  3. Question for the White House Briefing…

    The U.S. State Department is buying 100 chaise lounges, 60 outdoor dining sets and 60 outdoor seating sets for the U.S. Embassy in Khartoum.

    With hundreds of thousands of government employees facing the loss of a day’s pay, does the President feel that purchases like this can be put off?

    1. I wonder why they need all that outdoor furniture? Chaise lounges aren’t exactly what I’d call work furniture, not that the other is either. Your post made me curious and I found more info at WND. I cheered to see that Bureau of Prisons cancelled their bid for 35,000 lbs of cake mix. Have they never heard of Joe Arpaio and green hot dogs or bologna instead? But why did BOP need 1.7 million pounds of yarn at the cost of $2.4 million? It doesn’t seem likely they’d allow knitting needles in prison…

  4. It’s 9 am and my dog has accomplished more this morning than he has.

    It scares me when he delivers remarks, especially about student loans. Quick, hide your wallets.

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