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Michelle Hobnobs with the Fashion Elite

First Lady Michelle Obama dropped in on New York City’s fashion royalty Wednesday night, using her own star power to raise megacash for the Democratic National Committee and her husband’s burgeoning effort to help the Democrats seize Congress.

Michelle fashionableAt the luxurious Manhattan pad of fashion designer Tory Burch, Michelle drummed up at least a half a million dollars – and probably much more – from 100 guests who paid between $5,000 and $25,000 to attend.

Among the attendees spotted by pool reporters were tireless Obama supporter Anna Wintour, Vera Wang, and actress Julianne Moore.

Meanwhile, President Obama was alone at his big house in Chicago following his own day of fundraising for House Democrats.

Michelle spoke to the wealthy designers as if addressing a band of sisters.

From the pool report:

“This is a special event because there are a lot of people who have touched my life in so many important ways, who have helped me become the poised and stylish woman that I am,” the First Lady said, provoking laughs from the audience. “So, I want to thank all of you. I want to thank Tory.”

The event was the second of the day in a first lady fundraising blitz. Michelle had just flown in from Boston, where she hosted a fundraiser for Massachusetts Democratic senate candidate Rep. Ed Markey that was expected to raise at least $600,000.

Following the event at Burch’s apartment, Michelle headed to another Manhattan fundraiser for the DNC, an “LGBT Gala” that also included a hundred people paying $5,000-$25,000 per ticket. Michelle was introduced by Jason Collins, the Washington Wizards center who recently came out as the nation’s first openly gay major professional sports player.

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160 thoughts on “Michelle Hobnobs with the Fashion Elite”

  1. Good to know. Ridding my closet of Tory Burch. I consider it a service when celebrities out their political views so we consumers can make informed choices about who we will support with our wallets.

    1. I’m doing that with the Robert Redford catalog, Sundance, after that pro-Weatherman movie he made and the Rahm Emanuel promo he’s doing for TV. Not that I ever bought much from it–too expensive–but I’m going to tell them to spare a tree and stop sending them to me. I wish the public would boycott movies made by Hollywood too.

  2. Who in their right mind would pay money to be in the same room with this lying, fraudulent trashy woman? She is an embarrassment to us all and has absolutely no taste or sense of style.


    1. LOL! I’d be happy if we could just STOP having to hear about her wonderful, beautiful, toned, sexy, stylish, svelte, healthy arms…she keeps them in-shape by reaching into her purse to spend our money…

      1. I believe she also exercises those toned arms by non-stop drinking of expensive alcohol and shoveling lobster and caviar into that big pie hole of hers.

  3. I wonder if New York’s fashion industry realizes how much damage they do to themselves and to the president’s approval rating everytime they trot Moochelle out in public?

  4. I guess all of that fashion experience she picked up growing up in a blue collar family on the south side of Chicago has really paid off. Isn’t it great when people pretend like you are something that you are not?

  5. The “Justice” department has shut down freedom of the press. The IRS is auditing anyone who’s political or religious beliefs the Obamanations do not agree with. bankrupting many of them. The IRS is threatening to fire any employee who talks to the press. The White Hose is lying about letting four patriots die without turning a hand to help them. As Dennis Miller said last night on the OReilly show, “it is over, the United States is gone”. The Communists have succeeded in destroying the greatest democracy in the history of the world.

  6. How disgusting. For Moochelle Antoinette it’s all guilded ballrooms and high-fashion and jet-setting all over the world. I’m really glad I can bust my ass to make this possible for her. I hope her and Barky have been embezzling enough from our coffers to keep them in the lap of luxury once we kick their worthless asses back to Chicagoland.

  7. Every time I read another story about the President, nay, Campaigner in Chief and the First Lady out beating the bushes yet again for the Democratic Party using the taxpayers’ dollar to do so, I weep for this country. We need a President of the USA, not a president of the Democratic Party. Sad, sad commentary yet again on the lack of respect and honor extended to the office of the President.

  8. Alone? This is probably part of their arranged marriage agreement (look up Michelle Obama arranged marriage Jesse Jackson). I’m sure Reggie Love will be there with bells on. If not, there’s Man Country (Look up Obama and Man Country).

  9. Millions struggle for jobs while her husband imposes totalitarian rule on his subjects. Meanwhile, Queen Michelle spends tens of millions of tax dollars enjoying herself.

  10. So what are they raising money for? His new and improved acorn style progressive community action.
    Because food banks are all broke. Emergency utility community banks are broke. So we know they don’t help them, or as others mentioned victims of natural disasters.

    1. Story in O’reilly last nite about a place out west that ran out of money for law enforcement–a woman’s ex had already put her in the hosp once, was outside, and the operator asked, “Can’t you tell him to leave?” Well, he didn’t and put the woman back in the hosp. Money for that would have been good.

  11. Why isn’t she raising money for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital?

    There are many, many children stricken by cancer who could use the help.

    They would be better served & certainly more appreciative. They do not ask for glory, just a chance to live.

  12. The fashion elite. Oh, yes. They have done so much good, right? They make anorexia and bulimia cool for our daughters. They buy a single item like a purse, dress or pair of shoes for what we, the “not-so-elite,” pay for an entire wardorbe. They live in their little bubble of prosperity, floating above the rest of us. Interesting how our First Lady genuinely embraces them as peers and sisters.

  13. How can one woman continue to spew garbage at these people and have them still believe what she is saying??? Oh you stupid people…

  14. When you cannot win by substance, by good hard work and a passion for the country- you turn to Hollywood for a new image, and the masters of propaganda will take years off of your face and figure. But you lose, because the pulse of the country is not female goddesses but farm working christian mothers and duck hunters, now. :)

  15. The Logo is there to tell you who
    made the item, not who you are.

    “Au revoir!” DVF, Tory and the rest of the crew …..
    Remember last market DVF said that she did not want
    any republicans in her store… Never forget that…….

  16. seems the Eveeeeeeel 1%er’s are now ok as long as they are donors to the obama regime.

    by the way whatever happened to ole Michelle and her White House Garden, or is that only in election years.

  17. If Michelle “Marie Antoinette” Obama thinks she is a poised and stylish woman she needs to get her eyes examined pronto, because everytime she leave the White House she is sporting yet another style faux pas because she has such bad taste in clothes.She also needs braces and she needs to stop telling people what and how to eat because her big rump does not show the public she practices what she preaches. She and her imposter husband need to vacate OUR White House so we can fumigate the place and take down the islamist decor. American deserves better than a Kenya and his wife, Marie.

  18. Who the H is paying for this star power? What has she or her husband ever done in life to help anyone but themselves. Let get real for a change and look at them with clear glasses instead of those rose color ones. Now there going to shove it in our faces. We’ve got people getting furload, laid off, and fired and these two are jetting around our country on our dime. If Bush had done this campaining in his 2nd term the newspapers would have gone crazy. IRS, don’t know nothing, no wonder he’s not at work. And let face it vacation time is coming.

  19. “Star power”? What a way to mooch money for her next vacation. I thought WE paid for that? Maybe she just needs pocket change for the kids…

  20. How egotistical that she thinks she is ” styled & polished”. Sad thing is there are 2 more she is grooming to be “styled & polished” Give us a break .Take a vacation on your dime. Better yet do some fund raising for the victims of recent tragedies.Maybe then I might begin to have a degree of respect for the “pseudofirstlady

  21. Well I’m sure the folks n Moore Oklahoma were pleased to see Michelle
    having such good time. All that money to donate to them for clothes and
    food and help with funeral expenses and healthcare. Oh that was all for
    me me me? Seriously bad enough she couldn’t be bothered to go to
    Moore now she has the gall to get money and spend money to party?
    Karma is seriously going to get this vile woman one day!

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  23. She looks like a giant cockroach with make up in that photo. All that is missing is antennae and prehensile mandibles on either side of her face. No doubt she has a stinger on the end of her tail.

  24. You really think O was home in Chicago ALONE there was some male bonding going on oand there was some colon camping taking place during a sleep over

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