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Michelle Hobnobs with the Fashion Elite

First Lady Michelle Obama dropped in on New York City’s fashion royalty Wednesday night, using her own star power to raise megacash for the Democratic National Committee and her husband’s burgeoning effort to help the Democrats seize Congress.

Michelle fashionableAt the luxurious Manhattan pad of fashion designer Tory Burch, Michelle drummed up at least a half a million dollars – and probably much more – from 100 guests who paid between $5,000 and $25,000 to attend.

Among the attendees spotted by pool reporters were tireless Obama supporter Anna Wintour, Vera Wang, and actress Julianne Moore.

Meanwhile, President Obama was alone at his big house in Chicago following his own day of fundraising for House Democrats.

Michelle spoke to the wealthy designers as if addressing a band of sisters.

From the pool report:

“This is a special event because there are a lot of people who have touched my life in so many important ways, who have helped me become the poised and stylish woman that I am,” the First Lady said, provoking laughs from the audience. “So, I want to thank all of you. I want to thank Tory.”

The event was the second of the day in a first lady fundraising blitz. Michelle had just flown in from Boston, where she hosted a fundraiser for Massachusetts Democratic senate candidate Rep. Ed Markey that was expected to raise at least $600,000.

Following the event at Burch’s apartment, Michelle headed to another Manhattan fundraiser for the DNC, an “LGBT Gala” that also included a hundred people paying $5,000-$25,000 per ticket. Michelle was introduced by Jason Collins, the Washington Wizards center who recently came out as the nation’s first openly gay major professional sports player.

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160 thoughts on “Michelle Hobnobs with the Fashion Elite”

  1. Wow. Seems they’re raising about as much as the travel, staff, lodgings, security are costing US. As nothing “official” seems to be on their travel docket, can we hope the Democrats are paying every cent of this ?

    It would have been nice if she did a fundraiser for the Boston victims, or the Sandy survivors who lost everything on the Jersey and NY shores. And goodness knows, Chicago could use a little cash to help fight their hoodlum probem.

    Well, guess not.

    1. …hate to say it – but while Tory has been a big financial success – she’s ripped of so many other designers – another Vera Wang – doesn’t have an original design idea to call her own….

        1. One of my luxuries these days is buying old fashioned cotton undies from one of Keith’s new sponsors. But then, I’m 70.

  2. I hope they coughed (choked up) their “fair share”.

    “If we’re going to make spending cuts, many of which we wouldn’t make if we weren’t facing such large budget deficits, then it’s only right that we ask everyone to pay their fair share,” Obama said.

    1. Hey Julie, are you related to Jerry Brueckheimer, the TV producer who was so great to support Mitt Romney? If so, tell him how much we appreciate his conservatisim and thank him for trying to save the country by helping Mitt.

      1. No, no relation. He used to spell his name the same way as us, but now he spells it Bruckheimer. The ‘ue’ was probably an English approximation of the German ‘u’ with an umlaut. It means a person who has a home near the bridge in German. My husband has been called Jerry now and then instead of his real name.

      2. P.S. Is that true? Jerry Bruckheimer supported Romney? I would have thought that he was a Democrat, being from Hollywood.

    1. Poised? I can’t get the vision out of my mind of her eating at the event where she was beside Boehner shoving food in her mouth, elbows on the table and chewing with her mouth open.

      1. Yes, yes, yes…the eye rolling video…I was shocked at her scarfing down food like that…also, Paula Deen show reports that she ate a ton of food when visiting the show….moo…

    2. Is she kidding? Poised and stylish? Not with that face with the lip jutting out and the clenched jaw or with that caboose of hers.
      Her first designer went bankrupt, first time that’s EVER happened in the history of first ladies having their own designer.

  3. I am disgusted to read that our First Lady finds fashion people so IMPORTANT in her life. What a cold heartless woman, clueless about what it is to REALLY be important in someone’s life. She’s shallow, crass, hollow. She’s a Hollywood wanna-be, not content to be the best person she can be but rather aspires to be a princess.

    A perfect contrast: Ann Romney was on CBS This Morning – poised, comfortable, beautiful in her own skin – not trying to be anyone she’s not. I cry thinking she’s not our First Lady and instead we have Michelle.

    1. I miss the Romneys and their handsome sons and adorable grandchildren. Their incredible work ethic and their life’s priorities.

      I wish he’d run again in 2016, he’s still the most qualified man or woman in America to be President.

      1. You put your finger on something which I haven’t been able to articulate. Yes, the Romneys were especially appealing to me because of their work ethic and priorities in life. And the American people–the 47%–turned their back on that.

        1. The Mitt Romney never promised free stuff. No
          Romney phones. The Romneys were in it together and they were in it for the love of country. They do not need any more money. The Obamas are in it for the love of selves. The Romneys will be together until death do them part. The Obamas will be apart as soon as this stint in the WH is over.

          1. Seems like they’re already apart, pretty much. Separate vacations, separate lives. Nothing will ever convince me they live together like a normal married couple.

    2. It’s all about image with them, from designer clothes and celebrity hang-outs to the human props Barack can’t seem to get through a speech without.

      They’re also big on “awards”, like the Nobel and Grammy Barack got apparently just for being Barack (ironic, since the White House is now running a series called “Being Biden”). The libs love them some awards, like the Emmy and Golden Globe given to attendee Julianne Moore for her Palin-smearing role in “Game Change”, and the Grammy Al Franken got for “Lying Liars”, plus the two Grammys Barack Obama got for reading his “compositely transparent books”.

  4. I’m glad for a chance to comment…I’ve seen several photos of the missus O and seems she has a problem with dirty elbows…why doesn’t one of these “fashion designer” tell her? it’s embarrassing, i’m sure but somebody needs to tell her…clean those elbows!!

    1. Her hair always looks dry and brittle. This is no fashion plate. Aside from her disgustingly masculine body, she and her family have infected the White House with a stench so sickening it will take decades to restore it to it’s former glory.

      1. Well, none of us can help our body shape…and let’s face it, Barbara Bush was not physically beautiful or shapely…but the main difference is that she didn’t set out to be a trend setter….another Jackie O. There will probably never be another Jackie…nor another Audrey Hepburn…and it’s the truly wise First Lady who understands that and also understands her role as First Lady. Obviously some have more difficulty than others with this concept!

  5. To become “as poised and stylish as I am”. What a stuck up &^%$. I still want to see a picture of her from behind, just one.

  6. What a buffon. All they want is money. Get this dictator and his idiot wife out of my countrys white house!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Let’s see,
    1. Raising money for Hurricane Sandy victims – Nope
    2. Raising money for West Texas victims – Nope
    3. Raising money for Moore Oklahoma victims – Nope
    (on this one you can’t expect them to raise money since the President doesn’t even know where Moore, OK is!)
    4. Getting ANY work done to get the economy back on track – Nope

    Spending money (taxpayer money that is) to hob-knob with the liberal elite – Oh Yes
    Dodging the press so that he won’t have to answer for his “mistakes” – Oh Yes

  8. Just how “poised and stylish” was MO as she rooted around on the WH floor, covered in sweat, with all the Biggest Losers? And was she poised and stylish as she competed in potato sack races in the WH with Jimmy Fallon? Or chased him up and down the stairs? Or as she sat in a very unladylike pose, reading to the children at the 2012 Easter Egg Roll? Poised and stylish? No way!

  9. Mrs. Obamas poise & style is about as phony as her husbands presidency. I’ll never purchase another Tory Burch item in my life!

  10. I can’t imagine any former First Ladies speaking like this:

    First lady Michelle Obama urged donors to “max out” their contributions at a pair of posh Manhattan fundraisers for the Democratic National Committee on Wednesday night.

    “We need you to keep on writin’ those checks!,” she said, according to a pool report of one of the events. “And if you haven’t maxed out, you know what’s my motto: Max out! Let’s say it again, max out! And if you’ve maxed out, get your friends to give and max out!”

    “It sounds kind of baller too, maxing out!,” she added. “Everyone here should be maxed out!”

    1. Had to go to the Urban dictionary to look up ‘baller’. This woman is pure ghetto! I happened to watch the live video yesterday from the WH garden where she was yelling at a large group of very well-behaved children – droppin’ her ‘g’s and acting like she was queen of the ghetto. The children sat in stony silence – probably in shock. I know I was!

      1. baller

      May 28, 2006 Urban Word of the Day

      A thug that has “made it” to the big time. Originally refered ball players that made it out of the streets to make millions as a pro ball player, but now is used to describe any thug that is living large.

      Pain is a part of the game when you’re a baller.

    2. Glad you picked up on “baller”. I learned something new about her and about what’s passing for English these days.

  11. “poised and stylish”?!?! Those words don’t even belong in the same sentence as Michelle Obama…I think that her recent choice of the planet of the apes haircut undermines any claim to style…

  12. The gross, UNPROUD, single mom gets to fly home all alone on her own plane. My God people if these two don’t make you sick to your stomach, you are NOT A TRUE AMERICAN!!!!!!!!!!

  13. If you are going to post a photo of Michelle why
    are you using an old one? Why not use one
    from the event she is attending?

  14. She’s all for herself,she’ll be running for prez in 2016,God forbid,this selfish pair stay on ,she’s much more cunning.

  15. Julianne Moore full monty in some movie I forget the name of…also on FASHION POLICE, her big toe flopping out of sandals…good times, good times.

  16. Happy to hear she’s out partying while another 500,000 Americans hit the unemployment line.
    ” poised and stylish “, yep, real class.

  17. never liked anything about tory burch except her shoes, and there are plenty of better looking ones out there = so GOODBYE tory, hope you can make up with stupid dems what you will lose from smart repubs!! such trash in the fashion and movie industry!

  18. The fashion elite, as they claim to be, live infested with AIDS, bulimia, manic depression, invidious jealousies, plagiarism of the visual sort, hard drugs, and dried prunes where hearts and souls once lived.

  19. Going right to the 99% for some more of that grassroots support.

    You all have $25,000 just laying around, right, you should donate it to the Party of the Little Guy.

  20. Just in time to pick up some free Tory Burch accessories for herself, the kids, Granny and all the free-loaders for their 3 month long vacay on Martha’s Vineyard! She couldn’t find anything in her closet to wear to Oklahoma or Newtown, but she sure knows how to hobnob with the rich and famous. Can’t help but think there is a lot of snickering going on behind closed doors with all of the fashionistas. I mean – just look at her.

    1. Would love to find the total cost of all her clothes, shoes, jewelry
      real and costume (some of the costume crap is v costly) hair stylist and handmaidens have cost since she first came around to
      use us as a unlimited credit line. Close to the debt I imagine.
      Also vacations especially the ones we still don’t know about yet.

  21. “…the poised and stylish woman that I am.” Seriously, only an idiot could say such things with a straight face. And only more idiots could swallow such self-serving rubbish.

  22. Wow. Could this mean that she and Barry the Dictator are part of the ‘1%’? These two Chi-town Communist criminals need to be locked up if anything. How many of our precious US tax dollars have padded their checking accounts and her ‘substantial carbon footprint’ of an ass?

  23. Please donate to help keep the people that are destroying our country in power. Woo the Liberal dream!! The only bags I noticed are a bunch of D-bags!

  24. There may have been some giggles from the audience regarding her self-effacing remark about her “transformation”… But all you have to see are photos at the height of her hating America/Whites days and you can see two things…A). It DOES take a village!, and B) Michelle has fallen in love with fashion and the camera big time. After some truly horrifying wardrobe choices at the beginning and being laughed at by the world, we taxpayers soon were picking up the tab for an “image consultant” and there was a noticeable improvement (well, except for those AWFUL wigs!). Unfortunately the manners and protocol employee seems to have fallen down on the job.

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