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Holder Allows Some Reporting on Meeting

Attorney General Eric Holder today met with Washington journalists in what was supposed to be an off the record conversation, but he ultimately relented and allowed participants to discuss a portion of what they had heard.

According to Dylan Byers of Politico, Justice officials allowed participants to speak publicly “in general” about “some of the ideas that were discussed during the course of what otherwise an off the record meeting.”

During the session, Holder and Deputy Attorney General James Cole “said they are reaching out to editors and counsels for news organizations about how to strike what they called ‘the balance’ between protecting the flow of information and journalists’ ability to do our jobs and what they described as national security damage,” said Politico Editor-in-Chief John Harris, who was present.

Five journalists were at the meeting: Harris; Washington Post Executive Editor Martin Baron; Wall Street Journal Washington bureau chief Gerald Seib;  New Yorker staff writer Jane Myer; and Jim Warren, the Washington bureau chief for The New York Daily News, according to Byers.

The Associated Press, the New York Times, CNN, Fox News, NBC News, CBS News, Reuters, McClatchy, and The Huffington Post refused to attend.

A second meeting with another group of journalists is planned for Friday.

As I predicted earlier today, the session offered journalists a chance to make forceful points about how the Justice Department should be treating the press.

“I felt all the journalists there spoke up well about the issues, and pulled no punches,” Mayer told Byers. But Holder apparently offered little in the way of a preview of the kinds of changes he is considering.

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  1. Five jounalists at the meeting with:
    Administrations officials present at the meeting included Attorney General Holder; Deputy Attorney General Cole; Margaret Richardson, Chief of Staff to the Attorney General; Jenny Mosier, Deputy Chief of Staff and Counsel to the Attorney General; David O’Neil, Chief of Staff to the Deputy Attorney General; Stuart Goldberg, Principal Associate Deputy Attorney General; Paul O’Brien, Deputy Assistant Attorney General, Criminal Division; Deborah Sorkin, Chief of the Policy and Statutory Enforcement Unit, Office of Enforcement Operations, Criminal Division; and Nanda Chitre, Acting Director, Office of Public Affairs.
    Seems the only people missing from this meeting is the cleaning staff at the DOJ.
    Unless there was something really special enough to keep a secret, nothing substantial was discussed and all that was acomplished was a lot of vague talk about changing the way the DOJ deals with the Press.
    MrHolder says he “gets it”. Well, whoop de do for him.
    We “get” it, too; MrHolder and his DOJ committed an illegal act against private citizens, violated their rights, and everyone involved should resign in lieu of prosecution.

  2. If all these journalists start endorsing a ‘shield law’ as suggested by Dicky Durbin on Sunday, we’ll know the fix is in. One way to shut us up is to start licensing journalists. Conservative bloggers and tweeters need not apply.

  3. The Axelrod Administration keeps treating our government like it is a blasted west coast technology corporation. They do road shows to promote their new objectives. They ignore real stakeholders and put all their energy into writing talking points that force people to repeat their objectives for them. And when they break the law instead of STOPPING and changing their behavior they have break-out sessions to convince those they harmed to agree to continue to be abused. :-(

    1. So the cleaning staff that srdem65 noticed was left out of the not so secret off record meeting would have something to clean up.

  4. Tyranny is here. No wonder Obama made sure to say “don’t listen to anyone who says that tyranny is right around the corner” at a recent commencement address. Listen to what he says. Anything he accuses Republicans (enemies) of doing, is exactly what he IS doing. SAUL ALINSKY 101. Holder is right on board. Despicable slimeballs who will pay eventually. In this life or the next. How do these people sleep at night? Or look at their children?

  5. Oh please what’s this he allowed a ‘portion’ to be discussed? What’s he doing dropping a veil? In his position he’s still in charge isn’t he ?

  6. I saw this on the NYT and came over here to see what you guys thought. Did not know you had a post on the meeting as well.

    over at Back Channel there are notes from Laura Rozen to the point that Holder wants to get this done before he leaves or tenure ends.

    Seems to me this is all out of line. We have laws and we have freedom of the press and speech. Holder manipulated the law in an effort at best to suppress the press under the boogeyman of national security. And he lied to congress. I fail to see how Holder can anything better. We have laws and rights. Like his buddy boss Holder respects none that do not serve the power grab of this Administration.


      This meeting was just another RUSE.

      This is NOT good for Honest Democrats everywhere … if there are any left.

      Put the guy out to Pasture and END this Circus now.


      This meeting was just another RUSE.

      This is NOT good for Honest Democrats everywhere … if there are any left.

      Put the guy out to Pasture and END this Circus now.

  7. OK, so now sign the resignation papers, Eric. Barack’s got them waiting in the drawer of his desk in the Oval….get over there NOW!

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