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Video || Obama Channels Nixon

I cannot remember a post-Nixon president compared more frequently to Richard Nixon than President Obama. Even Bill Clinton, with all his nonsense, wasn’t considered Nixonian.

Many of you were politically aware during the Nixon years. I’d be interested to hear some of your thoughts about why Obama reminds so many of RMN.

H/T for the video to one our readers, Susan.

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  1. Thank you for H/T, Keith. I’ll repost my take on the video:

    While there are comparisons between the two, there are also some distinct differences:
    Nixon battled the commies; he wasn’t one of them.
    Nobody died as a result of Watergate.
    Nixon only talked about siccing the IRS on his enemies.
    Nixon eventually took responsibility for the actions of his administration.
    Nixon cared enough about America to do the honorable thing and resign the office of president.

    • Everything you say is complete bullshit. Nixon began his career calling people Communists, including Truman. Watergate largely started because of Nixon’s 4 year prolongation of the Vietnam War costing 20000 needless deaths and his pathological hatred of the anti-war movement or are you too young to remember the burglary of the office of Daniel Ellsberg’s psychiatrist? So Nixon only “talked” about siccing the IRS on people?! He took no responsibility for his actions tossing Dean, Haldeman, Ehrlichman, and everyone he could under the bus. He only resigned when senior GOP Congressional leaders told him he had no chance of getting 34 votes to acquit in the Senate, his Impeachment already a foregone conclusion.

  2. He doesn’t remind me of Nixon very much. If at all, it is because of the cover-ups. Nixon would have been a very good President had it not been for his personality flaws, maybe even genuinely clinical paranoia. Losing the Presidency in 1960 by election fraud in Chicago may have added to it.

    On a personal basis, they are opposites. Nixon had a long struggle making his way up the political ladder, or the economic ladder for all that. Obama has been handed everything all of his life without any effort on his part. Nixon was not physically attractive; Obama has been flattered into thinking that he is. Most of all, psychologically they are opposites: Nixon, as I said, may have been paranoid but Obama as most of us agree, is a narcissistic personality.

    • Gosh, if only Nixon hadn’t suffered clinical paranoia, he’d have been a peachy president! And by the way, Kennedy could have conceded Illinois to Nixon and still won the EC majority.

  3. They both showed a level of narcissism that allowed them to believe that they were (are) above the laws that regulated the “common” folks……neither saw(see) their actions as criminal because those actions were (are) necessary to achieve their goals ….they both believed that they do these things because the ignorant need the smart elites in government to herd them lovingly.

    • I think that deep down Nixon felt he was an unlovable person. Everything was a grim struggle for him. Not so for Obama.

      • I believe you’re right, Julie. Richard Nixon so wanted to be loved by the Washington ruling class, and they despised him for going after their pals, the communists. The Kennedy Democrats, joined by the Rockefeller Republican judases, and their lackeys in the press were vicious and brutal towards him. Rather than learn to cope with the Alinsky tactics – Rush could have given him a lesson or two about that – he allowed their words to destroy him. I’m not trying to make excuses for his actions; he failed to honor and respect the office of the presidency and he paid the price for his actions. I don’t think he deserved to be personally destroyed by the ruling class.

  4. Some great observations so far. I’d like to add that I think Nixon and Obama share an obsession with how history will view them and their legacies. One could also suggest both their elected VPs were chosen to ensure their physical safety.

  5. The lying, the denial, the refusal to face reality, the overall underhandedness, the arrogance, the megalomania. I’m sure there is more.
    One difference though is that Barack Obama is responsible for the deaths of 4 patriots in Benghazi and the subsequent cover-up, while Richard Nixon was only responsible for a botched burglary and the subsequent cover-up

  6. My opinion; Carter/Obama.
    I don’t see Mr Nixon so much as MrCarter for comparison. Carter/Obama were both elected without a solid background in either national or international affairs. Just as MrCarter showed weakness in the year-long Iranian hostage situation, MrObama is weak towards our enemies and the damage they have done to us.
    MrCarter’s wife played a strong background role in policy, and MrObama’s wife is rumored to do the same.
    MrCarter had the southern “mafia” surrounding him, MrObama has the Chicago “mafia” shielding him.

    The paranoia comes with the office when every President has political enemies doing their best to make him look bad. It’s part of the game of politics; your team bad, my team good. If it’s not a right-wing conspiricy, it’s the left-wing cabal doing the damage.

    Nixon/Obama; MrNixon was always defensive about his humble upbringing and resented the silver-spoon elites who looked down their nose at him. The opposite: MrObama wallows in his supposed humble upbringing and wears it like a badge of honor.
    MrNixon understood foreign relations and made spectacular moves to bring the world together.
    MrKissinger was the perfect Secretary of State because he, too, knew that we had to move beyond the we-won-the-war mentality and on to a more rational policy.
    The opposite: MrObama has no clue or understanding of today’s foreign interests and assumes that his personality can change the world.
    MrsClinton was a place-holder as Secretary of State; she accomplished nothing because she had no vision either, and was simply given the job as a political favor.

    Carter/Obama is my perception,

    • Carter was our first Hopey-Changey candidate and I volunteered for his campaign in ’76 drunk on his peanut flavored kool aid (I still have the shiny gold painted peanut necklace he gave all his volunteers). After the Nixon era, he was a different kind of politics with a great smile.

      Unlike Obama, Carter worked hard for his achievements, served in the Navy, ran a family business and became a governor. I always thought his failures were mostly due to being too nice to everyone and he was taken advantage of. But I was still sipping kool aid then too.

      The best thing about Jimmah, he gave us 8 years of Reagan, unfortunately Team Obama did double down dirty on Romney’s campaign and we lost. Using the Alinsky AND the Nixon playbook is unbeatable, and morally disgusts me.

    • Very convincing opinion there, srdem. You’re right with the Carter/Obama perception. One big difference though. Eventually the Democrats turned on Carter when Ted Kennedy challenged him in the 1980 primary. They’ll never turn on Obama – he is their savior.

  7. All I remember about the Nixon era is chanting “Nixon, Nixon is our man. McGovern belongs in the garbage can!” during recess.

    I can only imagine what a public school would do to a student who chanted that about FCMABBHO nowadays.

  8. While I agree with everybody, the most important difference between the two men, their First Lady …. I always liked Pat Nixon, she used her time well.

    She also had a more difficult early life than Michelle claims to have come from by working very hard for all her achievements and accomplishments. I couldn’t help but note her hospital work involved actually helping people, not throwing them out :D

    Warts and all, I do think Nixon loved his country and accomplished much for the American people, especially the handicapped and special needs children. It was politics that killed the beast.

  9. According to the Chicago Tribune O’Bummer is in Chicago today and I just read the comment section in their paper and the average commentor is not too thrilled about him flying in on the day that the White Sox play the Cubs. I wonder if he’s going to arrive in time to go to the game which starts at 1:30 Chicago time. Then he is going to a few fundraisers to collect money from the 1%.

    I don’t remember Nixon traveling all over the USA on the taxpayer dime and standing before adoring crowds of kindergardeners and high school children trying to indoctrinate them into a world of make believe.

  10. Maybe not be what you are looking for, Keith, but even before he was elected, I told people I could not bear to see that “Nixon frown” for 4 (now 8) years! In the months after election he, his frown, and his teleprompter were a daily annoyance. Of course, both believed they were above the law, and it trickled down. . .sound familiar?

  11. Obama could learn from Nixon however corrupt and criminal he was
    Watergate and all. Nixon was a lot more intelligent despite the fact he
    went off the reservation and I agree he had issues with being a bit paranoid and power mad. He in the end admitted his folly and left
    for the good of the country. I just watched his 40 year anniversary party
    for the returning POW’s can you see Obama doing anything so touching?
    Remember him weeping at Pat Nixon’s funeral a very quiet First Lady
    I found her to be dignified and kind. Nixon in spite of all the errors he made loved America not so Obama. Carter/Obama is a more apt gruesome twosome to me unlikeable and not big fans of the country they
    tried to change even Clinton wasn’t that bad. Heard today there’s a push
    to add Obama to Mt Rushmore really? I would guess Obama’s minions
    started that little gem. Give me tricky Dicky any day rather than the two
    ingrates in he WH now.