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Quote of the Day || May 29, 2013

“Brilliant move Obama. You’ve declared the war on terrorism over. I guess I’ll just stop plotting to kill Americans and start thinking more about universal early childhood education.”

– Ayman al-Zawahiri

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

10 Responses to Quote of the Day || May 29, 2013

  1. If Obama has ended the war on terrorism, shouldn’t he disband the Department of Homeland Security and put Janet Napolitano out to pasture?

    • I don’t think we need the DHS anyhow. Split that budget among the states and make FEMA a Cabinet position once again.

      Oh, and there’s more Departments we don’t need on my list ……

      • I agree. DHS was the worst big government entity George Bush left us. It has proven itself to be a failure in its mission to prevent terrorism from reaching our shores. The TSA should go too. It has evolved into a haven for worthless union slugs.

      • To me it was a smart move to form DHS as it combined allot of agencies that were spread out under different govt departments. Customs was under Treasury, Coast Guard under Transportation, INS under DOJ, Border Patrol under DOJ, etc. (it’s quite the list). Some of these agencies languished under their former departments, never receiving proper funding and manpower to adequately do their job (and even under DHS still some major issues). The Coast Guard was one of the worst placed, as it had to compete with the FAA and FHA , Railroads.. Guess who always took the hit for funding. This was an agency who in in the 80’s & 90’s still had ships that were used in WWII ! They would never be a good fit even under DOD, because of their domestic Law Enforcement mission.

        So, where is the problem – it’s DHS and it’s management. It’s a MONSTER. New departments always have growing pains, however this one is being used as a personal toy to do anything the head feels like doing, or ignoring. It is being run by a non professional, and it shows.

        • Why do I have the feeling that DHS does not do any of those things it set out to do? It seems the American citizen who is critical of the government is now the focus of its attention. And the release of thousands of jailed illegals is antithetical to what it should be doing.