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Carney: Holder Testified Truthfully

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today claimed that Attorney General Eric Holder testified truthfully when he said that he had never even “heard of” the “potential prosecution” of reporters for divulging classified material.

Jay Carney Eric Holder is not a liar. I happen to know he told the truth just yesterday.
Photo by Keith Koffler

In fact, Holder had signed off on an affidavit allowing a search of Rosen’s emails and phone records because there was “probable cause” to believe Fox News reporter James Rosen committed a crime by acting as a “co-conspirator.”

In an indication that the White House is still ready to go to the mat for Holder, Carney also repeated that Obama has confidence in his attorney general.

What Carney did today was try to say that since there was no prosecution of Rosen, it must follow that there wasn’t a potential prosecution.

Which is perfectly rational if you want to accept that because I decided not to eat dessert after dinner last night, there was no potential that I would do it. Which is a strange assertion, particularly given that dessert contained chocolate.

Here’s the exchange:

MR. CARNEY: I think based on what you said, he testified truthfully. I think every published report — I think the Attorney General talked about prosecution. Every published report that I’ve read about the case in question says that it’s completed, no further charges or prosecution is contemplated. And again, I would point you to published reports on the extremely large distinction between what’s at issue here and prosecution.

Q Because the FBI affidavit identified Rosen as a potential “aider, abettor and/or co-conspirator.” That sounds very prosecutorial.

MR. CARNEY: Correct. And I would point you to published reports that say no prosecutorial action was taken and none is contemplated, again, based on my reading of reports. So it seems self-evident that that charge is inaccurate.

This is convoluted logic and desperate spin. That Carney didn’t do better leads to believe that Holder truly has a problem.

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    • “Based on my reading of reports” leaves enough latitude through which to ride the “Transcontinental railroad” without ever touching rails.

      In related disengenousness, the Attorney General has sworn under oats that Carny has told the truth, the Holder truth, and nothing but the truth.

  1. Sigh…..Its a Democrat thing…….Bubba Clinton, a lawyer himself (at the time), a man with some of the best legal minds in America available to him, once said “I did NOT have sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky!”

  2. Well, if anything, the White House is consistent in it’s approach (“convoluted logic”). Again, the sad thing is that the useful idiots (sheeple & MSM) will buy it completely.

  3. It must be hysterical to be a guest in the Carney household. Jay is not allowed near anything sharp, boiling or fragile. When he says anything, guests start to laugh. …………

    Honestly, I do not understand why some of his friends in the media don’t tell him how foolish he looks.

    • They are too busy trying to cover their own rear ends with their own reporting. And they are drinking from the same batch of Kool-Aid….no clear thinking allowed in the media except for a few brave souls. Thank goodness for the honest reporting that Keith does for us!

    • He knows he looks foolish. But for some bewildering reason he keeps protecting his boss. I hope his misplaced loyalty is worth the beating his character is taking.

  4. How does this not make Holder’s statement WORSE? If he’s saying that no prosecution was contemplated then the basis for the wiretapping was a ruse to trick a judge into signing an order.

    Am I missing something here?

  5. I know Colin Powell said the use of this phrase was racist and slave related but I think it’s been used before and not meant to have that
    meaning. Having said the above as a disclaimer the only thing Jay Carney is doing is ‘shucking and jiving’ he’s incapable like the rest of
    Obama’s folks of telling the truth or answering a simpe yes/no question.
    They’re only capable of lies plain and simple.

  6. As we know, Obama has forbidden Carney to read newspapers or watch television. That way, Carney has no idea what’s going on in the Obama Administration.

  7. I’ll bet that Obama wishes that Ron Ziegler were still alive and available to him. Carney is in way over his head. He is just proving the charges of total incompetence at the White House.

  8. I’ve been looking for a copy of Holder’s affidavit and can’t find it, however, as a legal secretary/paralegal for almost 40 years, every affidavit I have prepared has the notary portion that says “subscribed and sworn to before me.” that means this person signed the document in front of me, I have verified who he is and he swore its contents are true. end of story as far as I’m concerned. Holder was not approving the work of underlings or “contemplating” prosecution. he was positing to the Court he had the goods and was going to prosecute based on the findings.

  9. Hardly matters who talking from the admin. Carney, Holder, Obama… they all sound like the old Louis Prima tune to me.

    There’s a fruit store on our street
    It’s run by a Greek
    And he keeps good things to eat But you should hear him speak!
    When you ask him anything, he never answers “no”
    He just “yes”es you to death, and as he takes your dough He tells you
    “Yes, we have no bananas

  10. Sure he did Jay-Jay: Holder testified “truthfully.” Just like his boss,OBUMMER, never tells a lie, And I have green hair. And my mother was the tooth fairy. And I won the last power ball lottery. Let’s see,what other “truths” can I spew?

  11. Of course. Holder lied under oath but in reality its is both Obama and Holder doing it! They both hate the U.S. and hate white people, they both belong in jail and impeached. Everyone knows they are guilty of crimes against the country but the drama keeps going on and on until we are no more.

  12. Whaaaaat? So, it was just an intentional waste of taxpayer money? Well that’s much better (???)

    PeeWee, after crashing bike: “I meant to do that!”