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Quote of the Day || May 28, 2013

“Of course Holder can investigate himself. Now excuse me while I go back to finding out what I did the night of Benghazi.”

– Barack Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

26 Responses to Quote of the Day || May 28, 2013

  1. Now excuse me while I go back to finding out what I did the night of Benghazi


    I don’t need the disclaimer to know this is fake.

  2. There IS something there, there. If there wasn’t something there, a simple statement declaring the President was “upstairs”, following the events by phone and computer. Done and done.

    Rumors are surfacing that the President wasn’t even in the WhiteHouse that night. Rumor: he was at a private party at a private residence in Georgetown, and out of reach from his advisors.

    • The speculation that he was high on drugs or dallying with someone not his wife still doesn’t go to the question of “where” he was that night.
      If he was in the WhiteHouse, then everyone can assume that he was being informed of the actions in Benghazi, so…no big deal.

      The thing is; no one, nobody, not even the most devoted follower will say where he was that night.

  3. That would answer my biggest question. Where was he, with whom, and what did he do?
    I personally think he told the peons to handle it and he went to bed.

    • He’s done it before. When he first became President and the economic crisis was overwhelming, he told all his economic team that he was going upstairs to have dinner with his family and that they’d better have something for him when he came back. This is his modus operandi.

      While what he was doing or not doing and where was he are important questions, the more crucial question for me is who gave gave the order to stand down. What if the answer to that is President Obama and if that is what he is hiding?

      • Agree, Julie! Isn’t the president the only ;person who can give the stand down order? And what ever happened to Gen. Hamm who was unceremoniously removed from his AF/COM command? Someone told him to stand down. He was ready to go.

  4. Normally I wouldn’t care where the First Lady was or some of the Presidents inner circle were every minute of any day but that’s changed.
    We’ve seen what Michelle gets up to when she’s AWOL generally away
    spending our money. Now with these scandals I’m wishing we could pass a law where we know where these people who have such power
    over our country and it’s military and foreign policy are at all times. We’ve
    let all Obama’s co conspirators run free and unaccountable for far too
    long and now we are seeing the results time for change. We cannot let
    them continue to rule us in the dark we need to shine a light on their
    actions. Where was Obama the night of Benghazi is something we will
    never know and those who do will take it to their graves the Chicago way.

    • You are spot on, Lizzy! We need to know their whereabouts at all tiimes. We never had to question Reagan or Bush because they were always at their desks early in the morning. Laura Bush never wandered off the reservation like the current WH diva. She was always at her husband’s side. What we have now is a reality show – Affirmative Action Lottery Winners Gone Wild!