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The Obama Morning News || May 28, 2013

Obama wines, dines and then disappears . . . The Hill
Consoler role keeps Obama above the fray . . . The Hill
Obama’s path to changing terror policy . . . New York Times
Trump spends $1M researching 2016 run . . . NY Post
EU to send arms to Syrian rebels . . . Washington Post
McCain hears rebels’ pleas in Syria . . . Washington Times
John Boehner’s shrinking power . . . Politico
One-time windfalls slash deficit . . . Washington Times
Obama, Christie to tour Sandy recovery . . . Fox News
Obama honors the fallen at Arlington
. . . Washington Post

10 Responses to The Obama Morning News || May 28, 2013

  1. The Preezy invites the Repubs out for a dinner date, promises to call, but, sadly, never does. awww. Face it Repubs, he’s just not that into you , get over it.

    Assuming The Donald spent a milion bucks on research of the 2016 election, let’s not even think it’s because he’s looking to run for President. He’s not a serious candidate for any elected office. Anywhere. The Donald is too smart, too savvy to do anything like that.

    SenMcCain, ever the warrior, sticks his nose into a civil war where supporting the winning side would not benefit the US. The public is content to let the zealots on both sides in Syria shoot it out until one side gives up.
    What difference would it make to us who wins?

    The longer the President puts off doing what he must to end the spreading scandals, the closer it comes to him. Passing out hugs and sympathy, or trying to distract the public with a “major” speech isn’t helping to change the subject. Sooner or later, he has to sit at his desk and make some tough actions if he wants to get above the “fray”.

  2. Senate Republicans who shared laughs with President Obama over dinner at the Jefferson Hotel in March are grumbling there has since been little follow-through from him on deficit talks.


    Hey! At least ya’ll got a kiss before getting screwed.