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Video || Obama Remarks in Asbury Park, New Jersey

I wasn’t able to get the live feed, but here’s video of Obama’s appearance this afternoon in Asbury Park.

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    • Good one, Star. I’ll join you in skipping the performance. Already heard too many snippets of his stale jokes on the top of the hour news…

    • Speaking of campaigning, I actually feel a bit sorry for Barbara Buono. She seems to be another Democratic woman he is throwing under the bus to suit his own needs.

  1. The White House sent out a link to what is actually a good use of their site — giving links to organizations taking donations or volunteers to help in the Oklahoma clean-up. For this, they deserve praise.

    OTOH, a good part of the attached video is a thinly-veiled tribute to “The One” — demonstrating what a really special, swell, phenomenal job he’s done at each of a number of storm tragedies. Surprised he didn’t manage to sneak in video of him consoling the families in Sandy Hook. He must really feel the need to remind us of how great he is — so we can ignore all those “false attacks” (per the latest Democrat fundraising email) by the evil Republicans.

  2. “The people always have some champion whom they set over them and nurse into greatness. This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs; when he first appears he is a protector.” ~Plato

    We the readers of WHD don’t buy Obama’s charm and charisma, but there are way too many idol worshipers out there who do. It’s evident from the reception Preezy Revenge and Crispy Creme Christie got in NJ. These two better not be concocting a Putin-Medvedev switcharoo to get around the Constitution. It will be a moot point once the traitors in DC pass their amnesty bill this summer. Our outrage over the leviathan’s abuse of power will be drowned out at the voting booth by a new permanent underclass of reliable Democrat voters.

  3. Good Afternoon

    We did not get a chance to review but one would be hard pressed to find anything relevant in it whatsoever and all the posturing in the much anticipated mid terms is going to get interesting as they have lost control of the Aircraft at this point and it is hurtling toward earth at break neck speed an decompressing rapidly.

    NewsJet Magazine

  4. I was raised just up the road from Asbury Park, NJ…

    -uggh, seeing Obama in my homeland of New Jersey makes me ill.

  5. Name one thing that Dictator Obama did for the victims of Hurrican Sandy. Just one. And flying in on Air Force One to pose for pictures with Governor Porky Pig does not count as helping the Sandy Victims.

    The love fest between these two was nauseating to put it mildly.