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Live Stream || Michelle Speaks About the White House Garden

The remarks have concluded.

19 Responses to Live Stream || Michelle Speaks About the White House Garden

  1. What in the whole round world does this woman know about gardening or farming?! She’ll start sweating soon and that nasty wig is going to slide down her back.

  2. If you notice she brought in a crew to help harvest and clean up the gardens. Remember the gardens are usually tended by the National Park Service grounds crew. Notice no cut backs there.

    • Apparently, no cuts anywhere except for the White House tours for the American people. Guess the kids in her audience should be thrilled to be among the precious few proles allowed to enter OUR White House and hold court with Queen Mooch.

  3. she’s not doing anything arduous enough to cause her to perspire — much less sweat! Woman is totally useless! Pretend wife – mother – first lady – gardener – and say mother because other people care for her girls — her mother for example.

  4. I almost fell over when she gallumped out from the bushes and started her SouthSide act….”I don’t hear any screamin”, she yelled as she read a few names off. She’s just not happy unless she’s making a fool of herself.

  5. I have to wonder what White House aide told her this garden idea and her whole Let’s Move and Let’s Eat well campaign was a good thing.

    Other First Ladies have followed their own personal passions as a platform – from Lady Bird Johnson’s love of flowers to Laura Bush, reading.

    Michelle could have really made a difference by championing her true calling: Traveling First Class on the back of Taxpayers. She could write the book.