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Fundraiser-in-Chief Headed to Sweet Home Chicago

President Obama will be back on the road Wednesday trolling for money, this time headed for Chicago to headline two fundraisers for the House Democrats’ political arm, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Obama says he want to work with Republicans this year. But the intense commitment to fundraising he has made during what’s not even an election year seems to say otherwise. Or at least that he has a robust back up plan.

Boy do I wish I could take some money from you.
Boy do I wish I could take some money from you.

The Chicago trip is part of an obvious Obama strategy to seize control of Congress in 2014 and govern as he wants during his final two years in office. Gaining control of the House would also put Democrats in charge of the House committees, meaning the investigations of the president would come to and end.

That’s one reason why you’ll see Obama do all he can right now to resist a special prosecutor. If he can just flip the House in 2014, the only people probing his administration will be his sympathizers in the press.

Obama has committed to holding eight events for the DCCC this year alone, compared to only two he staged in 2009. The total does not include events he will attend for Senate Democrats, the DNC and individual candidates, pointing to an incredibly active political year.

Chicago is the third stop on his DCCC tour, with Obama having already staged big money DCCC events in San Francisco and New York City. Those fundraisers amassed some $3.25 million for House Democrats to play with.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, tickets for Obama’s Chicago DCCC bashes will cost attendees from $1,000 to $50,000 – the higher sums for those who can collect cash from their friends.

32 thoughts on “Fundraiser-in-Chief Headed to Sweet Home Chicago”

    1. In my opinion, he’s not really ‘raising money’, Scottso. Barry the bagman is doing what he does best – redistributing the Democrat Party’s ill-gotten gains. How else are the statists gonna launder the money they’re grifting from the taxpayers?

    2. Not sure that money is targeted for Illinois and Chicago politicians but going into a generic fund where it can be used to elect Democrats anywhere in the country. It’s like the Republican counterpart continually asking me for money now, and I won’t do it because I want to give to the best candidates with good chances to win.

  1. So he doesn’t plan on any presidentin’ til he gets his House and Senate in order, because, what’s the use ? Ugh, what a miserable failure as a leader.

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    1. he’s using any excuse possible to be away from the WH. If he’s not there, can’t blame him for knowing something.

      1. But remember that stupid picture from Hawaii, I think it was their first trip out there, of the desk that he supposedly worked at while he was away? And his ever present Blackberry that was supposed to keep him always in touch with the WH?

  3. Considering what the Dems did to us in the first two years, the thought of them gaining control of Congress for the last two years is frightening.

    No matter how the scandals shake out or fizzle out, MrObama will always have them pasted to his legacy papers.
    Now, MrsClinton could use the scandals of the “previous administration” to her advantage if she chooses to run again. With no love lost between the Clinton and Obama teams, she would have no compunction against throwing buckets of mud on the Obama administration’s actions, from Obamacare to Benghazi.

    1. Methinks some o’ dat Benghazi mud might just bounce back.

      Meanwhile, the NRA’s lobby is sending out a letter asking for money to fight Bloomberg’s billions being used to buy the House (he spent $2 million on one seat, and something like 53 of 60 races he backed won.) Could be a bit of collusion between Obama and Bloomberg to take back the House so that they can win on more than just gun control.

    2. I’ve read that there will be a movie about her coming out in 2016 right around the time of the election. (Scarlet Johansson and Reece Witherspoon in contention) It will be called Rodham and focus on her during the year 1974. Very clever: a movie makes her youthful again so the LIV don’t see the old woman standing in front of them and it would be pre-Benghazi. I think the Benghazi mud is going to cling to her though.

      You’re dead right that she will run as the un-Obama.

      1. Rush mentioned the movie in the works today.
        Boehner needs to get his head out and start acting like the speaker of the house.

        1. You mean about calling special committees? I agree. Let’s not leave it to administration appointed special prosecutors, wink, wink.

  4. The bagman cometh. Meanwhile, it was announced this morninng that the crook-in-chief is planning to stack the DC Court of Appeals with an unprecedented THREE nominees. Where is that Special Prosecuter? We don’t have time to waste!

    1. According to Ed Klein, author of “The Amateur”, Valerie Jarrett and Michelle Obama are running the show. Barry is just the “eye candy”.

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