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Live Stream || Obama at Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

The event has concluded.

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    • Thank you, Sadie. That is a sobering reminder of what Memorial Day stands for. God bless every person in uniform willing to place his/her life on the line to defend the freedom that we take for granted.

        • I was a documentary on Iwo Jima–my dad was offshore, doctor on a destroyer. He rarely talked about the war, but he said at one pt, someone said, “Doc, they are putting the flag on the rock.” He got to the deck drenched in blood and saw the first flag raising, not the one made into the statue. He also said a badly hurt soldier had cursed him for jostling him–these are the only two war memories he ever shared. In the doc, I saw the ships standing offshore–and thought my Dad could have been in one…I could be looking at his.

          • As always those who serve always have the right heartfelt
            words to to make the rest of us so very proud of you and
            thank you.

          • I cry whenever I see a Veteran the recent Honor
            Flights are especially moving as we have so few left.
            I got the chance to hear my Grandfather’s WW1
            stories and 2 Uncles WW2 stories. As a vet yourself
            if you can share you experiences please do I find I
            wish I’d ask more questions you have much to
            share. I’ve seen some great photos today makes me proud and tearful.

  1. I was hoping to not have to see him today.
    Think that wil be a good time to sit out on the deck…beautiful in the Ozarks today.
    I counted 14 blooms on our four tomato plants when we had our coffee out there earlier.
    Today I honor my husband who went to the Cuban Missile Crisis on a carrier and now serves as our Volunteer Fire Chief.
    I also remember with love and honor my favorite uncle who was killed at Iwo Jima whne I was in the third grade.

  2. A big salute to America’s finest. They made the ultimate sacrifice to defend the freedoms we Americans hold dear. They are gone, but will never be forgotten. May God give you peace, patriots.

  3. In respectful remembrance of my father-in-law who fought in the Battle of the Bulge. God bless his soul and may God in His Mercy, please bless the USA by giving us a second chance to truly be the land of the free and the home of the brave.

  4. I will honor my father’s life and service by not watching this as I am sure he would not either. Tribute to The Fallen and The Unknowns can be paid in ways other than watching this man perform what is to him no more than obligatory duty. God Bless America.

    • The prayer and thanksgiving in one unknown’s heart today is worth more than all the show. God bless all who served this country.

  5. Every time this President, and his wife, make it a point to “remind” Americans that we should honor our service members, they show how little they know about us. So many of us have former and current family members whose sense of duty and love of country have always made us proud.

    Instead of laying a wreath and saying a few scripted words (at best a symbolic gesture to America’s fighting men and women) he should direct the VA to immediately process the requests for aid from our veterans who have been waiting for too long a time for relief.

    • Yes! Good idea–and all these speechy platitudes are written by youngsters who probably read about Vietnam and Korea, much less WW@, in some book, if they even read about it. I remember the draft, my friend Nick Krimont, drafted, in Vietnam 3 weeks, then gone forevermore.

    • The essentially uneducated and amateurish state of Meesh-Antoinette and President Pup’s minds are illustrated by their persistent belief that if they haven’t heard of it before it must be news to everyone.

      Including the idea that we need to honor our soldiers.

    • A tribute to my Marine Corps husband, my two Marine Corps brothers, My World War II Navy mother and father, who met and married in uniform.
      We have discussed many times how this man has no discernable background. No military service for him, but what about his/her family member?. These lowlifers have no background of having served our country. I cringe that any of our military is obligated to salute his sick hiney.
      If we mandated service for all, we might rid ourselves of the do-nothing generation that he has helped foster.

    • Look how bored that jug eared communist looks. Bet he has a skull thumping hangover.

      God bless our brave Military and all those who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect and defend our Country.,

  6. I was happy to read this morning that the two men who put their lives on the line to save Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi were included in at a war memorial in San Diego. Sad that those in power would have us forget them.

  7. He left our Seals to die on that rooftop in Benghazi that is all that needs to be known about this “Commander-in-Creep”. Look at him and listen to his empty rhetoric. Wonder when one of the Army Generals will have to hold an umbrella over his noggin in case it rains? Uh, oh here comes the I’s and me’s. Shut up and sit down.

    • At least on this site, we talk about the “known” servicemembers–and I include the returning vets today, with their horrible suicide rate and slow benefits…

    • Yes, it makes me cringe to hear him insincerely praising those who have given their lives for this country while knowing that in the very recent past he left them to die and didn’t lift a finger to help save them.

    • And now Benghazi is all General Petraeus’ fault: HE wrote the original memos.
      The General is a hero. Exposing that “affair” is typical Chicago thuggery.
      Early on in 2008, someone wrote that the reason there’d never been a President from Chicago, is that by the time the election came around, they were all under indictment.

          • Somehow Ryan’s sealed (to protect his child) divorce records “magically” became unsealed. Obama defeated him, then ran for President. That’s the tragedy of that morally corrupt gang Obama hangs with. And they’re called brilliant campaigners. Ugh.

          • Rush said there should be an asterisk next to the 2012 election results. I agree. So much chicanery by these people. I despise the left – from the intolerant, miserable OFA activists; to the leftist “green energy” cronies who launder taxpayer money for the leviathan, after taking a little cream off the top for themselves, of course; to the head bagman who makes frequent taxpayer funded trips around his dominion picking up his protection money. The cabal was going to win his re-election by hook or by crook, or as the Alinskyites say – by any means necessary. The proof is in the IRS and Lois Lerner is the key.

          • You know, the reason “We The People” lost the last election was because too many people were saying “I don’t know if I can trust Romney”, or, my favorite “Ryan SCARES me”. Were Obama and his gang were less UNtrustworthy and less SCARY than Romney/Ryan???? Even considering the cheating, at which Demos are SOOOOOO much better than Repubs, if the electorate was CAPABLE of paying attention, Obama/Biden would have won only New York, California and Kenya, which now has 5 electoral votes. That’s “fair”. I know I’m ranting, but now there seems to be (big gasp here) public outrage about Benghazi, The IRS, and wiretapping reporters. DIDN’T ANYBODY NOTICE THIS CRAP PRIOR TO NOVEMBER, 2012?????????

            OK, I.m going to fix myself a BIG dirty Martini and try to clam down (not a typo)!!!

          • There is blame enough to go around for everyone, but Obama using voter suppression by employing the IRS as a hammer to silence his critics is the most egregious. Just think how many of the those useful idiots you mentioned could have been educated about the Constitution, our founding principles, and their civic duty to be a well-informed citizen if this regime had not muzzled conservatives.

  8. In memory of my Dad, a 2 tour Vietnam Vet who died last June, I say thank you to all those who paid the highest price for our freedom.

  9. And, by the way, Geo W Bush went on one of his bike rides with disabled vets this weekend. He was smiling, backslapping, and looked happy–not forced, awkward, self-conscious, and impatient.

  10. It was not General Petraeus who abdicated his command as CINC when he went to bed and told the SOS and SOD to handle the Benghazi situation. That was Barack Obama. Everything that happened before and after his abdication is on him.

    Barack Obama left those men behind to die and if he should be anywhere he should be at that Memorial in San Diego to pay his respect for their bravery and own his role in their deaths.

    • Someone observed (can’t find it) that the o “took a powder” on Benghazi night. I like it – leaves so much room for speculation, from lame cherry’s to those who think he turned in early.
      In any event, add it to the stack of things we don’t know about our president.
      Why is it a secret?

          • I know I sound Pollyanna-ish, but this stuff and the profane language makes us sound stupid–and people who post here sound stupid, even if those people don’t use the crass words or post unsubstantiated allegations. I think some people in power may read this site–and it undercuts us.

          • Try having a sense of humor. Most of it is tongue in cheek and I don’t give a damn what the people in power think of us. They have already made that abundantly clear.

          • It’s not funny, it’s unimaginative and embarrassing by association. Just my opinion–say whatever you want. More importantly, to my mind it conveys nothing new. I used to live in DC where people made an entire conversation of the word MFfer. It’s not insightful, it’s just low rent. I use these words sometimes in daily life, but I don’t think I am adding much when I do–and at least I am not tied to them or by coming here, to someone else’s expressions for life. I think most people on this site are disgusted and angry with this admin but saying these same things over and over says more about us than them.

          • We know for a fact that he did nothing to rescue the four that night, and the fact, yes fact, that rescuers were even ordered to stand down. People may speculate on what Obama was doing that night, but that kind of order has to come from the top.

            There is a difference too between profane or blasphemous language and good old Anglo-Saxon English. My feathers are not ruffled by the latter, and I am not Mrs. Grundy.

  11. The Chicago Coward ordered rescuers to stand down, and went to bed.
    Woke the next day, not a care in the world, and jetted to Las Vegas.
    Remember the four Americans that were left to die in Benghazi Libya.
    *US Ambassador Chris Stevens
    *US Foreign Service Officer Sean Smith
    *Navy Seal Glen Doherty
    *Navy Seal Tryone Woods

  12. After reading the wonderful tributes bloggers here have made to family and friends, I’ve decided to add mine. To the memory of my Dough Boy father and my brother who went to WWII aged 17 and then went to Korea, and in honor of my hubby who volunteered for the Marine Corps in 1958 just after he had turned 17.

    • It takes courage for a young man or woman to enlist in the armed forces at that age especially when there was a war raging.
      You should be very proud of your family !
      People like that are the backbone of America.

      • Thank you, AFVet, and I have been reading your comments here, not just today but for a long time, so I know that you are right in there with the ones who are the backbone of America. We salute you today.

  13. CBS and Daily Beast are reporting that SenJohn McCain (my obviously senile US Senator) is meeting with the rebel factions in Syria.
    His mission or goal is unclear, but his past support of the rebels and disagreement with MrObama’s Syrian policy doesn’t bode well for the US and our interests.

    It seems obvious that we voted for MrMcCain one time too many and should have encouraged him to retire so as to spend time bouncing grandchildren on his knee, thereby making it impossible for him to interfere with another country’s civil war.

    • He wants to arm the “rebels” (aka al Qaeda spinoffs). McCain is the epitome of the insane war hawk. Hopefully Congress will ignore this pest and not cave to his demands to interfere in Syria’s civil war. Nothing good will come from a confrontation with Russia.

    • srdem65 I just saw the reports of McCain in Syria. Nothing good will come of this. We don’t even know the composition of these Syrian rebels. The moment has passed for us in Syria. This will be a mess.
      McCain and Kerry are good buddies and this doesn’t happen without top approval.
      Absolutely inappropriate for McCain to be doing this on a day when America is remembering those who have died in the sacrifice of their country.

      • The ambassador, Robert Ford, was in Syria a month ago. There’s something going on behind closed doors. Personally, I would mind breaking out the popcorn and watching Hezbollah, Syria and whatever jihadists are there having a go at one another for awhile.

    • Also, Kerry’s making a 4 billion dollar deal with Palestine. What’s going on?

      There was a reunion dinner this past weekend at the Nixon library for the released POW’s 40th anniversary. McCain should have been THERE !

  14. I do not need bho and / or mooch to tell me to remember our military heroes. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of my husband with tremendous pride for his service in the USN for 20 years, those he served with, and those who came before and after. the president and his wife are so arrogant. I still find it hard to believe he holds the highest office in our Nation.

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