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Obama Ends Week with Round of Golf

President Obama fled the scandal-besieged White House for the sanctuary of the golf course Saturday, playing a round at Fort Belvoir.

It was the 13th time the president has played this year and the 124th time of his presidency.

Today he will travel to Oklahoma to view the devastation wrought by last week’s tornado. He’ll meet with victims and first responders.

Asked, in an appearance that aired on Fox News this morning, what he thought of President Obama, Former Sen. Bob Dole (R-Kan.) replied, “Good golfer.”

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  1. How disruptive are these types of visits?

    I don’t want to unfairly jump on FCMABBHO’s back about this visit. I’m sure these kinds of visits from a president are a burden on an already overwhelmed citizenry and their first responders. But, people would criticize him if he didn’t visit.

    1. Obama supporters would never criticize him. If he did not visit, they would just say he was acting out respect for the victims and the first responders, and he doesn’t want to add to their problems.

      Or he could just say he was too busy playing golf, and that would be fine too. There is nothing Obama could do to be criticized by his supporters and he could give a crap about what conservatives say. They are just dissenters and deserve to be either re educated, driven underground, or intimidated into passivity.

      Obama could less about this country. He cares about fundamentally changing right down to its very foundations.

      1. I wonder how many LIV’s actually want the type of government he wants. Or, don’t they care as long as the free shit keeps rolling in?

          1. To Julie and Rick:

            At times I wonder about the practice of giving the vote only to those who own real property. It violates the core principle of no taxation without representation, but it would reduce the power of those who vote for free shit.

          2. Here, it used to be that only property owners could vote on bond issues/indebtedness. Some court decided everybody can vote on bond issues, even when they have no property. (Non property-owers would have what incentive to vote no?)

        1. You nailed it, Mandy. LIVs are not idealists, they are practical folk……”So I vote for them and I get stuff? No work? Cool…”

        2. “free sh*t” creates dependency. Once you are dependent you have no choice when the “free sh*t” changes, lessens or disappears. This is what Obama and the liberal progressives want and when you are too busy living the good life of “free sh*t” you will never see the moment when the sh*t begins to hit the fan. If you don’t have to go out and get it, you have no idea that it will not be there forever.

          1. I have a vague memory of someone I studied in college, of his thoughts about society being a wagon, and what happens when more people are riding the wagon than are moving the wagon. I thought it might be William Graham Sumner. I found this tid-bit from him at Wiki.

            As soon as A observes something which seems to him wrong, from which X is suffering, A talks it over with B, and A and B then propose to get a law passed to remedy the evil and help X. Their law always proposes to determine what C shall do for X, or, in better case, what A, B, and C shall do for X… What I want to do is to look up C… I call him the forgotten man… He is the man who never is thought of. He is the victim of the reformer, the social speculator, and philanthropist, and I hope to show you before I get through that he deserves your notice both for his character and for the many burdens which are laid upon him.

            William Graham Sumner, The Forgotten Man

          2. Bright spot today: I read on Drudge that Texas has passed a law for mandatory drug testing of unemployment applicants.

          3. It should be! Intrusion. Everyone wants to bossycow everyone else! There is no regulation that you have to be drug free to get unemployment. What about people on prescribed drugs? You know–the painkillers that allow them to even work?

          4. I’ll look into it. Thanks.

            I am a first generation American from an Eastern European immigrant family, and most of my career was spent working and living in Russia and Central Asia. I’ve seen some effects of this grand plan of Obama’s.

            That said, there is this bad, but perversely interesting film. I think it’s called The Projectionist, but know it’s not, and it stars that guy who was in that film Amadeus (very manic guy)–something Wolfe I think. Anyway, it is about a projectionist who is a Stalinist. One day he gets an opportunity to be the private projectionist for Stalin himself. Disillusionment sets in. It is in B&W which makes it worse. What is memorable in this film is not only the despair, but the fact that the characters are never happy when something good happens to their neighbor. When one gets something the other does not. Kind of like junkyard dogs.

            And I have seen the after effects of the failure of socialism — when the safety net splatters and there is no “free sh*t” and your entire support structure is demolished and you are left often times, begging on the streets or in the subways.

          5. I’ve watched that movie several times and loved it. I think it’s called something like The Inner Circle, and the actor who plays Stalin’s projectionist is Tom Hulce.

            Two other movies which have moved me in the same way are the German movie The Lives of Others and the Russian movie Burnt by the Sun. I guess the common theme is the evil of state-ism.

          6. Julie, Thanks. I always forget the title and actor. I agree on Burnt by the Sun but haven’t seen The Lives of Others. Will check it out.

            Also in Dr. Zhivago one of the scenes that I love is when the “good” doctor comes home and the mansion has been divided up into rooms and given over to the people.

          7. Boy, I bet you’ve seen some of the horrors from socialism!

            Is the movie “The Inner Circle”? The attitude is part and parcel of class warfare.

          8. MM -Yes, but I experienced some really amazing human resilience and warmth as well. Learned a lot.
            And yes, to the Inner Circle.

          9. That is truly an original observation if he is indeed the originator. Most of us here can related to that being in the C category ourselves, paying our taxes and not having big loopholes. Those of us who are retired Cs have actually had our money stolen from us by A and B to pay for X.

          10. I don’t know if Sumner was the originator of the idea, but he expressed it rather well.

            I’m still looking for the author of the analogy of the wagon. it’s been used many times, but I remember reading one work about it in particular. It was from either the late 1800s or early 1900s, but I’m leaning toward the former.

            Gah! I hate having niggling memories darting around my consciousness.

  2. Birds of a Feather: while our o golfs (and Rome burns), Cameron of the UK – you remember the moslem terrorist who hacked a soldier to death a few days ago, and apparently tempers are rising in England, mirabile dictu – Cameron is flying off to Belize (while Rome burns).

    1. Well, at least while Cameron is in Belize, he won’t be spouting off nonsense about how violence is contrary to the Koran.

      1. How ironic that the hundreds of British nationalists protesting the savage attack are being called racist and Nazi, but when Muslims attack white Europeans, that’s not racism, no sirree.

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  4. ‘Scandal-besieged’ is the simply the result of the Truth emerging about aka Obama’s regime.

    The ‘hell’ these department leaders have been stealth-wreaking against America for 4+ years has at last broken loose; and they can’t control it.

    1. And we only know about a miniscule amount of it — it’s a very large bureaucracy that is lead by and crammed full of corrupt Obamocrats — leftist progressives all. And apparently there is no punishment for bureaucrats, beyond paid administrative leave and promotion that is.

  5. It’s hard to imagine losing all your worldly goods in a few moments as those victims do in tornado alley. Worse yet, to lose all that and endure the sudden loss of a loved one or friend must be a trauma that won’t be eased anytime soon.

    How a visit from the POTUS .offering nothing but a hug and promises could help in these situations doesn’t seem like a positive thing. The people know why he’s there, and it’s not for their benefit, but his own.
    As he indicated at one of his fancy fundraisers, he’s amazed at the American spirit that brings us together in times of trouble.
    His indication that he would like to harness that spirit for his own reasons, only shows how little he knows about the citizens he governs.

    We don’t need him to remind us to honor our military, to grieve for the unnatural deaths of innocents, or to come together and help our neighbors in time of need.
    He should stay in DC, and out of the way of real Americans.

    1. Yeppers. Today at the end of Mass we sang America The Beautiful — lots of military and retired military in our parish. Remember all the fallen and their sacrifices.

      1. George Bush spent his weekend leading 15 wounded warriors over the tough terrain at his ranch in Crawford, TX. You can imagine heat, humidity and the wonderful camaraderie that our former Commander in Chief put out, playing it forward as always.
        Our current idiot-in-chief has done nothing but berate George Bush. Still, with class and dignity, George Bush does the right thing daily as he goes about his life. He has kept his mouth shut and has not retaliated or rebutted the idiot in chief.
        George and Laura Bush, George Sr. and Barbara Bush. Class acts all.

        1. And I’m not a special fan of O’Reilly, but it’s a true charity he is leading, buying all terrain wheelchairs for our war wounded. I think he’s not going to stop until every Wounded Warrior has one. You don’t see the Obama government providing them to our veterans. (Something none of us would criticize him for if he did. They could spend my tax dollars that way.)

          Agree with you on GW and Laura. I’d almost say that President Bush is living a saintly, truly Christian life.

    2. I wonder how many resources are being diverted to make things look good for him.

      From his visit to Tuscaloosa:

      Workers under clear blue skies this morning were assiduously working the runway about 8 a.m. using weed trimmers, blower packs and trash bags to polish the runway for Air Force One and its passengers.

      Some commenters on took issue with such tidying up though, arguing that resources could be better utilized elsewhere.


    3. Amen, srdem. Well said. God bless all those brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice so that we have the freedom to let our voices be heard.

  6. I sometimes take notes on Post-its, index cards, scraps of paper. This morning, I was cleaning out a little box with notes from 2011, and one that reads “C. Boyden Gray files grievance w/ IRS Re: Media Matters’ tax-free status”. I Googled it and found this from three days ago.

    Reacting to the congressional investigation into the IRS targeting of tea party and other conservative groups, former White House counsel C. Boyden Gray finds it telling that the embattled agency never even responded to his complaint against Media Matters for America.

    “Media Matters for America is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization with contributions that are tax-deductible. Yet it has been behaving as an arm of the Democrat Party,” Gray remarked via telephone in an exclusive interview Wednesday. “While the IRS has now admitted that it targeted conservative groups for special scrutiny, it has continued to ignore our 2011 complaint against Media Matters for America and its ongoing violations of U.S. tax law.”


    “That is like comparing apples and oranges,” Gray responded. “This is specious, since our request to the IRS was to revoke the (c)(3) taxpayer subsidy granted to Media Matters’ partisan political activity, whereas the current IRS scandal involves the IRS targeting of non-deductible (c)(4) entities engaged in general policy issues not involving partisan political action.”


    1. I’m impressed; the only things I have on post-its are phone numbers with no names attached, reminders to purchase more of something, or cryptic numbers that are underlined.

      Serious, now.
      This passive/aggresive attack on conservatives has been going on for a long time. We have a overblown, outsized government that is populated with Dems, liberals, and progressives who wish nothing more than to grind the conservative population into the ground.

      1. Heck you guys, I’m impressed with Post Its. I have scraps of all kinds of paper with all kinds of cryptic hints about what I might have been thinking was important at the time.

      2. The attacks are not passive-aggressive! They’re aggressive! They’re also long-term attacks. The Yippies from the 60s and 70s have taken over the systems, especially the educational system.

        How many schools have civics classes?

      3. And the leviathan keeps growing…becoming less and less recognizable as a government of the people. Now the minions of Preezy Revenge are working to infiltrate SES – the upper echelon of US Civil Service employees – with LaRaza acolytes. This anti-American, race-based group actively supports Aztlan, which demands the return of the Southwestern states to Mexico.


        1. LaRaza = The Race
          Kalifornia was destroyed by LaRaza and MEcha. The outgoing mayor, Villaraigosa, was a card-carrying member of both organizations in his early years at UCLA and eventually infiltrated city govt. Obama is his AF/Am counterpart. His admiinistration is teeming with LaRaza hires from Los Angeles.

          Obama’s M & M utopia: Mexicans and Muslims! God help us all!

        2. The Constitutional lawyer and professor Jonathan Turley–a bona fide one–has an excellent post on the fourth branch of government, the unelected bureaucrats who bypass our Congress and are their own courts. I think it’s still up on RealClearPolitics, and it originally appeared in The Washington Post. Scary to the nth, Susan.

  7. Where’s the WH Mooch? Seems a bit odd to me that Obama’s canned condolence speeches always include the words – ‘Michelle and I extend our deepest sympathies”; yet Michelle never accompanies the Consoler-in-Chief. Notably, the tragedies involving children (her raison d’etre), Newtown and now Moore, OK. It’s just as well, these people have suffered enough. It does show, however, an extreme lack of empathy and emphasizes her ‘Let them eat cake’ attitude.

    Meanwhile, the Obama PR campaign continues on Tuesday at the Jersey Shore. It’s Barry and Chrissie – together again! Is it too soon for a 2016 endorsement?

          1. Are you kidding? What they have is a business arrangement, not a marriage. He’s homosexual and it’s his hermaphrodite beard. Kind of like billary, even down to the koranimal element.

        1. He’s still wearing his training pants. Mommy Valjar was sitting on the dais at the Morehouse commencement last week-end. I wonder if she has switched Barry over from formula to solid foods yet. Doesn’t look like it.

  8. all we can expect from barry is more of the same… this man was loved by many Americans who didn’t judge him by his color or name. because most of America are Christians we are to look at a person character not wrapper. he had the chance to make Americans proud to be a great example to broken households, to mixed Americans that this country is free and we can do all things, but now we have barry. The most un-American person we’ve ever seem doing the most evil things and playing golf all the way home. you know what barry… we will still be here after your evil un-American, un-Godly ass is gone.

  9. So the eternal loafer once again hits the links with his posse of butt kissers and of course by choosing to play a military golf course (for free naturally) this deprives our active and retired military members, for whose use the golf course was built, of getting in some well-deserved rounds of golf. Dictator Obama continuously demonstrates his complete loathing and disregard for the military. Witness this week ordering the Marines to hold an umbrella over his precious head so it won’t get wet. Failing to salute a Marine as the got aboard his flying limousine courtesy of the taxpayers and then when informed of his error bounces back down out of the chopper to give the Marine a black power handshake. He probably needed to get some more smokes, nicorette gum, and malt liquor so it was time to warm up the chopper for a trip to the local Seven Eleven.

    After a grueling 18 holes of golf by the Commandant Klink in Chief, it’s off on another propaganda jaunt which will add additional burdens on the tornado victims in Oklahoma so he can strike fake poses of sympathy and shock for the sycophant press. Empty promises of federal aid will also be announced with the use of teleprompters. No doubt the visit will be mercifully short because at some point he will have decided enough of the sympathy crap, and will make a hasty beeline for the luxurious digs of Air Force One and will immediately start tippling the ample supplies of booze on board the plane as he jets back to the White House, now known as the Den of Destruction.

    One silver lining to the trip though, he has a rock solid excuse not to spend another Sunday in the company of his exquisitely feminine wife who has no doubt been steadily boozing away (top shelf liquor natch!) all day herself, and will greet him with a steady stream of shrill invective regarding his failures as a husband, father and marxist. I almost pity the Dictator when he arrives home. Almost but not quite.

      1. Yes I Did. While I was not in agreement on GW’s spending and creating the Department of Homeland Security I still respect him and admire him for his quiet dignity and his devotion to the troops he send into combat as Commander-in-Chief. In total contrast you have Dictator Obama who has dishonored the presidency and views our brave military as servants to his whims, which includes leaving them to their fates in Benghazi. He is quite simply an evil human being.

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