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Obama Comforts Oklahomans Devastated by a Tornado

President Obama visited Moore, Oklahoma today to tour the damage and visit with those whose lives were wracked by last week’s tornado.

It’s a rare visit to a deep red state by the president. He generally travels to places selected for political purposes while the White House pretends he is simply trying to communicate with America. I guess it took a tragedy for him to feel the need to communicate with Oklahomans.

The Bush White House did the same thing, far as I can remember. I can recall the Bush people kind of dissing the East Coast just before Bin Laden struck it.

Okay, you want to travel for politics, fine, but don’t pretend you’re doing it for America.

Here’s some video.

27 Responses to Obama Comforts Oklahomans Devastated by a Tornado

  1. Before his “comforts” photo-op today could ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ even find Oklahoma on a map of the USA…?

    -Just asking…

  2. Nope. Nope. Nope. You can’t make me watch the snake oil salesman perform. My TV is on TCM watching John Wayne in The Green Berets. Rather reminisce about what America once was, rather than face the reality of what these Marxists want to transform her into today.

  3. My BIGGE$T problem with Obama is that he doesn’t realize he’s the President of ALL of us. He would never go to a red state that didn’t have his per$onal interests in mind. As someone mentioned downstairs, is there a fundraiser tonight in OKC ?

  4. Seriously he’s right in the middle of the dreaded red states filled with suffering people who don’t need his condescending photo op sickening.
    First always notice in the terrible times flags and God and taking care of
    your neighbor are all alive and well. These two things that Obama has shown sch disdain for, well the qualities will survive and thrive in spite of
    this sad period in our history. Also again Michelle has given up any pretence of being a proper caring First Lady.

    • you are so right-I knew she wouldn’t go-she really does suck-she didnt even go to the sandy hook propaganda fest and that is pretty damn low

      • She’s got a big fundraiser with the NBA player who came out so I
        guess the prep is keeping her too busy for suffering peasants,
        Words fail me.

  5. If he feels the need to “comfort” someone, perhaps he can walk the mean streets of Chicago where 17 people have been shot, 6 fatally, in the last two days. Their families could use some comfort, too.

    • Doesn’t Chicago have the toughest gun control laws in the country? Meanwhile, MOOshelle’s latest project is changing cupcakes to carrots in math textbooks! Her hometown is on fire and she says “let them eat carrots” as she is in the midst of preparing to spend the entire summer on Martha’s Vineyard with friends and family. These people are useless parasites.

      • Speaking of violence. Sweden has had rioting for 6 days courtesy of the “usual suspects”. How do they NOT handle it…

        Nero fiddled (not really) but Sweden actually writes parking tickets.
        Stockholm riots keep spreading and intensifying, Swedish police have adopted a tactic of non-interference. ”Our ambition is really to do as little as possible,” Stockholm Chief of Police Mats Löfving explained to the Swedish newspaper Expressen on Tuesday.

        Sweden doesn’t have a muslim problem- it has a Swedish problem!
        Parking Tickets Issued on Wrecks while Stockholm Burns

        • Sadie, thanks for talking about it. My country, and all European countries with large Muslim populations that the naive politicians let in, have integration problems and the media and the politicians are in a symbios when it comes to not discussing it. ( Well, there are “rightist” parties that does and they are routinely labeled racist ) Therefor, I say again, I am glad the riots happen because discussion is soon inevitable, it´s so blatant. I suspect that liberal media in the US is not so keen on discussing the riots in Sweden because this is what Obama dreams of, pushing back the Western civilisation, inviting the Muslims. By the way, there is an excellent article in PJMedia by Rickard Fernandez, “Jumping to conclusions”, about the art of printing news without saying anything at all.

          • American press does a lousy job of reporting news in Europe unless there is a body count or a gruesome death as the world saw in the UK. The “car-b-ques” in France barely saw coverage and they went on for weeks. I really have to rely on the internet and blogs for information beyond our shores. Here’s one site that keeps me current and the other is – I just click and read.

          • Hard on Sweden and hard on the press, too. Sweden’s dream of multiculturalism has made life hell on earth for the Jews of Malmo.

  6. Proverbially hugging white women and shedding tears. At least he got the correct corner of his eye this time. The UK Telegraph has a huge piece on his visit to OK cataloging all the promises he is making. My comment was, “Will the Telegraph do a follow-up and write an update?”

  7. I know why he’s out of town – so he doesn’t have to greet Rolling Thunder.
    There are videos of Bush greeting them.

  8. I have mixed emotions on this. I live about a mile south of the tornado path and my in-laws lost their house in the May ’99 tornado. I have known Shelley, the principal at Briarwood Elementary (and the lady that Obama hugged), since we were 5th graders. She is a better person than me because I would have started asking Obama why the lies and deceit about Benghazi, IRS, Fast & Furious ect. etc. etc.

    We also know the deputy-fire chief of Moore, OK and he had to go on the tour with Obama yesterday. I told my wife it would be hard for me to bite my tongue. Again, she reminded me that the good of the community outweighs our personal politics at times. I replied that that may be true, but I at least wouldn’t do a Chris Christie and back slap Obama and go riding on AF1.

    I still think Obama is a fake and a phony. Amateur-in-chief. Wanted the perks and benefits of the office and wasn’t ready for the job. He’ll live the life of luxury for his remaining days and his daughters will have opportunities that we can only dream of for our kids, just because of their surname. I’m not an OWS and I don’t begrudge people who do well, but I do get fed up with the cronyism that goes on with the Washington elite. Look at Pelosi’s, Biden’s, Reid’s, Clinton’s kids and the opportunities they’ve had. I’m sure there are some on the Republican side too – I just can’t name them. Maybe Bush’s daughter with her reporting gig. The politicians get rich after being elected because of selling their influence to lobbyists. It’s sickening. Makes me want to puke. But, I diverged. ;)
    I don’t think Obama cares about anyone unless they have something he needs. We had people in our sunday school class that lost their homes and while they have insurance and they’ll rebuild, we still collected items and money in our class and gave it to them to help them with immediate needs like clothes. That’s what we do. I’m on an incoherent rant now. I’ll step off the soapbox.

    I just thank God for the real heroes that showed up in the midst of this tragedy – the teachers who shielded kids with their own bodies while the tornado ripped the schools apart; the deputy-fire chief who has been dealing with the rubble and the hurting people every day for the last week. They are the heroes. Not the guy who rides in afterwards so he can say he came; he saw, and then flies off to make his tee time.

    • Well said, Stefan. The good people of Oklahoma didn’t just sit on their hands waiting for the government to rescue them. Oklahomans picked themselves up, brushed themselves off, and got busy with the task of recovery. I’m proud to say Texas is lending a helping hand to our neighbors, just as Oklahoma has done for us many times before. God bless the people of Oklahoma – they are the epitome of American exceptionalism.

      • Joplin MO sent people–apparently OK had sent teams to them. It’s the American way. I heard that people are learning their homeowners insurance kind of sucks, higher deductibles. There may be more of that going around.