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Hume: Obama Creates “Howling Conflict of Interest”

Brit Hume of Fox News stepped into his customary role this morning of Voice of Reason when he decried the obvious problem with President Obama’s decision to have Attorney General Eric Holder investigate whether the Justice Department overreached in its probes of reporters in national security cases.

Holder of course HIMSELF INSTIGATED ONE OF THE PROBES when he signed off on the affidavit against Fox News reporter James Rosen.

This takes the “fox guarding the chicken coop” one step further. It’s asking the fox to wipe the blood off his jowls and find out what happened to all the chickens who were in the coop last night.

Hume appeared on “Fox News Sunday.”

H/T to the National Review.

49 Responses to Hume: Obama Creates “Howling Conflict of Interest”

  1. So a lot of people are going to say Holder’s “lying”, but you, Brit Hume, say at a minimum he’s “untrustworthy” and “bumbling”. Holder criminally indicted James Rosen, a real journalist who was just doing his job, as a co-conspirator in violations of the Espionage Act and that doesn’t get a rise out of you? Ye gads establishment types, grow a spine and call it what it is – TYRANNY!

  2. After telling Congress that he didn’t know…sure he’s going to admit it was wrong…..!#-&@$$ Sorry fell out of my chair laughing.

  3. MrHume appeared to be flummoxed that he even had to voice such a premise when it is so glaringly apparent to everyone but the WhiteHouse. What’s more outrageous is that the MSM seems to have no public objection to the President charging MrHolder with an investigation of these incidents that he was personally directed.

    Assuming that MrHolder does examine his personal karma and find his own responsiblity for these misdeeds, we won’t be surprised if he puts himself on “administrative leave, with pay” for at least a month this summer.

    On this same show, SenDickDurbin (D), one of the old, White men of the Senate, wondered out loud if the constitution’s provision of free speech protected bloggers and tweeters, among others not associated with the professional “press”. Showing his ignorance of the meaning of the most important of American rights, MrDurbin joins the other Dems who think our Bill of Rights and Constitution are just so much ancient writings that can just be twisted to suit their political agenda.
    He also refused to admit to his part in urging the IRS to investigate conservative tax-exempt organizations..

  4. As usual, Hume is spot on.

    Obama is depending on two things to happen:

    1. The media led by the “New York Times” will come to his defense with editorials and “news articles”. That should be enough to convince many people.

    2. As a follow up to point #1, most Americans (Rush’s “low information voters”) aren’t even paying attention to this issue. It’s way too difficult to understand.

    Case closed!

  5. this is like parody now. please tell me that Holder is not going to get away with investigating himself. please? are we that stupid that we’re going to allow this?

  6. How many judges did the DoJ approach before it got permission to not notify Rosen?


    Who is the judge who approved it?

    Who appointed her/him?

  7. I watched RT ( Russia Today) yesterday, I don´t have FoxNews. By the way, RT is much more informative than CNN and BBC , sometimes these two are downright misinforming. RT had an interview with James Goodale, whom I had never heard of before. Goodale was plainspoken about “Rosengate” and called Obama the biggest threat to free speech. I think he is absolutely right.

    • swedishlady –
      James Goodale is a First Amendment lawyer.
      He was behind the Times’ decision to publish the Pentagon Papers in 1971 (according to wiki). I do get RT but generally find the programming very anti-American. Do you have access to ITV (BBC alternative). When I was living outside of the US, I found them to be more middle of the road than CNN International.

      • Well, I haven´t watched RT for very long. It might be so that the events concerning IRS, AP and Rosen are so hurtful for the US image that RT delights in reporting about it. I don´t know if we have ITV, is that a British channel ? I think CNN ( the European version ) is very good at reporting without saying anything at all.

  8. OT:
    This veteran offers his thanks & prayers for his fellow veterans and members of all the branches of the US Armed Forces, Reserve, National Guard and Retired.
    May God watch over & continue to protect you & your families .
    God bless America!