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Video || Obama Forgets to Salute Marine

Uhhhh boy. And he was on his way to give the commencement address at Annapolis.

President Obama Friday morning forgot to salute the Marine who ceremonially stands guard as the president boards his helicopter. Instead, merrily chomping his Nicorette, Obama sauntered past the man and hopped up the steps to the chopper.

I’ve never seen this happen in 15 years covering the White House.

Someone clearly noticed, or Obama remembered, and he came back out and shook the Marine’s  hand. Which I’ve also never seen.

Anyway, here you go.

45 Responses to Video || Obama Forgets to Salute Marine

      • Uh, those two things are not high crimes or misdemeanors. They show he lacks a grasp of protocol, something which a president should learn before he’s sworn into office. But, with a narcissist, such matters are not important.

  1. I suspect that, for the first time in Obama’s life, he’s actually having to consider the consequences of his actions and he’s forgetting the everyday things (like returning a salute). Don’t know if someone said something to him but at least he came back down and shook the Marine’s hand almost immediately.

    With his complete lack of prior experience and now finding himself and his peeps swimming in scandals, el Presidente has a lot to think about these days – not the least of which is trying to figure out how to keep all this from landing on the desk he continually puts his feet on.

  2. What an ass! Just shows his lack of respect for the men and women who would lay down their lives for him without hesitation. The very least he could have done after shaking the Marine’s hand was to step back and render the proper salute.

  3. If I were the Marine I would have washed my hand immediately afterwards in the interest of self preservation. Communism is a communicable disease!

      • I’m inclined to agree. He’s not invested in this whole America thing anyway, he’s been under a lot of stress lately and respect for the office just slipped his mind. So he came BACK down the steps AND SHOOK A HIS HAND.

        If someone yells GUN!!! guess who’d take a bullet for him?

          • Once GWB, distracted and with arms full, went up stairs without returning the salute. He walked back down, tapped the Marine on the shoulder. When the Marine turned President Bush saluted him. The Marine smiled broadly.

            Another time visiting Walter Reed, Bush saluted the wounded soldier, and held his salute until the soldier could return it. Holding the salute, Bush put himself in a subordinate position respectfully.

            Only Obama would think that a handshake from him would be better than a salute.

            When you don’t respect the men and women who serve and die for this country, sleeping through Benghazi is totally in character.

  4. He’s got a lot of things on his mind these days. OT but may be related to Preezy Revenge’s state of mind. This is what tyranny looks like:

    1) Larry Conners, the St. Louis reporter for CBS affiliate KMOV, was fired from his job on Wednesday. It appears he really was targeted by the IRS after he asked the petulant potentate about his family’s frequent vacations during the recession.

    2) Then there is Catherine Engelbrecht’s nightmare involvement with a multitude of alphabet agencies after she had the nerve to get involved in politics.

  5. He struts around like a freakin’ jaunty-assed, bouncing turd.

    Is that supposed to signify his youthful athletic ability or something, with his arms hitched up, elbows awkwardly tight to his torso, as he bounces up and down every set of stairs he comes in contact with? Oh yeah, we get it Barry.
    You don’t need no handrail on Air Force One like that old man George W.

    You be the new kind of Prez.

    Besides being a total ‘effing embarrassment as a leader.

    You look like a douche.

  6. The marine can do the honorable thing and burn the glove or the smart thing and sell the glove to one of BHO’s zillionaire ass kissing friends and retire to some independent, tropical island.

  7. The president, though Commander-in-Chief, is a civilian. It is improper for him to salute. Even Eisenhower didn’t salute the military Reagan started this nonsense and others have followed his gaffe.

    • No you are mistaken, as CoC the President is obligated to acknowledge respect from a sub-ordinate. By the way, Ike was a military man, a Five Star General I believe and I’d bet my last hog leg he would follow military protocol.

      • Bullshit, he’s absolutely right that Reagan invented the “tradition,” and not only did Eisenhower not return salutes, he never appeared in uniform as President or Ex, such was his respect for civilian control of the military.

        You can’t have missed that this nonsense regardless, Obama went back outside and shook the Marine’s hand, did you Keith?

  8. I will pound on Obama with the best of them, because in most cases he deserved it. But he barely had gotten onto the helicopter before he came back out and shook the Marine’s hand. So this once, I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

  9. I’m surprised Queen Barry did not have the Marine holding a sun umbrella over Queen Barry’s head. Perhaps the queens big ears provide enough shade?

  10. That Marine would have to be a multiple amputee in a coma before he forgot to salute the President of the United States. I guess that’s the difference between someone who appreciates the office and someone who does not.

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