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Obama Gives State Dept. Talking Points Editor a Promotion

The  State Department spokeswoman who played a pivotal role in deleting portions of the Benghazi talking points has been tapped by President Obama for a plum new post, bagging a nomination to become assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs.

NulandNuland is a career foreign service officer who had held many high-level positions, including under George W. Bush. But her nomination to handle the European portfolio will likely be seen by Republicans as an example of the president flipping the bird their way.

Senate confirmation in the current environment would seem unlikely, at best.

During the process of whittling the original CIA talking points down, a reference to participation in the Benghazi attack by al Qaeda-linked elements was deleted. Nuland had expressed “serious concerns” about mentioning the terrorists. And she also asserted that including references to previous attacks against foreigners in Benghazi “could be abused by members to beat the State Department for not paying attention to Agency warnings.”

Nuland was particularly aggressive, pursuing the matter until the concerns of her superiors were satisfied.

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168 thoughts on “Obama Gives State Dept. Talking Points Editor a Promotion”

    1. Frankly, they are all in this together so they are not necessarily rewarded, they are just there. The job was available so she got it.

      She did not have to be coerced into obfuscation. The way the system is set up, the only way they leave is to die.

    2. But she did not actually keep her mouth shut about several very important things.

      In the aftermath of the Benghazi terror attack, she dissembled publicly during press briefings on a number of occasions and on important matters. And privately, there is an undeniable record of her actively and vigorously seeking to cover up the facts regarding the terrorist attack, particularly as has now been revealed by the redacted email exchanges.

      What she did keep quiet about was who — what person (or persons) — at the State Department was pressing through her for repeated amendments to the “talking points” in a way that ultimately resulted in a patently false story being told to the American people.

      1. You still believe Government”information”?
        Got to walk “multicultural” areas to get a clue.

        Get out of “Lexus” and shake hands with underprivileged.
        Make sure your Insurance is up to snuff..

        1. there’s some talking points if i ever heard some…
          like you have to hang around with the irresponsible
          to better “understand” the world…
          tell you what, you go read the Constitution
          and comprehend what that wonderful document
          means to all of mankind, then we can talk…

          1. @ “BUCKY” — I agree with you completely concerning our Constitution. It’s such a shame that such a small number of people give it more than a second thought.

      2. If she is the candidate for the job and is awarded then I will say she is too stupid to deserve it and there is very low requirement for State Department Jobs. Why did she do what she did. She was the weakest link in the department and cost the lives of American lives. She will in this or after life pay for the death of 4 Americans. And will go places if Clinton get the win in Election of 2016.

  1. It’s kind of like being in the mob. You make “a hit” or you take the heat and protect the boss, you get a promotion. In this Marxist administration, if you lie and cover the Muslim in the Oval Office, they’ll find a good spot for you. Then, they can all sit around and laugh at the public. And since ’09, the people of this country richly deserve to be laughed at.

    1. After we off Sadam Hussein, a Muslim, low info voters elect Barrack Hussein, a Muslim. How stupid can we be?
      Anything for Obama phones!

  2. The President is a liar. And I feel disenfranchised as hell by my Government.

    At this point even if Obama somehow dies in office, I really could f’n care less about it.

    Treason is as treason does.

  3. Here’s a talking point; the State took control of the media. There’s an illegal war taking place. Unelected officials have elected themselves president and taken control of the media. Do you believe that this is merely a coincidence;

    Biden (Bi)n La(den)

    About as coincidental as Obama catching Osama 3 days after releasing his birth certificate. Did you know Obama shares a birthday and a Nobel Peace Prize with Yasser Arafat the founder of modern day terrorism? No one is exactly sure where Yasser was born either. Must be another coincidence…

    The cover up and illegal war began with the 2008 election. Sarah Palin was planted to LOSE. Don’t take my word for it. See the proof and decide for yourself. Search Sarah Palin’s dirty little secret for the BIGGEST cover up in history.

    1. There is a black helicopter over your trailer interfering with your tin foil hat reception. I am no Obama supporter but you need help!

        1. Bigger stretch than Gumby…Love it. (you won’t get credit later.) Seriously, I wonder if the lefties plant some of these posts to make us all look like tin foil origami fools. I hold nothing against Sarah and a can’t stand Oboutme, but the same post over and over…good greif…

      1. With the single, unapolegetic exception of the now well-proven inauthentic BC that Obama trotted out, I would agree.

  4. It’s not just “flipping the bird” at Republicans it’s arrogance at it’s worst.

    A long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs has a better chance of exiting the room w/o injury than Nuland does of getting confirmed. (In light of his actions this past week though, it is possible John McCain could round up a few rino’s and let the President have his way but I don’t think he’s gone quite that senile just yet.

    In the end it’s just another Susan Rice media stunt. Put the poor woman out there as the heroin and then paint the Repulican’s as mysogynists and hate mongers to rally the base and influence the low information crowd for 2014.

    It’s despicable, it’s disgusting, but it IS Barack Hussein Obama.

    1. Obama is merely ACTING as our president. There was a Coup. When the government stages a Coup it takes control of the media. Obama is cooperating with authorities and forced by self elected officials to sign NDAA into law. The focus of this bill was not for the illegal detention of civilians without due process, this was a diversion. NDAA was created for our government to “legalize” using PSYOPS and propaganda against the American public to cover up the truth about the Coup, the military police state, and the real story on Obama. These unelected officials are using the media, who was in on the 2008 election, along with online commenting now for an illegal war and domestic spying operation. This war began with the introduction of Sarah Palin in the 2008 election. Sarah was planted as McCain’s running mate with no intention of winning. They THREW the election. Don’t take my word for it. See the proof and decide for yourself. Search Sarah Palin’s dirty little secret and learn what our government is desperately trying to keep a lid on.

      1. HighInformationVoter

        Seriously Ed? Still trolling the web with this crap? Ed’s dirty little secret is that lump growing cold in your adult diaper.

    2. Good point. I was a little reluctant to say it without more proof. But it certainly appears to be the case that she is being deliberately nominated for this post, knowing that her nomination will draw considerable attention and opposition, which will in turn give the Administration another opportunity to bray openly about the continuing “war on women.”

      It also tailors nicely with their frequently employed “distraction” strategy — “Hey look … a squirrel! When they’re really getting hammered badly on one issue [the IRS abuses], they open up a less damaging front on a less toxic (for them) issue in order to draw attention away from the damage being inflicted elsewhere. The irony is that some people believe that the reason they deliberately leaked the IRS story, was in order to take the heat off Benghazi. If that was the case, they may have now concluded that the IRS story backfired on them and got completely out of hand. They may have believed that it could be more easily be contained. What they do know, however, is that public attention tends to be characterized by a primary focus — usually on one issue.

      1. I agree.

        And that, IMO, indicates how very dangerous the mendacious Marxist megalomaniac and his thugocracy is now.

        I put nothing — NOTHING — past them to distract.

        Actually, I’m surprised that we haven’t seen and heard gunfire and the droppings of bombings and their explosions — domestically and/or internationally.

        We should all be very vigilant now.

    1. Victoria.

      Relying on others to spoon feed information? Really?

      Those who have been paying attention all along don’t need her first name, we already know it.

      1. I knew her name, but still noted the error.

        It’s copywriting 101, and it was fair that it was pointed out.

        I suspect the author would agree.

    2. Ron, your concern is 100% legitimate. Someone with reporting credentials should know better, and I made the same comment before I saw yours. To be fair though, even editors at major papers need editors themselves, and before coffee in the morning, some people just don’t function on all cylinders.

    3. Ron, the folks who regularly comment here are pretty knowledgeable, especially when it comes to exposing eager volunteer political operatives like Nuland, who well earned her notoriety stripes by repeatedly attempting to mislead the American public in the immediate aftermath of the Benghazi disaster. Apparently, though, you haven’t kept up, and without that base of knowledge, you’ll really going to have trouble playing.

      By the way, one of the things Nuland is now “famous” for was intentionally refusing to identify in writing (in emails) exactly who she was speaking on behalf of during the obfuscatory talking points debate that she drove, either by first or last name.

      We know that was quite clearly a bid to politically protect Hillary Clinton’s name from being personally drawn into the cover-up scandal, the one which Nuland was actively promoting by repeatedly objecting to clarity in telling the American people the truth about that terrorist attack!

      “My building’s leadership” … indeed!

  5. This demonstrates how Obama rewards those who obfuscate and lie. She’ll fit right in with the EU crowd so it’s actually an inspired appointment.

  6. Typical BS from ‘president’ Obozo, doing the opposite of what should be done. I wonder if he’ll try to keep doing that from prison?

  7. Ah, the Mafia doctrine of “Omerta.” The criminal “Code of Silence” is strong and predictable amongst these leftist Democrats.

    And leftists/socialists – please – stop with the “Bush appointed,” and “Bush promoted” them. These people are, as was pointed out in this story – CAREER State Dept. flacks.
    Same at the IRS – they LIVE for BIGGER, MORE POWERFUL government. Obama is their “lord and savior.”

  8. Agreed!
    This promotion is entrenching in the kind of “leadership” the left desires. You can’t fire these people and that should be a wake up call. I don’t recall exactly which article(s) or when (probably Best of the Web), but the IRS scandal could quite possibly have been a direct result of what the IRS considered an exestienial threat to that organziation. The TEA party is clearly the party of smaller government and therefore a threat to government workers and the unions that support them.
    The situation is actually better if these scandals emminate from the White House because the remedy is the next election. For if the scandals are not lead by the White House, then it means the mass body of government is now acting in it’s own self interest against a percieved threat to preservation. In other words, “Skynet” has become self aware. An otherwise innocous promotion like this is how it comes to be.
    Too much reading and too little synthesis to give proper attribution.

  9. It’s the Peter Principle in action. Since I’ve started paying attention to what’s going on in the cesspool of DC, it has become clear that the bureaucracy really is non-partisan. Makes no difference whether a Democrat or Republican appoints the bureaucrat to their position of power in the leviathan – they are all statists, whose loyalty lies with the centralized government and not with America as founded.

  10. Does thus position require locating where wearing of prison stripes or orange jumpsuits or in the case of being in Arizona with Sheriff Joe, pink underwear is rewuired? These are the only fitting places this hack should be allowed to go. As for Barry’s one-upmanship, not happening. Actually he will look even more supid than he already does by launching yet another ship to nowhere. The Republicans will rub his nose in it. Barry, it’s got’cha time. Better let Eric know, too,

    1. Is it just me, or do I see Nurse Ratched saying: “You know Billy, what worries me is how your mother is going to take this.”?

  11. At the height of the most scandalous period in modern history, the o’bama administration, believing that it is above the law, makes absolutely no effort to disguise its corrupt, un-American and/or illegal behavior. “What’re you gonna do about it?” is the new motto. Chicago-style.

  12. I think Nuland has worked under 3 Presidents. At one time she was a fp adviser to Cheney. She’s married to Robert Kagan. When I went to look up a fact about Nuland I found this old article, from the left, asking why Clinton would appoint Nuland , given her background. It’s very interesting.

    Nuland — the consummate careerist — cruise control amoral.

  13. This POS likes to stick his thumb in the public’s eye as if to say, “See, you got nothing on me!”. He promotes the slitch from the I.R.S . to Obamacare and now this. The tree of liberty needs water.

  14. Well , did he have a choice? Can’t throw her under the bus, she knows too much and may squeal like a pig! Must keep her happy !

  15. Is this Obama or Kerry? The administration’s “senior advisors” can’t be as politically tone deaf as this suggests, can they? The only other possibility is mind-boggling arrogance.

    1. MrObama might not be doing the lady any favors, depending on how her confirmation hearings go.
      In effect, she has to answer questions on her input to the Benghazi talking points without having to be placed under subpoena.

      1. A devious throwing under the bus? Maybe. By extension it would take attention away from Obama’s role, or lack thereof, in Benghazi and put it squarely on Hillary Clinton and the State Department.

  16. “The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest of men are exalted.”
    —- Holy Bible, Psalm 12:8

    “History fails to record a single precedent in which nations subject to moral decay have not passed into political and economic decline.”
    —- General of the Army Douglas MacArthur

  17. The President is either grossly incompetent chief executive, or he is a mafia godfather type thug, I think he is the latter. Our country will be torn apart for the next three years as he and his administration defends all the scandals it has created. The American public will be drawn into the Obama cult of corruption and all the back and forth of its defense. Resign now Mr. President and spare the country!!

  18. Nuland get promoted for lying. Seems to be a pattern in the Obama administration. No knowledge of any situation and you are on the fast track to the top.

    When will Lois Lerner be promoted to ICE or DHS. Just a matter of time.

  19. So the American people are once again left wondering where the accountability is and why this administration seems to be able to get away with doing anything it wants, including killing Americans.

    I guess we are supposed to get back to watching TV.

    Only in today’s America can these political hacks get away with this. Our nations history shows that people have been much more angry for much less. The people of this country are going to pay for their complacency and already are.

  20. sounds like she’s got enough time to retire w/full benefits if she doesn’t get confirmed and she can go quietly into the good night, if you catch my drift.

  21. Obama is always hiding behind women and race. Hillary, Susan Rice, Lerner, Nuland, Jarrett, etc. He knows men will eventually stand up to him, but “his women” idolize him and will do or say anything. What a baby.

  22. Truth is the most serious casualty in this administrations’ search for publicly acceptable ‘talking points’. No longer can we believe what ‘spokes spinners’ say… we have to distill what the gobbledigoock really means over time as facts are ferreted out and remarks are held to be boldfaced lies. I am disgusted that these folks are rewarded for lying and reach ever higher positions in an administration for being less than truthful. Tell a bigger lie… get a bigger job!

    1. Yep, exactly – he sticks his greasy thumb right in our eye. I’m expecting him to hold a two word presser to remind us by saying – “I won.” ……and we lost our country.

  23. Obama wants to make sure that all of the Administration personnel keeps their lies straight.

    …can’t have one person telling the truth while another lies. Or more likely, one person tells lie A and another person tells lie B.

  24. So in other words. You did a great job covering up for me on Bengazi, Nuland. Here is a little something for your troubles.

    Why this is how Chicago works.

  25. Its the Chicago way and this promotion has the same dynamics of Lois Lerner’s. You reward loyal underlings and punish your enemies.

  26. It’s just keeps getting deeper. Paid leaves and early retirement for liars and crooks and promotions for any who stand with the Criminal In Chief. Miller, Nuland, Ingram, Lerner, Holder.

    And then we have Barry wanting to release terrorists from Gitmo now, tells us that Muslims are fundamental to the American Family – yes, fundamental in committing Jihad on infidels. Fundamental on infiltrating US Gov’t to further their agenda of Sharia and silence Christians and Jews. Ah, too much to point out.

    It seems Impeachment would be too kind at this point.

  27. Just saw this today, it seems fitting. “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist.” Keyser Soeze

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