In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Quote of the Day || May 23, 2013

“If I had a haaammer . . . I’d hammer in the morrrrning. But in the evening, I’d audit the Family Research Council.”

– Lois Lerner

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

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    1. I knew it was written by Pete Seger, and later recorded by Peter, Paul and Mary, but I didn’t know all this from Wiki:

      The song was first performed publicly by Pete Seeger and Lee Hays on June 3, 1949 at St. Nicholas Arena on W. 66th Street in New York at a testimonial dinner for the leaders of the Communist Party of the United States, who were then on trial in federal court, charged with violating the Smith Act by advocating the overthrow of the U.S. government.[1] It was not particularly successful when it was first released, likely due in part to the political climate of the time.[citation needed] It fared notably better when it was recorded by Peter, Paul and Mary more than a decade later. Their cover of the song, released in August 1962, became a Top 10 hit.


  1. Reports are that she was asked to resign. She said she didn’t want to resign, so they told her to go home and they’d send her paycheck there.
    How do us little people get a job like that? Six figure income, do as you please, and if the boss doesn’t like it, well, too bad for him. Sweet.

  2. Did anyone watch Karl Rove on Fox tonight? He implied that Eric Holder is in big trouble: lying to the Congress. One of the Congressmen asked Holder what he thought of the Justice Department going after the reporter in a leak case, and within his reply Holder said he had never done anything like that. That was in reference to the AP case from which he recused himself and before the Rosen story broke. However now we know that he signed the affidavit on investigating Rosen himself.

    1. Julie I saw that also. Interestingly HuffPo now has a headline that Holder must go. However, believing HuffPo is like believing Obama — so we’ll see.

      Personally I think he should go to jail. But hey, that’s me.

  3. I watched parts of Barrys “terrorspeech” yesterday on CNN , my husband wanted to, and I had to endure his snakey, hizzing SSSSSSS over and over again. He talked about domestic terrorism and the Internet and I realized that now he wants to control that too in his Gestapo-ish vision. And of course he wants the Americans to love the Muslims more. We must reach out to the Muslim Community, the Muslims are a fundamental part of the American society, he said. Well, well, our naive and wellmeaning politicians over here bent backwards to please them, our MSM whitewashed and denied any problems and look what we got ? Riots and destruction. I say it is a losing strategy.

      1. Yes Mandy ,we have that problem. I think many western countries with big Muslim populations have that problem. There is bound to be problems when young men from a culture with a controlling, inhibited, contemptuous and hateful view of women clashes with young naive women used to a modern lifestyle.Add to that, our MSM don´t print proper warnings of these men because it´s “racist”.

  4. If Lois had a hammer, I think she’d be using it on her attorney’s head right about now. “YOU said it was OK for me to give an opening statement, you idiot!”

    1. Funny. Actually I think she might be a lawyer and I know her husband is. But if you spend most of your time in the service of the progressive dems I guess you forget a lot about “lawyering” — to wit our king and queen.

      1. No one in the administration appears to have real knowledge of the Constitution. Least of all the lawyers. That’s a quaint, old document which outlived its usefulness long ago–to them.

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