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Obama Schedule || Friday, May 24, 2013

9:20 am || Departs White House
9:40 am || Arrives Annapolis
10:00 am || Delivers the commencement address; U.S. Naval Academy
12:50 pm || Departs Annapolis
1:10 pm || Arrives White House
2:15 pm || Signs a bill designating the Congressional Gold Medal commemorating the lives of the four young girls killed in the 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing of 1963.

All times Eastern
Live stream of Obama speech at 10:00 am

33 Responses to Obama Schedule || Friday, May 24, 2013

  1. 2:15 pm || Signs a bill designating the Congressional Gold Medal commemorating the lives of the four young girls killed in the 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing of 1963.


    Please, please, please, FCMABBHO, don’t make this about yourself.

    I wonder if Condoleeza Rice will be attending.

    • (correction: Midshipmen, not Cadets.)
      Being shiny new Ensigns, USN and 2ndLTs, USMC from the USNA I doubt any of them will snub their “CINC”. But I do feel sorry for them serving under Obama as the US military weakens…

        • No, they do not. Nor to the VP. If they are on a military facility they would receive “Honors” as prescribed by Military protocol, however that can be modified also.

          Now.. do we get to take bets on who will lay the wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns??

  2. “…commemorating the lives of the four young girls killed in the 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing of 1963.”
    Will it take 50 years to commemorate the lives of the four Americans killed in Benghazi?

  3. Annapolis = Navy & Marines

    Navy = SEALs

    SEALs = A group of warriors known to dislike fraudulent braggarts who out their secrecy, the core of their ability to succeed (Not implying Marines DO like someone like that but Barry “led” SEALs against Bin Laden…)

    Have a nice visit, Dear Leader

  4. The US government had nothing to do with the cause of the church bombing 50 years ago, yet we honor those today that lost their lives to a terrorist bombing. I believe that today the US government should apologize to the parents of the four individuals who were killed in Benghazi for the lies and incompetence that the US government is directly culpable for!

    • It’s all about the narrative Obama likes to promote. They’re not so interested in promoting that other narrative.

      Remember during his first administration, he was always going on about telling “stories” so us simple folks could understand the complicated world around us.

      • Not to carry on about this, but the idea that politics is merely a story the tell us – I was reading this and it comes up again.

        One of the president’s defenders, the New Republic’s Noam Scheiber, was asked recently whether the multiple scandals engulfing the administration would have “legs.” He didn’t think so. The scandals lack a common “narrative,” he explained.

        Well, of course they have a common narrative, it’s just not one the administration wishes to tell. But I *do* fear the majority of voting people simply DO need their politics spoon-fed to them by a Jon Stewart, etc. Nice, neat vignettes. No big words, or foreign-sounding lands (who is that Ben Ghazi fella anyway?)

        Thanks Public School System. You’ve done it. You dumbed us down. I wonder what John Dewey would think of what his movement has wrought?

    • It is Memorial Day weekend coming up — and I suppose the President is commending those who lost their lives in the service of their country. All due respect to the families, but Obama’s idea of that is those who lost their lives during the Civil Rights Movement of the 60s.

  5. Naval, I wonder how they will feel seeing a guy who doesn’t care about them?

    everything this man does is just more fudgery on America. He makes me sick.

  6. I notice, too, that his day ends early.

    Obama’s gonna have a rock-out weekend?

    FTR – both my husband and I are working ALL weekend, and I’m missing my kids soccer games. *sad face*

  7. Oh, oh! All the court lackeys had better give Dictator Obama a wide berth this morning! Look at his schedule. It’s an early start time (9:20 am!) for work this morning for the Slacker in Chief. He’ll be grouchy as all hell and will be taking it out on all of the grinning flunkies who surround him and indulge his every whim. They would be wise to avoid him like the plague until 2:16 pm when happy hour will commence at the White House. After an exhausting work day like today, our ferocious and recklessly brave Commander in Chief will have worked up quite the sweat and will require many cocktails to soothe his parched throat and put him in a better mood. That is until Moochelle barges into the oval office and starts berating him for his many failures especially as a father and husband. Rumor has it that Obama is physically afraid of his loving wife. Just a rumor though.

    God Bless the Naval Academy Graduates for serving our country and having to endure another one of Dictator Obama’s lectures on just how awful this country has been and how they should be ashamed of it. They certainly deserve a better Commander in Chief. Wonder if he will advise them to surrender their ships immediately if confronted by the muslims, the Russians, the North Koreans, or the Chinese?