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Obama Repeatedly Heckled by Code Pink Activist

President Obama today got the heck heckled out of him by Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin as he was discussing his plan to close Guantanamo. Her complaint was that she wants him to . . . close Guantanamo. Okay, it doesn’t make sense. But being crazy is not really about making sense.

Have a look. I’ve never seen such a successful and thorough heckling.

What I love about this is that Obama tries to reason with her, and even at one point commends her for giving voice to a serious and difficult issue – when instead he should have been asking security to wrap her up in gauze and take her to a mental hospital.

Here is Benjamin being removed after someone finally figured out she was not up to rational discourse today.

Code Pink - Medea Benjamin

And the video of her procession toward the exit:

It occurs to me, there’s another crazy person Obama thinks it’s possible to reason with.

Because, you know, if you can just get people to understand, just talk to them, they won’t do bad things. Because deep down, we’re really all the same.

Peace out.

Photo of Benjamin by Ryan J. Reilly. H/T to Mediaite for the heckling video and to one of our readers, DeniseVB, for finding the video of Benjamin.

22 thoughts on “Obama Repeatedly Heckled by Code Pink Activist”

      1. Of course they recognize her, which is why she’s allowed in there to do her thing. He wants to look like a big man being nice to the heckler rather than, oh well…had better not say what’s on my mind!

  1. Mental hospital? Why not ship her down to GITMO and let her live and enjoy the setting of the carribean sea with those she seeks to free?

    I thought Code Pink was done for….like the OWS people that fell off the planet.

  2. “Will you apologize to the thousands of muslims you have killed…”
    Clearly, Obummer wanted her message to be heard.

  3. One of the things I like about your blog is your utter fairness. I admit, I loathe Obama, and have a hard time being objective about him. I may even be petty enough to laugh heartily as he is heckled. Thank you for your objectivity, fairness and lack of bias. Your credibility allows me to believe your articles 100%.

  4. This is OT but lifted my spirits after today’s performance by feckless reader. While Obama and his acolytes were serving up bread and circuses to the masses, Senator Ted Cruz took to the floor of the Senate to call out Senator McCain and the rest of the ruling class for trying to hide their attempts to raise the debt ceiling by reconciliation. Dang, I love this guy!

  5. The NI Ratings are in for Obama’s speech (NI = Narcissism Index). Here is the number of times that Obama used these words in his speech:

    “I” = 47 times
    “me” = 15 times
    “my” = 16 times

    Total NI rating = 78

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