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Live Stream || Obama Speech on Drones and Counterterrorism

59 thoughts on “Live Stream || Obama Speech on Drones and Counterterrorism”

    1. Simple. Diddly-Squat was a rapper he had entertain at the White House so…..” I know Diddly-Squat!”

      Wait, you meant terrorism. Never mind…. :>)

    1. Not me. If his lips are moving he’s lying, so why bother? There are lots more important things going on in the world besides this media whore.

  1. Here are the drinking game phrases for today:

    “previous administration”

    “we will not rest”

    “balanced approach”


  2. I have a feeling his counterterrorism is going to be a squishy policy …. like moving the Gitmo inmates to that middle east prison they keep “escaping” from. :D

  3. If he speaks about drones and counter terrorism now. Can we ask him later what he knows about a drone policy or action gone wrong or a counter terrorism effort awry (or even used would be good)? Will he know anything or is he going to refer us to Ben Rhodes who after all is responsible since he more than likely wrote this litany or useless words that Obama will read?

    He would really serve himself better if he would just have Valerie come out from behind the curtain and address the nation directly.

  4. I think we’ve been gamed. While he releases the various plots – the DoJ and the IRS (I think he did not count on Benghazi going against him), drip by drip, they’re pulling off acting (as someone else said) as though we voted to become Mexico.
    I wonder how the AfAms will take this: might be a long hot summer.

  5. When all else fails play act commander in chief. Here that you guys who died in Benghazi — this, this is the man who could not send one armed drone, not one plane, not one man to save you.

  6. His new ‘terror” policy amounts to: tuck your tail and roll over in a fetal position. For someone who was not around during Benghazi, he didn’t mind mentioning this terrorist act several times. In summary, he doesn’t want to piss off the terrorist or the folks that harbor them by enforcing a policy that can only weaken the USA. Of course, this “new” policy will appease the far left, the terrorist and those who want a new world order.

  7. Why is FNC showing this “Live” (2:30p EST)…? I have it on MUTE. I refuse to hear anything Obama has to say; especially when it come to “National Security”……

    1. G#Ds Help me, I would rather listen to Megen Kelly or that A@@hole Shep Smith than Obama during the 2-3pm EST hour…

    1. I didn’t watch. I won’t. But I read that he claimed the attack on the Twin Towers was not a jihadi attack. Doesn’t that make him a Truther?

  8. His makeup person needs to learn to blend – not stop exactly at the chin line. I do like the grey eye shadow and the purple lipstick.

  9. When he rfers to the military as “folks” I want to scream. Actually, I want to punch my fist into my TV; but given the high cost of health insurance restrain myself.

    1. When he refers to anyone as ‘folks’, I want to scream. That’s meant to rhyme with ‘blokes’. That’s ‘common folks’, ‘old folks’, ‘poor folks’, anyone who is not the elitist Obama.

    1. Who let her in the room in the first place? Anyone with a lick of common sense should’ve figured she would pull something.

    2. Definitely a plant. Heard the person he called “young lady” is the 60-year-old Medea Benjamin. If that was a Tea Partier, she’d be hustled out by his goons before the first sentence got out of her mouth…

  10. based on the little bit of Rush’s commentary I heard today, maybe Keith’s headline should read “Obama drones on and on about drones…”

    1. The other Drudge headline (now gone) mentioned this line “This is part of free speech is you being able to speak but also you listening. And me being able to speak. All right?”

      Obama’s version of free speech: you’re free to listen to me bloviate but if you have the audacity to express opinions different than mine, then I’ll harass you with the blunt instruments of government. I thought this sort of tin star sheriff mentality is why the founders left oppression in the first place….


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