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Reporting Puts the IRS Scandal Squarely in Washington

Yes, reporting. It happens. Two examples of actual reporting – one from the conservative media, one from NBC.

Yes, you read that right. NBC’s Lisa Meyers is a good investigative reporter who seems to have forsaken NBC’s ideological bent in favor of traditional shoe leather – shoe heel? – reporting.

Myers found a 38-year IRS veteran who used to work in the IRS Cincinnati office. While the woman does not believe the investigation was politically motivated, she’s certain this was no rogue operation.

Meanwhile, over at the National Review, Eliana Johnson found herself some real live actual sources – pity them, I hope they met her in an underground garage and didn’t communicate by email or phone – who told her that the Washington Technical Unit of the IRS’s Rulings and Agreements office was holding wide sway over the targeting.

Officials in the Technical Unit of the IRS’s Rulings and Agreements office played an integral role in determining how the targeted applications were treated, provided general guidelines to Cincinnati case workers, briefed other agency employees on the status of the special cases, and reviewed all those intrusive requests demanding “more information” from tea-party groups. At times, the Technical Unit lawyers seemed to exercise tight control over these applications, creating both a backlog in application processing and frustration among Cincinnati agents waiting for direction.

An IRS employee who asked not to be identified tells National Review Onlinethat all members of the agency’s Technical Unit are based in Washington, D.C. A current list of Technical Unit managers provided by another IRS employee shows that all such managers are based at the agency’s headquarters on Constitution Avenue in the District of Columbia, and the IRS confirmed, in a testy exchange with National Review Online, that the Technical Unit is “based in Washington.”

According to the IRS source, who is based in Cincinnati, complex cases are routinely elevated to the Technical Unit for guidance. Many of the questions that agents sent to groups most likely came “from Tax Law Specialists — lawyers — in D.C.,” the Cincinnati employee explains. “With tea-party cases, questions from the Tax Law Specialists were way too aggressive,” he says.

The House Oversight Committee has a lot more people to call in to testify. And they won’t have to fly in from Cincy – they’re just a cab ride away.

They’re also a cab ride away from the White House and Treasury.

15 Responses to Reporting Puts the IRS Scandal Squarely in Washington

  1. A lot of this information came out today at the hearings.
    The IG, Mr. George, was presented with a list of Washington IRS associates that had some oversight. He never saw the list before. Funny this is…it was his office that had sent it to the Congressional staff.

    Also, Congress asked Mr. Shulman how many people are involved in the sending of letter of inquiry and the reviewing of those letters to American Citizens. He listed 3 depts that are involved. When pressed to name the individuals in charge or anyone in those depts, Mr. Shulman went to the “I don’t recall” refrain.

    • It’s getting to be Watergate deja vu all over again.
      It’s called “stonewalling”. The players involved in the coverup during the Watergate hearings did the same thing.

    • The administration gets to name the special counsel (President and Attorney General). It’s not like the old Independent Counsel of Watergate days. Personally, I would prefer Congressional select committees on both Benghazi and the IRS and have written my Representative to ask that the Speaker appoint them. We all remember what a disaster Patrick J. Fitzgerald was in Plamegate.

  2. Well (re: Lisa Meyers), about 5+ years too late but I guess better late than never. Maybe they’re trying to make up for their shameful legacy of not really vetting their chosen one years ago. Frankly, for anyone who thinks for themselves, the revelations of abuse of power come as no surprise – these are all expected and could be seen coming a mile away. You can’t have someone who’s never had a real job and no scrutiny for doing anything that passes for actual work in a position like this and not expect some disasters.

    I’m no Palin fan but she nailed this one years ago. “My fellow citizens, the American presidency is not supposed to be a journey of “personal discovery.” This world of threats and dangers is not just a community, and it doesn’t just need an organizer.” We’re seeing the journey going horribly awry but only now being reported.

  3. Playing Devil’s Advocate here….aren’t the Tea Partiers for a Fair Tax? (which does get rid of the IRS). Could be rogue mid-level employees trying to keep their jobs? Still. No excuse for their supervisors to turn a blind eye. Or did they? Gotta save their 6-figure salaries too :) is worth researching. I support them. Who doesn’t want to keep their money. Tax on what you spend, not what you earn !

    • I don’t think all of them are for flat taxes. But anyone that’s worked at a large corporation knows that you can’t just do what you want without management approval. I once got fired from a job because I couldn’t work overtime on a Saturday. I offered to stay late during the week but I wasn’t allowed to be there without my manager and he was coming in on Saturday. This was a large multi-national drug company.

    • Big Government politicians don’t like the flat or fair tax. Take away their behemoth tax code and we take away their power over us. They’ll fight any tax reform tooth and nail.

  4. I’m a little confused. Does this mean that the committee will not be calling the scapegoats from Cincinnati? I think they’re the ones who need to start the finger-pointing because they claim they were not rogues and were ‘just following orders’. Let’s follow the chain of command from the bottom up.

  5. From Schulman’s testimony today it appears they shouldn’t have much trouble finding the path from Treasury to the White House. After more than two hundred visits, he’s got it worn smooth.

  6. I’m skeptical. Knowledge about tea party and conservative bias was there for the checking. Selective intimidation worked. Along comes Mrs. Lerner, brings it out in the open with an apology and now she is taking the 5th. This woman has been exercising this power against select groups since she was on the Federal Elections organization.

    Nobody who donates to Obama, votes for Obama and works for Obama does this without clearance. If Mrs. Lerner she goes down on a pre agreement.

    As for all these newly inspired investigative reporters — too little, too late and nothing has changed in their support of this corrupt President and tyrannical progressive ideology.