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Obama Schedule || Thursday, May 23, 2013

10:15 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:00 am || Meets with senior advisors
12:30 pm || Lunch with Biden
2:00 pm || Delivers speech on the Administration’s counterterrorism policy; National Defense University, Washington

All times Eastern
Live stream of Obama speech at 2:00 pm

16 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Thursday, May 23, 2013”

  1. 2:00 pm || Delivers speech on the Administration’s counterterrorism policy; National Defense University, Washington

    Oh, really? Can he bring himself to actually say the word “terrorism” without a lot of mental-prep work beforehand?

    I doubt he will address the fact that Maj. Nidal Hassan has earned more than $200,000.00 since he carried out his jihad at Ft. Hood.

      1. First thing I read there is another Look A Squirrel thing today–I almost walked around and got in the other side of the bed and went back to sleep.

  2. Does His Majesty have ample time for a visit to the vomitorium after His Majesty’s lunch with insignificant insect biden? Must arrange for Her Majesty Michelle’s extended vacation. Dip someTea Partiers in wax and ignite them as bug repellent on Her Majesty’s patio!

  3. I wonder if FCMABBHO would call this incident a terrorist attack if it happened here:

    A British soldier was hacked to death by two men shouting Islamic slogans in a south London street on Wednesday, in what the government said appeared to be a terrorist attack.

    A dramatic clip filmed by an onlooker just minutes after the killing showed a man with hands covered in blood, brandishing a bloodied meat cleaver and a knife.

    “We swear by almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you. The only reason we have done this is because Muslims are dying every day,” the black man in his 20s or 30s, wearing a wool jacket and jeans and speaking with a local accent, shouted in the footage obtained by Britain’s ITV news channel.

    “This British soldier is an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.”

    The attack was the first apparent Islamist killing in London since suicide bombers struck transport in July 2005. The capital was shocked by the bizarre scene of a killer covered in gore, declaring his motive to onlookers.


    Gee. I wonder if the routine sexual degredation of non-Islamic women is an act of terror.

    Britain and most of Europe are drowning.

  4. I’d like to know what Maj. Nidal Hassan said as he shot his gun. What did he say when he was subdued? What did he say right after he was taken into custody?

      1. The trial finally seems to be coming. Nidal Hassan wants to fire his three military provided lawyers and handle his own defense. I hope he pulls the rug out from under Obama by refusing the “workplace violence” charge and playing the martyr for Islam role.

    1. Of course, his policy of murdering unarmed, non-combatant Muslim American citizens with lethal drones is OK with our enemies overseas. /sarc/
      Due process and constitutional rights are given to every American citizen (some non-citizens, too) no matter what their crime.
      The POTUS was never given the right to unilaterally order the death of an American citizen for any reason, and MrObama should be held responsible and impeached on this issue.

  5. Wonder how late our fearless Dictator stayed up partying with all those washed up, useful idioit musicians? Judging from the 10:15 AM “work” start Dictator Obama went full blast on the partying.

    2:00 pm || Delivers speech on the Administration’s counterterrorism policy; National Defense University, Washington – I can boil down the essence of the speech that our brave, America loving commander-in-chief will deliver, with of course the aid of teleprompters, into two words – We Surrender!

    1. Shotgun Joe said Preezy is trying to learn how to speak without his trusty teleprompter. He’ll probably use TOTUS to give today’s speech because he hasn’t had time to read the papers to find out what his ‘counterterrorism’ cronies are up to.

  6. Comparing Obama’s actions to British PM Camernon with regard to approaching terrorism is embarrassing.
    I do not believe that Cameron has any sympathy for Muslim terrorists.

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