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Michelle Said to be Considering an Extended Vacation

With scandal swirling about the White House, First Lady Michelle Obama may be considering an extended exit from Washington this summer, fleeing for weeks to the Obamas’ traditional summer haven, Martha’s Vineyard.

According to the Boston Globe, “Michelle Obama and the children may be on the island for an extended period.” But the president would hardly be suffering by comparison. He may come up on weekends and then stay for two weeks at the end of the summer, the Globe reports.

The White House has not commented on the Obamas’ vacation plans.

The Obamas are said to be eying a house in Farm Neck on the Vineyard. If they land there, the president will have easy access to the lovely Farm Neck Golf Club and Cafe. Here’s the view from the tee on the third hole.

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 9.18.05 AM

It appears Michelle may be skipping her usual spring excursion overseas, which in the past has included stops at a luxury resort in Spain and in South Africa. Instead, she’ll accompany her husband next month on an official trip to Africa.

But not to worry. She already spent two weeks in Hawaii this past winter and jetted out for some Apsen skiing in February.

The Obamas opted out of their annual trip to Martha’s Vineyard in 2012, likely because they were campaigning and because a luxury sojourn there would have conflicted with the campaign image Obama was trying to project as a fighter for the middle class.

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989 Responses to Michelle Said to be Considering an Extended Vacation

  1. Sounds like a terrific idea to us. We suggest an extended period of, say, 10 years. And just so EVERYONE will benefit, take your family with you. ALL your family. Even your extended family. Even your racist family. Even your “progressive” family. Even your political family. Oh, and don’t forget your Democrat and Muslim families. HAVE A GAY OLD TIME !!!
    Sincerely, A.C.F.A. (American Citizens For America)

  2. To say the majority of American’s are disappointed in this administration is putting it mildly.

    When I think of the Obama’s now I think of Marie Antoninette….Sorry but the comparison is real.

    They say one thing and do another. They expect American’s to tighten their belts and sacrifice (and most of us don’t mind because it will help for the future)… but they DO NOT … hard to have faith in a couple who say one thing and do another. I have NO respect for them or this administration… So much for the promise of transparency!!!!!

  3. They’re hosting another star-studded concert at the white house on May 28th for the elites, while the people that pay for it will be relegated to the sidewalk outside the gates. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were to be 500 big diesel rigs circling the white house in low gear with air horns blaring that night?

  4. How were we so fortunate to get Michelle AND Barack Hussein in one package? So, Barack would rather spend time with Reggie than his wife. I wouldn’t want to spend any time with her either. She’s an angry woman. Been done wrong! She has to travel around the world, now, on her own chartered jet with an entourage accompanying her for doing her hair, fixing her meals, scheduling her day. And she doesn’t have to pay a dime for this. WE pay. Is this a great country, or what, Michelle. Are you finally proud of your country?

  5. Why doesn’t she go home to Chicago and spend the summer there! Afterall, Rahm and Obama call it the “model” for all American cities. It sure would save the tax payers millions of dollars!!!!!!

  6. Obama has been on one BIG extended vacation since arriving in Washington, based on his “I know nothing” explanations of late.
    When will one of the legion of sycophants who coddle and apologize for him finally wake up and declare that “The emperor has no clothes”?

  7. Notice the sanctimonious, snot nosed, arrogance of your Typical Liberal Democrat like Michelle Obama. Martha’s vineyard is the playground of the ultra “Rich” but you would never know it by the silence of those same Liberals. Guess their being rich doesn’t count, especially since they have the proper ideology, eh?

  8. Good Morning

    Well it’s all coming home to roost for what everyone suspected all along and we have a gut feeling that this is going to get real ugly fast and have a profound impact on the Country and the American people.

    It’s quite obvious to us and becoming very obvious to the American people that they have clearly made a huge mistake in trust and judgement and have indeed chosen Color over Substance.

    We have written in every major newspaper in the country and have been overwhelmed with the response in a big way as people are seeing it for what it is and to bolster the point the commencement address to the graduating class in Atlanta over the weekend only solidify’s the point.

    At the same time her husband was making that speech in Atlanta his wife lectured at another graduating function that you should not trust media reporters and tabloids and lectured her students on the evils of Hollywood this is so interesting given the cozy relationship with the very people she throw’s under the bus.

    NewsJet Magazine

  9. Why doesn’t she take all the rest of the liars in the White House with her? Why doesn’t she go back to Chicago for her vacation, just all of you go somewhere

  10. OUTRAGEOUS! This summer of vacay for the Mrs. and Girls better not be on tax-payer dime. I’m just freaking fed-up with Pres. Kardashian and his family.

    Unload their sh!t from The Peoples White House whilst they are gone – and change the locks. Then open OUR HOUSE back to the public.

  11. Not so bad really. I am willing to pay my fair share if it means I don’t have to listen to her baloney for awhile. Have a great time Michelle…don’t hurry back princess.

  12. WOW another multi-million dollar vacation…these people have no shame. Maybe she should pay for this herself since she wasn’t elected to anything!!!

  13. If I were pretty sure my husband was going to be impeached fairly soon I would grab all of the good stuff I could before the movers showed up. Time for the head usher at the White House to begin counting the silver

  14. Mooch-hell,

    You’ve been a drain on this country since your communist husband lied his way into office – leave, but do us all the favor – NEVER return. You’re an embarassment to this nation and the people that have MADE this country work, succeed, and thrive. GO AWAY, DON’T COME BACK, Leech!

  15. However lets remember the Obama’s do feel for the poor. Lets not forget that. Even thou they live and party like the 1% they feel for us all. A little vomit in my mouth.

  16. How about she stays in the White House and puts the money saved toward reducing the debt…she’ll have that $20,000 that the president returned to the treasury spent in about 10 minutes if she goes on vacation.

  17. It is all about Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals; they follow the rules everyday. This extended vacation serves two desires: to continue to irritate the enemy (us) and to live well like dictators.

  18. How come no one ties the separate vacations, her anger, and Obama’s “composite” non-existing girl friends to what is really going on?

    Normally, when a man becomes president, former girl friends appear everywhere to tell us how they slept with the now-president.

    More lies, corruption and fraud perpetrated on the stupid American voters.

  19. I am fine with that, but she should have to pay for it herself. What makes her think she is entitled to an extended Vineyard vacation on our dime? Oh, I forgot, she thinks she is entitled to anything her little heart desires.

  20. When Obama was campaigning last fall, he told a crowd that blacks and Hispanics are the future workforce of America. I’ve wondered sometimes, after this IRS scandal and the woman who now heads Obamacare, if they aren’t going to get rid of all the whites in this country. With just the blacks and Hispanics voting, the dems will be in power forever.