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Michelle Said to be Considering an Extended Vacation

With scandal swirling about the White House, First Lady Michelle Obama may be considering an extended exit from Washington this summer, fleeing for weeks to the Obamas’ traditional summer haven, Martha’s Vineyard.

According to the Boston Globe, “Michelle Obama and the children may be on the island for an extended period.” But the president would hardly be suffering by comparison. He may come up on weekends and then stay for two weeks at the end of the summer, the Globe reports.

The White House has not commented on the Obamas’ vacation plans.

The Obamas are said to be eying a house in Farm Neck on the Vineyard. If they land there, the president will have easy access to the lovely Farm Neck Golf Club and Cafe. Here’s the view from the tee on the third hole.

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 9.18.05 AM

It appears Michelle may be skipping her usual spring excursion overseas, which in the past has included stops at a luxury resort in Spain and in South Africa. Instead, she’ll accompany her husband next month on an official trip to Africa.

But not to worry. She already spent two weeks in Hawaii this past winter and jetted out for some Apsen skiing in February.

The Obamas opted out of their annual trip to Martha’s Vineyard in 2012, likely because they were campaigning and because a luxury sojourn there would have conflicted with the campaign image Obama was trying to project as a fighter for the middle class.

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989 Responses to Michelle Said to be Considering an Extended Vacation

  1. Uh, wait, isn’t she always on an ‘extended vacation’ at tax payers expense? I mean, just how much of our money has funded her ‘fun’ in the last 4 plus years? One report says 1.5 BILLION.
    I could live quite high on the hog with just 1/10th of that. This cow (oooppsss I insulted cows again) is just plain disgusting and has no class or morals. Shame on her for insulting the office of First Lady with her trashy presences.

  2. Sheeit. The girl-rilla in a bad Beatles wig could’ve started a lifelong vacation starting last year….if not for the low-information MORONS voting for their welfa–,er, obozo.

  3. Let them eat cake…………. is the sentence that comes to mind after reading this. We all knew the elaborate vacations would return if they were re-elected. Now they will be even more elaborate. Would it be to much to ask the selfish Moochelle to give up 1 vacay, and let the money be used to open the White House for tours? FAT CHANCE

  4. I can think of another federal facility they should be taking an “extended vacation” at. Lots of stuff to do, make licence plates, laundry, etc

  5. An extended stay will cost the tax payers millions. This woman is clueless…..They just don’t care. It is an entitled attitude which has plagued the taxpayer Michelle’s and Barrack’s whole life. It will not end until we, the tax payer, not the clueless low info voter, make changes! We need to approach this in the masses folks! Do you realize after these two wrecking balls are out of office, the real cost begins with these two. Not only are they incredibly corrupt and transforming this country into a Banana Republic, they will feast on the public trough for the rest of their lives! Sickening.

  6. Well its OBVIOUS they are out of touch with Americans who have had a problem with all their elaborate vacations. NOW she plans to extend them? hmmm. No surprises here, they have no regard for the struggles we face daily. Remember , Michelle’s motto is do as we say , not as we do, and do and do to the American people. =( will the fleecing of Americans ever stop?

  7. She’s bailing the inevitable, the impeachment gearings on the horizon. Or plausible deniability when the suicides, unexplained deaths, murders, falls from balconies, throats cut at intersections in broad daylight; and the Vince Foster gambit……gun shot in mouth, wearing a white shirt, no blood, forensics was un able to get gun to fire……..cause of death ruled suicide(actually it was death by being a FOH). Its washington politics, chicago style.

  8. I think it’s marvelous this lovely family will be taking an extended vacation on beautiful MVI. It will allow poor Americans like myself to vacation vicariously through them, watching them romp in the surf, play golf, tennis… what a thrill. I’m so looking forward to it.

  9. Vacation? From what? Miss mooooo-chelle hardly works. She will dine on caviar, lobster….while you eat canned dog food. Equality in action here. Jackie O she’s not. Aunt esther…..more likely

  10. this could be the last fun they will have on our dime so why not over do it and look like the people they are. untill we the american people demand a special council who will force people to be questioned under oath and no hiding of documents this whole thing is a sideshow and he will enjoy his vacations we keep paying for!

  11. Please go, take a vacation for the rest of your life. I’d say take that commie husband with you too, but he may be busy filling a residence in jail.

  12. I’m sure the people of Martha’s vineyard will be thrilled to have Mooch gumming up the works for the entire Summer….is it true that Reggie Love came up with this idea?

  13. Michelle:
    How about you dave taxpayers some money and stay with your husband for moral support and NOT go Martha’s Vineyard or anywhere else this summer? Seems that the President of United States need more support than ever.

  14. The First Traveler could leave forever … but just ONE roundtrip plane ride at taxpayer expense for the family – no separate ferrying back and forth.

  15. If the Mooch wants a vacation haul her gigantic butt to Camp David where it will not cost us tens of millions of dollars for her Royal vacation.

  16. coward – when the going gets tough etc. she’s so disdainful of us lowly peasants she has to leave so not to hear the criticism of her and her boy-king dictator husband. what a bunch of welfare users!!!!! hopefully when she returns well rested, we will be well into the impeachment proceedings and she won’t have to endure the confines of the white house much longer!!!

  17. Well, she can’t go far…her husband needs her to help him sort out all of the scandals. From a 2009 NBC report:
    “She’ll continue as one of President Barack Obama’s closest advisers. After all, their relationship began that way some 20 years ago when she was a corporate lawyer in Chicago and was assigned to be his mentor after the firm hired him as a summer intern. “

  18. We are talking about the first “black” president/family…right? Is anyone surprised that they would take every opportunity to abuse the perks of the office? Please go ahead and call me a racist and throw President Bush’s vacations in too. Of course President Bush most often went to his home in Texas and maintained a work schedule while the Hussein Obama family prefers Hawaii, Martha’s Vineyard, Europe, Africa, the Bahamas, Aspen, etc. and of course Hussein Obama’s 115 golf outings and multiple private Whitehouse concerts. What white President took such obvious advantage of taxpayer funding for his personal leisure activities? What is really racist about this is that he used his skin color in lieu of any real qualifications to get elected.

  19. Where’s Michelle’s mom going to live during this absence from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave? She got moved in with Michelle & the kids a little over four years ago and still lives there.

  20. Go where you will but beware the humidity – it can mess up even those Chinese tresses you are sporting, Michelle. Any way you can swing your own costs now that you are so rich & all?

  21. After being on vacation for over four years, I can see how a rest would do one good. It’s like saying, “Man! It feels good to sit down after sitting all day.”

  22. Oh golly better send the lobster boats out on extra shifts, they’ve gonna need it. Wonder if you can get a pallet load of Grey Goose Vodka by ship. I suppose when you are using the taxpayers money, anything is possible. If anyone knows that it’s the Obamas’.