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Michelle Said to be Considering an Extended Vacation

With scandal swirling about the White House, First Lady Michelle Obama may be considering an extended exit from Washington this summer, fleeing for weeks to the Obamas’ traditional summer haven, Martha’s Vineyard.

According to the Boston Globe, “Michelle Obama and the children may be on the island for an extended period.” But the president would hardly be suffering by comparison. He may come up on weekends and then stay for two weeks at the end of the summer, the Globe reports.

The White House has not commented on the Obamas’ vacation plans.

The Obamas are said to be eying a house in Farm Neck on the Vineyard. If they land there, the president will have easy access to the lovely Farm Neck Golf Club and Cafe. Here’s the view from the tee on the third hole.

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 9.18.05 AM

It appears Michelle may be skipping her usual spring excursion overseas, which in the past has included stops at a luxury resort in Spain and in South Africa. Instead, she’ll accompany her husband next month on an official trip to Africa.

But not to worry. She already spent two weeks in Hawaii this past winter and jetted out for some Apsen skiing in February.

The Obamas opted out of their annual trip to Martha’s Vineyard in 2012, likely because they were campaigning and because a luxury sojourn there would have conflicted with the campaign image Obama was trying to project as a fighter for the middle class.

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989 thoughts on “Michelle Said to be Considering an Extended Vacation”

  1. Just asking: Has obama become the new slave Master through welfare, food stamps, free phones, he owns ya guys, your gonna stay right where he put you, your owned and payed for:

  2. ANOTHER vacation? One for which we’re expected to pay? When is enough going to be enough? All she hasn’t done is say “Let them eat cake!”

  3. Yeah, it’s been a couple of months since her last vacation. She deserves it. After all, attending all those private star studded white house events is very tiring.

  4. Wow she may have take a vacation in the good old U.S. instead at some ritzy place overseas.I guess the Sequester,s really starting to pinch.

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  6. My father used to point to people living in a shack, but driving a new Cadillac, “Hillbillies Gone Wild”. I used to think that was a terrible thing to say. However, it seems appropriate here. Here we have two people who grew up in nothing, and rather than living like Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter, they’re trying to live like the Kardashians. Low level thinkers. Typical thought process is….see a dollar, spend two dollars…..

  7. It doesn’t appear that “stand by your man” is not one of Moochies better qualities; at least in this case. The wheels are starting to come off the wagon. hahahahahhahahaha

  8. what is the big deal? Barack has been on vacation since his first election…his absenteeism is solidified by all the current scandals!

  9. Extended vacation? Are we really serious here? From my perspective it seems that since hubby was sworn into office that she’s been on a continuous vacation.

    Excuse me, I have to answer the IRS agent’s knock on my front door. :)

  10. How nice of them to mull disrupting the vacation plans of thousands of other people. And all those people who have plans and probably even reservations for tee times to play golf…. Well, isn’t that just too bad for them?
    Sir Golfsalot and Shelly Antoinette may want to kick out the riff raff and take over the island for themselves so go back home, right?

  11. She is such a nasty old shrew! Lecturing and hectoring with that permanent scowl on her plastic-surgery corrected face!

    Too bad she doesn’t understand that her intelligence is barely average; it’s her ARROGANCE that’s out of the ball park!

    (If you want to know what Michelle REALLY looks like, just check her daughter . . . the young fat one who constantly picks her nose . . . and you will see what Michelle looked like when Barry married her.)

  12. Moochelle’s arrogance and sense of entitlement knows no bounds. At some point Empress Moochelle will switch from limousines and will break out the sedan chair from Roman times and be carried by brawny slaves wherever she goes.
    Keep in mind this is the same blood sucking hypocrite who was speaking about working hard and earning your way through life to a bunch of gullible graduates at Morehead College over the weekend.
    I guess not having a conscience means that one can do or commit any sin without having to suffer the handicap of a guilty conscience.

    Next up – Moochelle starts using the Marines at the White House as footstools. Disgusting Creature.

  13. I love reading about what Michelle and her daughters will
    be doing this summer. Maybe they should join
    me and my husband on our trip to Iceland and Europe
    this summer.

  14. Consider the opportunity to play- the beard (Frau Obama) will have her island vacation while he can play basketball with the hunky boyz, including the one who recently proclaimed to be gay, perhaps a weekend visit of the loving Reggie Love and other hot circuit Queens,

  15. Why don’t they go to their house in Chicago if they are “mulling” and extended vacation? Why do we have to keep paying for them to stay places. They could stay at their house for free. On second thought, why don’t they go there and stay permanently?

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  17. Well, at least Michelle isn’t letting this pesky sequester get in the way of her first class “extended” vacation…….

  18. Why not Camp David? Because most people have to earn a vacation & they shouldn’t be entitled to anymore taxpayer funded vaca’s, no matter where. The Obama’s have spent millions upon millions of our money so they can play. Enough of their decadent lifestyle.

  19. Susan: I don’t know WHERE you got the notion that Obongo and his Six-Foot-Battle-Axe “grew up in nothing.”

    His mother never worked a day in her life; she was a perennial student and then anthropologist, who traveled the globe, on permanent stipend. His grandmother was a bank manager. He went to private school in Hawaii, then Occidental, then Columbia, and then Harvard Law School (his grades didn’t put him there, so who paid the tens of thousands of dollars of tuition every year, plus books, boarding, and drug bills?) and he never had to work a day in his life!!

    The nasty Battle Axe’s father was a “special city employee” in Chicago (meaning he made LOTS of money “on the side” and he couldn’t be touched) and her mother was a very comfortable housewife. The family wanted for NOTHING. (Moochers, like Hillary, moved her mother to the White House as PERMANENT BABY-SITTER so she can “have a life” and not be bothered with parenting, while in the White House.) Moochers learned a LOT from Hillary. Like treating the Military Officers as waiters for her soirees.

    Obongo and BA are used to the very finest of everything and never having to work for it. Getting up before NOON is “work” for them! That is why they “think” they are working very hard at the White House. All those “early morning” appointments are exhausting them; they are partiers!

  20. Uh Oh! Sounds like it’s “Make Room for Reggie” time.
    “Not that there’s anything wrong with that”, to quote Seinfeld.

  21. I thought her extended vacation was to a non-extradition treaty country, so she could hide from scandlas and to get her post-gender reassignment work done

  22. Anybody figure out why they take separate vacations? Maybe its because Barack doesn’t want his “friend” Reggie to feel jealous in his absence.

  23. Everyday is a vacation for her. She doesn’t cook, clean or do anything except order the WH staff around so that they cater to her needs. How about she does some real work for a change.

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