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Michelle Said to be Considering an Extended Vacation

With scandal swirling about the White House, First Lady Michelle Obama may be considering an extended exit from Washington this summer, fleeing for weeks to the Obamas’ traditional summer haven, Martha’s Vineyard.

According to the Boston Globe, “Michelle Obama and the children may be on the island for an extended period.” But the president would hardly be suffering by comparison. He may come up on weekends and then stay for two weeks at the end of the summer, the Globe reports.

The White House has not commented on the Obamas’ vacation plans.

The Obamas are said to be eying a house in Farm Neck on the Vineyard. If they land there, the president will have easy access to the lovely Farm Neck Golf Club and Cafe. Here’s the view from the tee on the third hole.

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 9.18.05 AM

It appears Michelle may be skipping her usual spring excursion overseas, which in the past has included stops at a luxury resort in Spain and in South Africa. Instead, she’ll accompany her husband next month on an official trip to Africa.

But not to worry. She already spent two weeks in Hawaii this past winter and jetted out for some Apsen skiing in February.

The Obamas opted out of their annual trip to Martha’s Vineyard in 2012, likely because they were campaigning and because a luxury sojourn there would have conflicted with the campaign image Obama was trying to project as a fighter for the middle class.

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989 thoughts on “Michelle Said to be Considering an Extended Vacation”

  1. So they figured the optics of a luxury vacation weren’t good last year with an election coming up but they think the public will be fine with weeks of playtime in the middle of a six-pack of scandals.

    What do these people use for brains?

    1. You know they won the election, so they do not have to care what you think it looks like. They have 4 years left, barring impeachment and conviction, so they get to do whatever they darned well want to.

      1. Obama should just go with his family. By now everyone knows his lieutenants run the show any way they like. He just kicks around, looking out the window, taking phone calls from celebrities, watching Netflix, and picking his nose.

        1. LMFAO….this comment may actually be the closest to the truth I have ever seen in the whole time barry has been in the white house….there is a scuzzy machine running things and ol’ barry is just an idiot prop…he’s like Mandrin in Iron Man 3…were going to find out he’s just some lame kenyan stage actor……..

          1. You’ve got that right! It’s so good to read these comments. Some folks do understand exactly what BHO is—a fraud, cultivated from youth by pig Marxists to subvert this nation.

        2. Yeah let Obama go to MV..The presidency
          follows him wherever he goes..of course
          it won’t be any fun for the girls..but
          hey that’s the chance you take.
          DC will be hot this summer if a SP
          is appointed..but I am not counting
          on that.

        3. Soon as Michelle is out the front door, Obama will be sneaking Reggie Love in the back door so Reggie can, well, sneak it in Barack’s “back door”, just like old times.

          1. I’ve been wondering if Moochelle knows about Barack and Reggie, and just would rather the Occupier not have to sneak around to get his man love. Maybe Zero was with Reggie the night of Benghazi.

          2. Monnie, you’re on the right track. I’m not sure that the Narcissist-In-Chief is so brazen as to bring his homosexual partners into the White House, but I would be surprised if he hadn’t long ago figured out a way to get gone from 1600 Pennsylvania without being noticed. I think that on the night Benghazi was going down Barfy was going down in one of the District of Corruption’s homosexual bathhouses, hence the nickname, Bathhouse Barry Soetoro!

          3. Moochelle is for appearances only, the marriage was contrived when Barry decided to enter the political spectrum. I would not be surprised if Reggie Love was a guest in the White house the night Benghazi went down. There will be some tell all books, once we get rid of this Poser in Chief.

        4. The best thing for him to do and a great service to the country is for him to spend more time on the golf courts.

        5. AH YES!! While dubya was taking 3 1/2 YEARS of his 8 on Vacations, Bar-B-Queing down i n Texass, where were all you “conservatives” at????

          1. you are a moron. It did not cost millions of dollars annually for Bush’s vacations and he did not charge the FBI to watch him like Biden does. In terms of golf, Obama has played more rounds than tiger woods. The Obama’s are the Jeffersons who moved uptown, without the class. No president including Nixon has had so many crooks spying on America than Obama

          2. Dubya, didn’t spend millions on lavish vacations, he went to HIS OWN HOUSE in Texas and worked his ranch. Don’t ofrget he stopped playing golf after he was criticized while the war was on. The war is still on but nobama is playing golf, another words “screw you” I’m President.

          3. Bush also went to Camp David every X Mas so that his security detail could be with their families, you sir are a jerk. Move on from the past, and try to post adult opinions.

          4. The Tea Party and it’s members have more class in their little finger then what I see in your post…..God Bless America..

      2. 3.5 years. Don’t try to prolong the destruction. As for them doing whatever they want…yeah that’s worked out so well for them since 2008. It’s because they do whatever they want that they’re now under Congressional investigation and the consequence of impeachment is being seriously considered. Running and hiding while avoiding all Constitutional duties is going to end badly for the Obama Administration and anyone connected to it. It’s inevitable at this stage and Obama and company is already proven to be the most disastrous and irresponsible, not to mention corrupt presidency that this country has ever known.

        If you voted for him once, shame on you.
        If you voted for him twice, shame on you.

        1. I detest this man as much as anybody else, and what he and his administration has done, and is doing, to this great nation, but please, lets not get delusional. This man will not be removed from office, by impeachment or any other method, other than the end of his term.
          No one with the authority has the will, or nerve, to attempt to remove him, they are all afraid of the inevitable results if they try i,e., widespread civil unrest, failure to convict in the Senate, absolute crucifixion by the MSM, and being responsible for trying to remove America’s first, so called, black president, it just isn’t going to happen.

          1. Nor will they try to remove the first woman
            president if it is HRC. The media
            will sit on their hands for as long as that
            woman who will be close to 70 when
            she runs for office is president.
            I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Bill
            takes over if HRS becomes incapicitated

          2. He actually might be impeached. If the republicans take the senate, they might have enough votes if obama is tried for crimes and actually could be impeached.

          3. That’s right the entire Fascist Democrat Party is so stupid they will let their entire party be destroyed to prop up their Novelty President. Oh, well 2014 is looking more and more like a fine time in America – buh bye Fascist Democrat control of the Senatre.

          4. Sure, maybe Obama won’t be removed. And perhaps the Dems figure correctly that the LIV (low information voters have a short memory)….but Patriots of all color and stripes WILL be sure to vote in the midterm elections and we will run the rats out! The Senate will turn and the House will gain even more seats for the GOP/Tea Party. Obama will be the worst Lame Duck POTUS ever. THe problem is that come 2016, the LIV will assume that Operation Recovery America will be attributed to Obama’s intelligence and skill and not to the Republican/Tea Party congress. Thusly, either Hill of Beans or John, “Vietnam” Kerry will win the Presidency.

          5. Yeah, we’ll suffer through an epic economic collapse with the Occupier blaming everyone but himself. Imagine Boehner the crybaby holding impeachment hearings in the House—not gonna happen. If we’re under martial law in 2014, there won’t BE an election, and we’ll have Zero as POTUS for a lot longer. Meanwhile, his cronies, especially Soros, will be raking in the money & perks. The whole thing is nauseating.

          1. I always thought Rosalynn Carter was a classy lady. Yes, Jimmy is an old fool but can we bring them back anyway? It would be a great improvement at this point.

          2. Is eating ten pounds of poison better than eating a hundred pounds of poison? No! The answer is to eat no poison. And, that is why all socialists, progressive or otherwise, must go.

          1. Mike … you would vote for dog-sh*t sandwich too. You are what makes people sick and disgusted with the education system in this country … you are an ignorant fool Mike!!!

      3. Right, but on our dime. They just destroy, lie and plead “knowing nothing”. Well I am one fed up American, used to be Democrat, and am very sick of their lies and deceit. Obama has ruined our Democrat party, Ruined the trust in our government and his word.
        Hey Democrats – wake up “we have been conned”! Worse yet we all went along willingly.

        1. I think the problem with the Democratic party started long before Obama. When Kerry got the Democratic nomination back in 2004, I knew something was wrong. I was a Democrat then but changed my affiliation to no-affiliation (Independent). I had never heard of Obama when he ran in 2008, and the only thing I found was he was a junior Senator with a history of just voting present. There was no way I could vote for someone with exteremely little political experience. And then after 4 years, with nothing positive to show, people vote him back in? I fear for my country.

      4. Yes, they get to do what they want to, like they always did. Drink, Party, Fly off to Vegas on Air Force One while American die. They laze in the sun in Spain while the IRS hounds Obama’s innocent but political opponents. They get back from Mexico in time to ski in Utah and Colorado while their Agents seize phone records, emails, and intercept Reporters’ private communications to make sure that no one is on to the latest scandal without a partyline being available to spin it.

    2. “what do these people use for brain?”

      The only purpose their brains serve is to hold their ears apart.

      NEVER expect a democrat to tell the truth.

    3. Do you really believe Obama or anyone of his cronies really cares what the American public thinks of them at any point except during an election? He is elitist, thuggish, and believes he is just as entitled as those he puts on welfare are. I honestly think if he could, he would change his title Your Royal Highness.

      1. …whether it be BO or GWB…GHWB…Dick Cheney…Clintons… they are just the actors in the play that is being strung out in order to destroy the Consitutional Basis for this country…we’ve been telling you folks for years…but we are all just tin-foil-hat-folks….eh?…oh…btw…I was a federally protected whistle-blower for over two decades with the US DoD…they are as corrupt as can be…


        RJ O’Guillory
        Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

    4. The will of (their) people!! You know, the low-information voters and the libs that are wetting themselves over the O’s being the King and Queen!!!

    5. Short answer….she doesn’t give a fig! And all the extra plane trips back and forth….move on,folks,nothing to see here. They can seemingly do whatever they…spend our tax money however they want.

    6. Brains?
      Not required for political office.

      Liars, cheaters, sex addicts, crooks, addicts, and the like
      are routinely voted in office – brains/intellect/integrity/honesty/God-fearing humans are a drawback nowadays.

      Pray for change!

    7. This reminds me of Watergate..during the summers
      of 1973-1974 when all the fat hit the fire..
      and I believe Pat Nixon spent a lot of time
      that summer away from the WH. Nothing
      spells more fun though then a hot humid
      summer in DC and a trifecta of scandals.

    8. These people aren’t concerned with public opinion–their priority, over the next 3 years, is to milk every ounce of luxurious living and privilege out of this Presidency as is humanly possible–does anybody remember how the Clintons tried to steal the White House furniture when they left office? Well you’ve ain’t seen nothing, yet!

    9. they use/abuse the brains of others. I am appalled at polls showing Most Americans are OK w/Pres; even after all that has been revealed. There have been long-standing rumours that this is a very troubled marriage. Behind the scenes there are reports of loud verbal abuse & conflict.

      Why can’t they save us some $$ by going to Camp David in this situation, maybe doing a shorter trip to Cape Cod? I just got through reading Clint Hill’s beautiful book on Jackie Kennedy. We all know she loved luxury and getting away from WH by visiting friends in high/elite/beautiful places. She rejected Camp David at 1st, later regretting she did not spend more time there, as she learned more about it. Nearly all our 1st families, as different as they were, appreciated the beauty, isolation and restfulness of Camp David. There is plenty of room for over-night guests as well. Michelle could easily throw one of her soirees here and nobody would be the wiser. I am also wondering why the girls are not going back to their over-night camp? I recall Malia looking so sad when she was shown meeting her parents after just coming home. Was she sad to leave camp, or just traumatized by the whole demeaning esperience. Perhaps a “tough love” rugged sports camp? And then we have the official WH nanny, Valerie Jarett joining her Oval Office Family, 24/7 for whole duration of vacation; what purpose has this woman in the private lives of the first family?

      Michelle is very proud of her intelligence and popularity, but what is she thinking, in terms of keeping her good name and image, with all this indulgent extravagance at this time? Stay tuned, the next side show will begin shortly.

    10. They don’t care what we, the people, think. They have become accustomed to living the high life. Most of us are lucky to get a two week vacation a year and certainly not a 6 week vacation like the Obama’ seem to think they are entitled to because of their position.

    11. Creeper, this time around they don’t care. The reason is pretty simple: they already won reeelection and now as a lame duck, image is useless.

  2. They should not be getting away with spending our money like this… I think he should change this law… Americans pay for the White House and Camp David. Anything else should be paid by them. our country is broke and my kids and grandkids will be working to pay their vacations. it’s sick and very (again) un-American.

    1. Why not CampDavid !!?? Great idea. Already fully staffed and secure for the family. A nice pool, hiking trails, tennis court and many out buildings for their guests’ comfort.

      Let’s crunch some of those sequester numbers, shall we? Unless there’s a permanent SS field office on Martha’s Vineyard, we’ll be paying her security an extra $200-$400 per day. Not to mention her drivers, flight crew and other personnel required for her protection and comfort. I can’t bear to think of time away from their families this summer also. Such a bad idea to even consider!

      1. Meanwhile they have closed the White House to the public which is the public’s house due to sequester but she can extend and we have to pay for the Secret Service etc. This is so Kremlin.

        1. Meanwhile they send loads of taxpayer cash to foreign countries who do nothing for us, give taxpayer cash to illegal immigrants who’ve done nothing to earn it…thus forcing the rest of us fools to work until we drop dead long before Social Security kicks in.

          Seriously, are these people deliberately trying to destroy this country?

          1. lets see giving 30 million criminal illegal invaders amnesty who will then bring in 50 million of their relatives most being old sick uneducated unskilled and poor and going right on the government dole as soon as they get here….ya thats exactly what the democ rats want to do…they will all vote democ rat but because liberalism is a sick twisted mental disorder there wont be a country left for them to rule. We are doomed if amnesty passes.

      2. Be a lot cheaper for the country to build a golf course at Camp David than to pay for this fool to travel everywhere to golf. Just need to build 6 holes with enough varying tees that he could get 18 in.

      3. Totally agree, Denise. And don’t forget: they have a trapshooting range at Camp David, and we KNOW how much Obama loves to shoot the clays.

    2. I think the Elite is getting tired of the common slave complaining and telling them how to live their lives. Your Grandchildren, as for them well, they plan on killing all of us well before he has the chance to pay for this regime. Obama is a DICTATOR ushering in a NWO it’s not a conspiracy he is about to use an Iron Fist. IE…..2 billion bullets and a secret SS i mean DHS army! Get your kids ready to fight for life not for America. America was sold a long time ago. This system has just been propping up the same families since 1913. Any educated person can see this. There are just so many people in denial that know this too. It is just too much for them to accept the fact that they have been duped. It is called Pride. We have been so proud that we turned our backs on reality and now we will pay the price.

      1. I really do hate to say it, Wyatt, but your predictions are, I fear, accurate. This lying, cheating impostor is singular in his determination: He wants a totalitarian USA, where he is czar Obama the first. I was going to call him and his wife America’s Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, but I think Louie and Marie had some affection for France. These two hate this country with their hearts and souls (whoops…they have neither).

      2. Wyatt, it will be fascinating to see how the sheeple react when they realize those tin-foil hatters were right all along about the NWO and the plutocrats’ plan to eliminate the USA and kill off most of the global population. Soros selected Obama as the agent to help finish off the USA, and even now the Obamabots worship him.

    3. I agree with you !!!! There is alot we have to change !!!
      They should only be in D.C. 6 months of the year and have their other job to go back to… like we do….get their own medical, NO MORE PERKS !!!! NONE !!!

    4. Absolutely! Obama should pay for every vacation himself. He is a public servant, not a King… Mr. High and Mighty Big Head forgets that the American People have seen their net worth go down by a minimum of 30% under his Administration. Gas is higher than it ever has been without dropping due to the ignorant and corrupt things he has inflicted on us.

  3. She has no obligation to live in the WhiteHouse, after all she is a single mother. If the extended vacation isn’t long enough and she wants to extend her absence from DC for 2-3 years..OK by me.

    1. Unfortunately she will not be able to stay in place at MV, she will want to take side trips, need to promote MOOOVE, etc. The additional travel will cost even more. This is going to make MV a total mess. If I were living or summer renting there I would be totally pissed.

      Now if BO comes up on the weekends I am sure he will have to come up to MA via AF1 or the 757 and land at Otis ANGB then helo shuttle over to MV. More big $$$. He probably will not bring much staff for the weekend as he rarely works on weekends. I feel sorry for all the support teams having to shift gears for this.

      Oh, the PerDiem (as per the JTR) : Because it’s peak season – Lodging: $207 / Meals: $66 per day. This is the low side for MV. Also I am sure most of the Inn’s out there at the $100-300 range are already booked for the summer. So a waiver will be requested and granted. Nice we can help stimulate the local economy.

  4. They have no respect for others,none. What about the people who vacation on the Island? Motocades and Secret Service will block God knows what. The American people should not have to foot the bill for this family to “Summer” on the Vineyard. This is so wrong,so very wrong.

    1. Even Hawaii is getting burned out on the Obama vacations. Too many closed roads and congestion on the quiet side of the island where they stay.

  5. People always say that the Obamas spend their own money on these vacations. While being worth 6mil. is quite impressive, I have known wealthy people and they don’t spend money on vacations like this.

    1. That is because most wealthy people *earn* their money. Others (think Paris Hilton) live like the Obumbles simply because their money was given to them and they have no appreciation for it’s value (or in Bumbles case printed for them).

  6. Well, since Mooch and the princesses will not be around and therefore,not be offended by the noise and inconvenience of peasant visitors, perhaps the WH could be opened for tours.

    I am sure if there was a mandatory Obama Vacation Fee attached to the tours that place would be opened in a flash.

  7. As much as this irks me, I won’t bite or even scratch. This is a distraction from Benghazi, the IRS, the DoJ and the Press. And who knows what else: Obamacare, the immigration bill. . . It’s a perfect example of ‘hey, look over there!’

      1. I’ll respectfully disagree. This is how the Obama administration works. Take Obamacare, for example. There is so much in it that no one can get a handle on it. If we keep loading scandal after scandal on a pile of scandals, the Democrats will make a point that the Republicans are just in love with scandals. And the public will lose both interest and focus. Maybe it’s just me: I’m not much of a multi-tasker. I like to zero in on one thing at a time, make a good job of it, and above all, come to completion.

        1. I’m with you Julie. There is too much, too fast, and it is on purpose. It sure isn’t because the media got religion and is trying to redeem their souls. Various forms of the point: if they don’t have a strategy they are incompetent but if they DO have a strategy what is it?

          1. Someone wrote the other day that this is their technique–replace reality with mush and people wander off. Dan Pfeiffer, phone for you. The Mushmaster.

          2. It’s 8 a.m. here on the West Coast, Guillermo, and there are over 120 comments on this thread. The other posts have a fraction of that. Proves the point.

    1. Please no…not 2016, that gives me a stomach ache, too! Rumors swirling what Moo will run then. YIKES! How about they just walk off into the sunset and live happily ever after somewhere they can’t inflict their corruption on us any longer.

  8. FUN FACT: Martha’s Vineyard is one of just 1/2 dozen place names in the United States with an apostrophe. Almost all places in the U.S. remove the apostrophe, e.g. Pikes Peak.

    The LOW INFORMATION VOTER wouldn’t know where the Obamas were. They wouldn’t know Martha’s Vineyard from Benghazi.

    1. That makes it easy for a culture that puts apostrophes everywhere because it doesn’t know where they belong. Just choose a place that has one in its name, and you’ll be safe.

      1. Don’t you wonder if these morons took grammar in school? They use apostrophes for plurals, including “it’s”, which drives me crazy.

    2. I don’t think most Americans know how swanky Martha’s Vineyard is. They just see the family going on vacation. After all, we never see pictures of the accommodations or any reports about the place. No reporter touches that.

  9. You story is incorrect. The Obozos didn’t vacation on Martha’s Vineyard in 2012 because the house they previously rented was sold and the new owners didn’t want these disgusting fascists on his property.

  10. If we could be so fortunate, they could all, Obozo and family…all go on vacation and stay there for the rest of his term. I would rather see the nation go it alone than have this telepromter reading liar muddle through the reminder of his term.

  11. We KNEW she was going on yet ANOTHER vacation, the only question is how long and how much will it cost US!!!!!!!!!!! Too bad she is UNPROUD to be an AMERICAN!!!!!!!!

    1. You are correct.
      The congress is turning the heat up.
      They are attempting to overwhelm the American People and for some it will work.
      Not for us.
      We are watching, waiting for all the shoes to drop.
      this is the time to do it, before the 2014 elections.

  12. But what about the fat children who need her guidance over the summer? How will they do anything other than laze about the house playing video games, eating cheetos, and drinking Mountain Dew? Who’s going to get them to Let’s Move?!

  13. Someone on another site commented that MOOch has been seen in Rapid(‘s) City, possibly eyeing the o’s Rushmore site.
    IF he gets on Rushmore, maybe they could use the back of his head (with the scar showing), to illustrate his leading from behind…to say nothing of turning his back on the American people.
    Oh hell, why don’t they just carve him in Kenya? Or Hawaii? Oh never mind, I can’t remember where he was born last. Then there’s where he was Bread and Buttered (Dogged), which doesn’t seem to be where he was born.

    1. If he didn’t get elected the first time, it’s quite possible he would’ve been carved by a gangbanger in Chicago during a drug buy gone bad.

    2. no way in hell does that guy get his head on Rushmore. They are classic leaders of this country and have all made an important impact that bettered the country. BO’s head would be better suited for a volcano.

  14. “With scandal swirling about the White House, First Lady Michelle Obama may be considering an extended exit from Washington this summer, fleeing for weeks to the Obamas’ traditional summer haven, Martha’s Vineyard.”

    It’s only been a traditional summer haven for them since they realized all expenses are on the taxpayers’ dime. They’re truly making the most of their “Jeffersons” moment.

  15. I hope she realizes that this isn’t the south side of Chicago. Since she does not have a background consistent with Martha’s Vineyard it probably won’t feel like home. Isn’t it great to be a member of the ‘elite’ even when you are not born into it.

  16. Let her go! I realize it’s taxpayer money, but every time she squeezes her caboose into an airplane I feel like someone just handed me a lottery ticket.

  17. Wow – she’s going on an extended vacation? There’s a shocker. What does she really do besides take vacations and preach that the children of the world are too fat? Well, NOTHING! She has to be one of the more useless first “ladies” this country has ever seen. Then again she has to mirror her useless husband, so I guess she’s doing a great job!

  18. This couple has a long history of how to swindle people. Just look what they have been doing in Chicago before they moved to WH.

  19. Hey if Queen Mooch needs more vacation time at the taxpayer’s expense, it’s raaaaaacist to complain, She and King Curious George are our betters, so shut your pie hole you miserable bunch of peasants.

  20. Poor Moochelle, those Hollywood parties she’s been throwing at our White House have worn her out. What’s a girl to do? Time for another ridiculously inappropriate (not to mention insanely expensive) vacation at our expense.
    Gina hit the nail on the head – need a vaca? Go to Camp David – that’s what it’s for.

    The arrogance coming out of the White House) and those they surround themselves with) is unbelievable. The saddest part is they don’t even care!

    1. Janice, I think they do care – just in a perverse, perverted way. They enjoy sticking it to all of us. Thumbing their noses and flipping ………. I knew it would be bad when he does not have to run again; I just didn’t think it would be this bad, this soon.

  21. So in the midst of an IRS scandal their solution is to run from the problem. Sounds about right for this garbage joke of an administration. I miss all of the Bush bashers, now that they have this pile as their president.

  22. She probably figures that with Barry’s impending impeachment and removal from office, she’d better get in all the vacation time that she can.

  23. By putting the sleazy, expensive, subversive, unpatriotic, and dangerously incompetent Obamas in the White House for eight years, White America has paid its debt (seventy times seven) for 252 years of institutionalized slavery.

    But while these inveterate, shameless swindlers continue to live high on the hog at our expenses (and ruining our country), have the common black folks in America benefited?

  24. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if she’d go somewhere, anywhere, out of Washington and keep her big mouth shut! Then maybe we wouldn’t have to read about her in the news all the time. Unfortunately, if the public thinks she’s in the news to much now, just wait until they leave the White House, she’ll be in the news all the time, giving speeches and sucking up the fees!!!

    1. Just because he won doesn’t mean he deserves or is even fit to be president. We will not “let it go”. Americans are waking up to the fact that obama has been disastrous.

        1. The first lady is fair game. It’s in bad taste to live it up on the tax payers dime while the economy is in the toilet.

  25. She wants to get in as many taxpayer paid vacations she can now that the talk of impeachment is going around. She is afraid she may not have the remainder of his four year term to soak the people.

  26. The Obamas are self serving pigs. Disgusting that the rest of us are struggling to keep our heads above water and they latch on to the government teat with their teeth.

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