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Live Stream || IRS Official Takes the Fifth

UPDATE: Lerner has taken the fifth, and the IRS hearing by the House Oversight Committee is now focusing on the other witnesses – two senior Treasury officials and former IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman.

You can see video of Lerner’stestimony here.

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  1. At yesterday’s hearing, Mr. Shulman’s name plate said, “The Honorable Douglas Shulman”. Today it just says, “Mr. Shulman”.

    Does this mean it was proven he is no longer ‘Honorable’? LOL

  2. Issa should have made Lerner stay and respond to each question with the 5th. Given that she has done nothing wrong. No harm in hearing the questions.
    Gowdy — we need people like him to keep pounding the point that this is serious.

        • As I said on a different thread, Greta V S, former prosecutor, and other lawyers say the way to build a case is from the ground up. Get those people from Cincinnati up before Congress. From what I’ve read, they say that they were not rogues and were following orders. From whom? Start there, and build up the chain of command. This calling people from the top first seems like grandstanding.

        • I am very tentative about Issa and downright disdainful of Boehner the bumbler. It is scarey to think that they are the best that we can put forward.

      • This is where that ol’ seniority system becomes a bugaboo again. Wouldn’t it be better to have our young firebrands heading the committees?

  3. The IRS can come into your house and audit you.
    They can come into your business and lock the doors, and take your money and cause you to go out of business along with retroactively causing your employees their paycheck.
    Is this tyranny ?
    Can congress defund the IRS ?
    Yes. What a bold move that would be.
    We are coming down to the wire on our freedoms.
    Our freedoms are being destroyed, and our representatives are playing games.
    The immigration bill can wait.
    Congress had better show some spine here pretty soon, or we are doomed.
    Priorities are essential.

  4. I just watched the whole THING!

    ok…so here are a couple of points
    1) it’s great to see Dems and Republicans in a shared and cooperative role of getting responses, and answers. Some (on both sides) went slightly political trying to excuse or press the White House.
    2) it’s fun and amazing to watch the Mental and Linguistical gymnastics performed by the witness especially Mr. Shulman
    3) No real answers were given
    4) Issa is AWESOME – a great chairman. I can see why he’s successful in and out of politics
    5) Lois Lerner is in trouble, and she will have to testify